Day: अक्टूबर 30, 2013

AYURVEDA DIVAS ; DHAN TERAS ; THE DAY OF AYURVEDA ; धन तेरस ; आयुर्वेद दिवस ; आयुर्वेद का दिन

We have committed to celebrate AYURVEDA DIVAS ; AYURVEDA DAY ; just like we celebrates the other days every years ; on the day of DHAN TERAS , one day before DEEPAWALI, every year and also comming years.

LORD DHANAVANTRI is a HINDU GOD , who provides HEALTH and REMEDIES. Lord Dhanavantri is well known as FATHER OF AYURVEDA. It is established that he appeared on this earth on the day of DHAN TERAS before one day of DEPAWALI. GODDESS OF WEALTH Lakshami born on the day of DEEPAWALI, therefore LORD DHANAVANTRI is called the elder brother of GODDESS LAXAMI.

Those who want to be Healthy , they should worship Lord Dhanavantri daily and chanting above said mantras.

Those who are sick and bed ridden, they should chanting these mantras daily several times to regain of normal health.

Every physician , who want to expertise in his calibers, should worship LORD DHANAVANTRI daily.