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VOTED for DEMOCRACY ; Dr. D.B.Bajpai , the Inventor of AYURVEDA’s FIRST and ONLY Scanning system E.T.G. AyurvedaScan and many others for Ayurveda and Homoeopathy and Unani


Dr. D.B.Bajpai [right]  have VOTED FOR DEMOCRACY  with his younger brother  Shri VISHWA BANDHU BAJPAI [left], ADVOCATE,  practicing in LAW in KANPUR CIVIL COURT , wearing Cap.


Dr. DBBajpai,

Inventor and Chief ETG AyurvedaScan Investigator,

The wold’s first and only Ayurveda Scanner,


A MALE CHILD AGED 3+ yrs . suffered from fever , which came all of sudden and reached 102 degree first day. The child was malaise and slow but active . This child suffered from FEVER on 21st APRIL  2014.

Parents of child started treatment with PARACETAMOL Syrup. Fever came down up to 97 degree with sweating. After 7 hours fever of similar level came again and similar medication was repeated.

Next day  similar level of fever came again and the remedy was repeated similar as usual.

On third day patient consulted me and seek for the treatment.

I examined the child well as I can. He was not having any type of TONSILLITIS or INFLAMMATION OF INTERNAL THROAT , which could be a major cause of  coming Fever.

Anyway I gave him a few dose of  HOMOEOPATHIC REMEDIES AND BIOCHEMIC COMBINATION along with the AYURVEDIC RMEEDIES FOR FEVER  and instructed parents to use PARACETAMOL SYRUP , when fever aggravates

This treatment could not gave him any relief and FEVER aggravates up to 103.5 degree in evening and mid-night.Parents instructed to COLD water CLOTH application

On Fourth day in morning the temperature again aggravated and did not come down from 102.5 and remain same after cold packs.

Mid-day it became 105.5 degree , but after cold pack come down to 102.5 degree despite medications.

On Fifth day the condition was similar.

I asked parents that it seems to me that child’s fever is of viral origin and except paracetamol no anti-bacterial or hard treatment should be given and steroids should not be used in any condition.

On sixth day I referred the child to an expert child specialist for  his opinion about the case problems  and his valuable suggestion. This time the fever was about 104.5 degree.

Child specialist suggested anti-bacterial and antipyeretic and steroids and suggested parents to ice mixed cold to colder water  bath immediately ‘

But parents disagrees this treatment because they have earlier knows a case of high fever in which the child specialist suggested for cold bath and after that child developed PNEUMONIA.

On asking the question , why FEVER is touching such a high level  by parents, I replied that it seems to me a VIRAL origin fever and as  a result fever is touching this level. I suspected that child is might affected by MEASLES, because such a high fever comes in this infection, since last 50 years medical  practicing experience, seen such FEBRILE conditions. But there was no appearance of MEASLES rashes on his skin. I also narrated that MEASLES rashes almost appears after 5 to 7 days duration and you must know that without having appearance of HIGH FEVER at such a level , rashes will never come out and if you try to suppress this fever by any hard medication, the problem will shift to BRAIN and will create MENINGITIS like syndromes. 

Patient’s relative along with patient’s parents came on 6th day and pressed me  for BLOOD EXAMINATION. I told them that Measles have no test but I am in favor of  BLOOD EXAMINATION for diagnosis to assure the Child parents and relatives.

I suggested them the following blood examination.

1- TLC


3- Heamoglobin

4- ESR

5- Malaria Parasite

6- Typhoid test [Widal test]

I instructed for similar treatment in combination.

On seventh day on 28 th APRIL  2014 , in Morning the red small spotted  rashes of MEASLES  appeared on the Child’s face. With the appearance of rashes fever came down to 101 degree.

Parents came to me in Morning and showed the condition of child , I asked them that fever will not aggravate and till the disappearance of MEASLE rashes , fever will be come normal.

Afternoon the BLOOD EXAMINATION REPORT showed by the parents of child and it was almost normal except Widal positive. No malaria Parasite was present and his blood picture was almost normal.

I suggested that medications repetition should be limited. At evening fever comes 100.00 degree, I suggested that do not give paracetamol syrup. Homoeopathic and Biochemic and Ayurvedic remedies was given in limited doses.

Next day on 29th APRIL 2014 rashes fully covered his body and fever comes down 99.5 to 100.00 degree. In evening the fever comes down to 99.00 degree t0 99.5 degree.

On 30th APRIL 2014 the fever became normal  and rashes have gone from his skin.

No FEVER  were observed on 1st May 2014.

The child is now fit and there is no problem.


I started my medical practice with ALLOPATHIC MEDICINES. I went to WESTERN GERMANY  for specialization in CHRONIC DISORDERS  related course  at MUNICH. After comming back from GERMANY, I started practice in HOMOEOPATHY. With the invention of  ETG AyurvedaScan technology I started to practice with AYURVEDA. After coming back from GERMANY, I started to learn NATURE CURE from Dr VITHAL DAS MODI  of GORAKHPUR.

This accustomed me to use of various therapeutic procedures related to Ayurveda and Homoeopathy and Allopathy and Nature-cure etc etc.

That’s why I know well, how to combine the treatment each other without any problem creation to patients with safety.

In this case, I have used almost Allopathy and Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic remedies simultaneously and got the best results.

This I do with all patient’s in my practice for safe and effective treatment, when in need. In emergency, this combination of treatment never fails and gives best results.