CHYAVAN PRASH is an AYURVEDIC REMEDY used as RASAYANA in Ayurveda. The PRASH is also used as a Food or Food Supplement for maintaining GENERAL HEALTH CONDITION [GHC].
Above DABUR CHYAVAN PRASH container, which is tested at our Laboratory for evaluation puurposes.
Dabur branded CHYAVAN PRASH is taken randomised examination and test for evaluation of AYURVEDIC FUNDAMENTALS.The batch number of the test material container is given above.

5 gramms DABUR CHYAVAN PRASH is taken for test and examination purposes and absorbed in 100 ml solvent, used for the liquification level for laboratory test.

For Physical test and texture of the CHYAVAN PRASH, as for as prepared by me few years ago, on the similar lines , which was laid down and instructed by CHARAK SAMHITA. Although I prepared several years CHYAVAN PRASH for my patient, therefore I know well about the taste and texture of the Chyavan Prash.

A well and quality produce CHYAVAN PRASH is just after keeping on the tongue, gives the taste of Dalchini and Ilaichi and Tejpat and Nagkeshar with sweetish and sourish mixed taste of AAVALA, with the texture smell of Honey and other ingredients.

DABUR CHYAVAN PRASH is having this taste and texture . as I have mentioned earlier.
CHYAVAN001 002

Above given CHYAVAN PRASH TEST report is an view only , which reflects the trueness of the Ayurveda Fundamental Principals laid down by the Olden practitioners of Ayurveda.

First take a look at the TRIDOSHA evaluation of DABUR CHYAVAN PRASH.

1- If consider all gained parameters of the test, RAS is in the highest level. It prooves that CHYAVAN PRASH is a RASAYANA as it is termed in the classical books of the Ayurveda. RAS is considered the SAPTA DHATU’s first step of AYURVEDA PATHOLOGY. That means Chyavan prash corrects onset of the pathological phenomenon before the end of the patho-physiology, which later shifts to PATHOLOGY. It means the herbal contents of the CHYAVAN PRASH corrects the anabolic>metabolic>ketabolic chain of the functions of the body.

2- AYURVEDA TRIDOSHA, which is the entire soul of science, PITTA have gained highest number, that means CHYAVAN PRASH prevents PITTA related problems primarily. Mythes in olden classics of Ayurveda says that CHYAVAN PRASH was first prepared by OLD AGE RISHI CHYAVAN , who formulated this PRASH / AVALEH and after taking this PRASH , he became young with full get-up of vigour and rejunivation of his body, just like youngesters. Pitta have five kinds, ranjak, bhrajak, pachak, sadhak, lochak, these five have different actions in body and their functions. Pitta is hot in nature and it is similar to heat and fire functions. Its hot nature SHAMAN / apeases VATA and KAPHA both. That means, CHYAVAN PRASH , if taken in Cold season, it is much beneficial and health preserver.

In our studies , we have found that herbal product CHYAVAN PRASH have immense value for protection of Health.