I have treated and presently I am treating almost patient from FIVE CONTINENTS i.e. from ASIA from AFRICA, from AUSTRALIA from AMERICA , from EUROPE.

In between these visitor patient, most of the Non Resident Indians and their NATIVE FRIENDS of that corresponding countries, where they live, come for the ETG AyurvedaScan examination and for supplementary tests.

It came in notice that except few Asian countries , outside of the boundaries of these few nations, no body knows about the AYURVEDA MEDICAL SYSTEM , which is practiced at large level in INDIA. Most of the natives are not well aware of the facts that Allopathy claims no treatment for many  disorders  and disease conditions , factually can be well treated by Ayurvedic treatment. The citizens of these country do not know about Ayurveda, while their NRI friends , when told about Ayurveda Cure , they feel a solution of their problems.

Almost in these countries , Allopathy is practiced and their is no alternative therapy present in these countries , by which any individual can shift for treatment , if he is not satisfied by the Allopathic treatment. Even then Homoeopathy is not practiced in these countries. Their is no question of practice of Unani and Sidhdha system of medicine , as they donot know even least about these therapies.

Like other human beings, who are not satisfied with the Allopathic treatment, available in their country, everyone seeks to like an alternative way of the therapies for shifting to a better solution of their problem’s solution, AYURVEDA could be a choice for them.

This is the reason for their visits to India for an AYURVEDIC sOLUTION of their problems.

AYURVEDA  is a complete health / medical system covering the whole aspects of the human disorders, whatever they may be.

In this regard, I want to convey to the entire population of the GLOBE that if they are not satisfied with the ALLOPATHY treatment for their disorders, they should go for the Ayurvedic treatment and in this therapy their problem’s solution is present.

Everyone should try Ayurveda ones before going to any surgical interventions, because most of the disorders are covered and cured by the AYURVEDA-AYUSH treatment.

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