A lady aged 51 years is taking regularly since 8 years , “STEROIDS” prescribed by the Physicians of well known hospital for her SCLERODERMA,  a kind of SKIN DISORDER, in which the skin becomes indurated in chronic condition..

She developed many physical problems after taking STEROIDS, but after complaining to the treating physician about her troubles, physician asked that “we have only this medicine for you, which you have to take regularly”.

The lady patient  belongs to KAVAL Town of UP.  When she felt more and unbearable problem , she asked to everyone who was in her touch, asking any physician, who could suggest any physician, who can well manage her case.

The patient belongs to a city , which is away 350 kilometers  from KANPUR. My one lady patient, who was suffering from LEUCODERMA / vitiligo,  now totally cured from LEUCODERMA, suggested  me for treatment  by the sister of this patient, who is working in that city, with this lady visitor.

She was told about my way of Ayurvedic treatment and management to this lady.

I recorded her E.T.G. AyurvedaScan traces along with the E.T.G.AyurvedaScan Continuous Trace Record.


The traces recorded shows the depressed   lines not well elevated, and the gaps are wider than the normal level. Comments are given with the trace records , indicated by the arrows.

steroids001 001

See and observe and compare the records, at the start of the traces recording.

steroids001 002

Compare the traces above mention minutely and in zoom state. Anomalies are presenting in wider range.

The Lady patient was treating for her skin problem since 8 years back.

Presently she is suffering from DIGESTIVE DISORDERS, VOMITTING, MUSCULO-SKELETAL ANOMALIES AMD HORMONAL PROBLEMS. These problems are diagnosed by the ETG AyurvedaScan  examination.

She is taking AYURVEDIC and HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINE simultaneously with relief.

Below is photo of the recording session of a patient for readers info. LOWER ABDOMEN of the patient and FOREHEAD area is being examined for his trouble, which is SOMATO=PSYCHIC  nature.


The regular  trace recording on COMPUTER through the recording device After recording the traces are analyzed and finally established the observations.



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