दिन: नवम्बर 6, 2013

Where is the Honesty of Doctors / Physician / Medical Experts ? Should Physician do this type of practice ?

An E-mail from NEW DELHI recieved on 3rd November 2013 , sent to me seeking for medical help
for her baby’s disorders


Dear Doctor,

I need your precious time to save my baby life.

Details about her diseases :

On 24th of March, We came from market with fruit KIVI. Approx time was 9:30 PM. We crush one KIVI and given one spoon of KIVI to my baby.(Before that she was very much fine. She never had fever. She had taken all vaccination on time without any fever.). After taking KIVI, she start vomiting. Immediate I had discussed with my pediatric doctor, He suggested to give Syp Ondem. I had given but she continue with vomiting. Again discuss with pediatric doctor, On that day my pediatric doctor was out of station. Then I immediate move to one hospital in Dwarka.

In Hospital – They inject Perinorm .5ml and rentac (my baby wait was that time 6 kg) that was around 10:30. Then i move to my house. After one hrs. my baby left hand and left leg start jerking.

Then we again moved to hospital and they had admitted and was saying that this is epilepsy. They kept 5 days in ICU but condition of baby was now worst, She was now unconscious and stop reacting.

Then i had taken 2nd opinion to other hospital and rush to there. There they stop all medicine and given only two antibiotic. My baby got fit at that time.

We reached to house but we notice that vision of my baby has gone. Then we again start contacting to doctors.
I visited Max, Fortis, Apollo Artmis for said concern and all doctors was saying that she had problem in her brain.

Then I had start treatment of Ganga Ram Hospital -Neurologist Dr. R K Sabarwal and start eye therapy. She was start recovering.

Suddenly on 23rd of July 2013 at around 7:30 PM again she had start jerking on Left Leg, Left hand and Left Lip then Eye. We had discuss with doctor and was unable to control. Dr. refuse to see in night to my baby.

Then we rush to Hospital Artemis Gurgaon, Dr Praveen Gupta taken my baby and done all test and treatments.
He had used thiopentine to stop that movement as that one injection cost was 14500/- and he used 3 doses. etc

But sorry to say that After taken one month in hospital my baby not get recovered. He had done various time EEG, MRI, Blood Test etc that i had attached for your ready ref..

I had taken opinion of Dr Veena Kalra also but she was unable to say any thing.

Current Status of My Baby:

1. She still have movement. Some time she sleep well without movement but once awake start movement.
2. She is unconscious, Not reacting, Taking her feed milk only after forcefully.
3. We notice that one day she was very much comfortable as that day movement was very less and she had taken her feed four- five time with her interest.

Dear Doctor,

Now my baby is waiting any chamatkar from GOD as per doctors last word.

I need your opinion that do you thing we have more option to safe life of my baby. If yes, My humble request you to please safe her life if possible.

Looking one ray of hope.

Thanks & Regards


I have recieved this e-mail before two days.

Parents of the children send me over sixty scanned reports with the problem of his ward.

Medical fraternity should see and observe their Honesty to their Patient.

This is a sorry state for practitioner. If they can not well managed the case , they are treating, they should guide the parents / families with HONESTY to try the other mode of systems, where these conditions are well manged and treatable comfortively.


I have several times written about the Children’s disorders. I again repeat the same that donot continue the ALLOPATHIC TREATMENT of your children for a long / very long / months / years period/times Allopathic treatment. In case of emergency ALLOPATHIC Treatment is essential and can be continue for a period upto the recovery and after recovery the treatment can be given for few days / weeks and after that this should be discontinued.

Parents are advised that after a complete recovery of their child health. they can take the AYUSH treatment of their wards and should use , when in need.