दिन: जुलाई 4, 2014

Homoeopathic and Ayurvedic students visited our OUT-DOOR HOSPITAL in June 2014.

On 16th June 2014, Students and Professor from HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE AND AYURVEDIC MEDICAL COLLEGE , for understanding and observing the E.T.G. AyurvedaScan and E,H.G. HomoeopathyScan for their knowledge.

Dr. D.B.Bajpai described in limited sphere about the ETG AyurvedaSCan technology and EHG HomoeopathyScan to the Students and practically shows the AYURVEDA BLOOD EXAMINATION and AYURVEDA URINE EXAMINATION practically before the students.

A case of MENTAL DISORDER was checking at the time of Student’s visit by E.T.G. AyurvedaScan Continuous Trace recording devices . The Photographs are taken at the time of the student’s visit are given below ;


Dr. Om Veer Singh , Professor in Ayurvedic Medical College, FATEHGARH, FARRUKHABAD, U.P. is observing the ETG AyurvedaScan Continuous Trace record. Dr. D.B. Bajpai is describing the  recorded traces interpretations with the progress of the traces records.


.Dr. D.B.Bajpai is discussing with the students and Professor Dr Om Vir Singh  about the technical aspects of the newly invented FOUR E.T.G. AYURVEDASCAN TECHNOLOGIES   with their uses in Ayurveda Diagnosis and Disease diagnosis and management .


A MENTAL DISORDER CASe is being examined for long time say FOUR HOURS to understand the activities of Brain by ETGACTExamination device.




A HOMOEOPATHIC GRADUATE is trying to understand the technology in vented by Dr DBBajpai.


E.T.G. AyurvedaScan is now being popularized among the students of the various disciplines of the medical sciences. Dr DBBajpai is giving a very limited description of the technology.


MUSCULAR ATROPHY ; MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY ; AYURVEDA AYUSH TREATMENTसभी प्रकार की मस्कुलर डिस्ट्रोफी और सभी प्रकार की मस्कुलर एट्रोफी का अचूक और सटीक आयुर्वेदिक आयुष इलाज