H.I.V. Syndromes can be cured by Ayurvedic Medicaments based on the E.T.G.AyurvedaScan Findings ; Ayurveda Solution of Incurable disease conditions

H.I.V. can be well managed by Ayurvedic medicaments and management according to Ayurveda. Among the many H.I.V. patient, here is given a patient’s progress in evidenced way.

Below is the case and report recorded on 27/06/2013 and after review, done on 01/10/2013.
The Progress can be judge and seen after some parameters were checked and it is found that patient blood pressure and weight is gained and his thermal condition of body is now within normal limit. It is observed that HIV infected patient have abnormal temperature, which can go upto 102 degree F and more. When patient health progresses , his body temperature becomes normal.
HIVTKA4Recently One HIV Positive patient is treated Ayurvedically based on the findings of E.T.G.AyurvedaScan and other developed Ayurveda Technology of Blood and Urine.

The 28 yrs old patient previous and recently examination done data is given here.


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