Testing of Distilled Water and Chlorinated Tap Water and Nimbadi Churna of Ayurveda ; Test are done by Ayurveda-Ayush Multi-purpose Testing Meter

amt01 001
amt03The aim and objective of the test of the mentioned subjects are done for the primary evaluation of their hidden properties of nourishing and curing qualities and to establish the specific individual charecteristics of the items in view of Ayurveda Medical system.

Normal Urine parameters are taken for the comparison, but the original parameters of the individual items refelects some thing else and differs, and is not seems actual.

All the three test differs in their qualities.

De-ionised water shows Vata qualities in High, which could be due to its distillation. Sapta Dhatu Ras is Low, that could be assumed that Distill water is not for the use of general intake or for the drinking purposes. Rakta is showing high, which is might interpret that de-ionised water is useful in Injections, which is given by Intra Muscular or Intravenous root.

So is of the Chlorinated water, which is supplied by the Municipal corporation and is used in our daily tasks.

Nimbadi Churna parameters came high level in Rakta, kapha,Ras and Med, which seems to be very near to the use of this churna in the complaints mostly mentioned.

The test on the other remedies and food articles are going on and the results will be given accordingly. Test are done for the purpose of data collection and data evaluation. Opinion and comments given here, should not be taken final and should be understand at experimental level.

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