दिन: अक्टूबर 7, 2013

Test / experiment of LAUH BHASMA, one of the best Ayurvedic Medicaments, to understand the curative properties and characteristics of Ayurvedic drug.

Test / experiment are done with LAUH BHASMA, which is one of the best Ayurvedic Medicaments, to know and to understand the properties and characteristics of this Ayurvedic drug.

The LAUH BHASMA is purchased from CHAWALA AYURVEDA PHRAMACEUTICALS, AMRITSAR, PUNJAB. The simple LAUH BHASMA is used in this test. Although 100 puties Lauh bhasma and 500 puties Lauh Bhasma and 1000 puties Bhasma is used in the treatment of various ailments.

In this test / experiment with simple LAUH BHASMA is used.


1- It is well known with the properties of LAUH BHASMA that it is used in , according to Ayurveda , in Pandu ,Rakta Vikar, Unmad, Dhatu Daurbalya, Grahani, Mandagni, Pradar, Medo,bradhdhi, Krami, Kustha, Udar Rog, aam vikaar, kShay, jwar, Hridaya Rog, Bavasir, Rakta Pitta, Amla Pitta, Shotha and other disease conditions, with the recommended Anupana .
2- It is established that LAUH BHASMA have RASAYANA and BAJIKARAN qualities.
3- The present evidence based test done by AYURVEDA-AYUSH MULTI-PURPOSE TEST METER, provides the data, which is given here.
4- The obtained Data is below; [value per amtmr or / amtmr ; Ayurveda-ayush Multi-purpose Test Meter Readings]

VATA 21.40 [amtmr]
PITTA 27.94 [amtmr]
KAPHA 09.98 [amtmr]

RAS 42.00 [amtmr]
RAKTA 103.80 [amtmr]
MANS 66.40 [amtmr]
MED 59.40 [amtmr]
ASTHI 104.40 [amtmr]
MAJJA 88.80 [amtmr]
SHUKRA 74.00 [amtmr]

5- In this Reading at top ASTHI gets 104.40 value and RAKTA gets 103.80 value and MAJJA gets 88.80 value, this facts show the entire central structural characteristics mentioned about the LAUH BHASMA in the classical books of AYURVEDA about Disease conditions of its usage.
6- Regarding Ayurveda Dosha , PITTA is 27.94 and VATA is 21.40 and KAPHA is 09.98.
7- Lauh Bhasma is used in mostly Paittik disorders related to LIVER, GALL BLADDER, SPLEEN, PANCREAS, METABOLISM, ASSIMILATION, ELECTROLYTIC IMBALANCES etc.
8- Regarding VATIK disorders Lauh Bhasma is used in Aam vikar, Udar roga etc.
9- Regarding KAPHA disorders Lauh Bhasma is used in Unmad, Hridaya roga and so on.
10- The above classification of Lauh Bhasma shows the Classical use of the drug, which some-how matches with the findings of AMTM.
11- The test confirms that according to the SAPTA DHATU evaluation in this way, the Lauh Bhasma can be used in ASTHI DHATU, RAKTA DHATU and MAJJA DHATU disorders confidently.
12- In SHUKRA DHATU disorders, say for RASAYANA and BAJIKARAN uses , SHUKRA gets 74.00 , that means LAUH BHASMA can be used in the disorders of REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS both Male and Female.
13- The description and characteristics about LAUH BHASMA is given in the AYURVEDA SAR SANGRAH mostly covered by the latest findings , which is done in our research center.