दिन: दिसम्बर 17, 2013


MALARIA is said to be a hazarduous disease, which kills every year thousands of hundreds of people in several continents, according to their domacile conditions.

With the advent of QUININE, it was prusumed that it is a missile against MALARIA, just like invention to PENCILLIN , which was claimed like ATOM BOMB against INFECTION, but failed, as time passes with the results obtained.So is the result of QUININE and its other alkaloids derived remedies for MALARIA.

AYURVEDA NATURAL Medicaments always have curable results of MALARIA in natural ways. What we experienced after treatment of Malaria cases by AYURVEDA-AYUSH systems, there is a certain patho-physiological cycle of MALARIA FEVER in several segments. The first segment is vigorous because of the invasion of parasite , developing in the blood after bite of masquitoes, at the start the result could be a TOXIEMEA , collected in a bigger intensity. The toxeamia harms the LIVER, bacause of the shelter of parasites, causing a reflection of patho-physiology of various levels . done by the LIVER.

We experienced that MALARIA PARASITES inside the liver, getting as a shelter home, like to prevents the effects of the QUININE on them, goes deeply to LIVER cells and make their own colony collectively to safe themselves, which prevents these parasites from killing , done by the QUININE ALKALOIDS. This is the stage, where QUININE RESIST. The parasites live here in sleeping mode in LIVER CELLS and just after cease of QUININE and its effects , they come out and mix themselves again in blood and again MALARIA GENERATED.

Contrary to QUININE treatment, the natural Ayurvedic drugs, which are used in Malaria fever treatment works on multi-dimentional functions on whole body and their systems. The Ayurvedic drugs thus produces entire coverings of the syndromes, produced by the MALARIA PARASITES. For example, if we take the AZADIRACHTA INDICA [neem] , the herb covers the entire Gastro-intestinal tract and Blood anomalies and skin anomalies and respiratory tract disorders etc etc . Therefore the herb is included in the formulea of the ANTI-MALARIAL REMEDIES preparation, like NIMBADI CHURNA. Ayurvedic preparations covers and treat the entire syndromes and symptoms of fever, which no other malarial remedy can do it.