H.I.V. infection affected 28 yrs old female is cured by HOMOEOPATHIC remedies wonderfully..

Husband of this lady was infected by HIV and she is transmitted the infection through her partner..

After infection , she developed HIV syndromes. Her Husband did not told the  reality with of the H.I.V. Infection to her wife and with the intercourse she affected with the HIV infection.

Her Husband who was affected by HIV few years ago , was examined by an expert of HIV in  NEW DELHI. He was given the treatment of ALLOPATHY . but without any appreciable results.

Later on when her wife affected with the HIV , she was recommended to take ALLOPATHIC remedies to treat the HIV infection.

Her treating physician recommended for examination to see the level of HIV infection present in patient in 2013 in month of October. The report is given below. See and observe the level of HIV copies/ml present in the body of patient. 


The Lady patient was prescribed ALLOPATHIC remedies to take in regular schedule and to come  again and again for consultation to the treating physician in regular interval.  The lady took only three days regular  the  prescribed  remedies and after that she refused to take the ALLOPATHIC REMEDIES.  Because she felt very uneasiness and troublesome symptoms in her body . Her husband tried every efforts to continue the remedies but she strictly refused to take the allopathic medicines.

In this  crucial situation ,  his friends and relatives suggested for Homoepathic / Ayurvedic / Unani remedies for the treatment. She was not in favour of Ayurvedic and Unani medicines , as she was sensitive to the smell of Ayurveda and Unani remedies. However she become ready for Homoeopathic treatment.

Her husband consulted me and after ETG AyurvedaScan and other supplementary Ayurveda  examinations, HOMOEOPATHIC remedies were prescribed.

After few months regular intake of the HOMOEOPATHIC REMEDIES once again her examination of HIV was done again.

Now her HIV copies / ml is below and in normal limit. See the result report of the patient.

hiv001 001

 This is a wonderful cure done by the HOMOEOPATHIC REMEDIES alone. Earlier to this case , I have used combination of AYURVEDA & HOMOEOPATHIC REMEDIES & UNANI REMEDIES  simultaneously and in combination in H.I.V. patient’s treatment. The combination treatment gave rapid and fast results in HIV patients and was used to this way to provide fast relief to patient.

But this is the first case I have ever treated by ONLY Homoeopathic remedies, which is an astonishing and factual example before me.

I have prescribed her a combination of HOMOEOPATHIC  MOTHER TINCTURES , which includes “Hydrastis” and others and was based according to  ETG AyurvedaScan and other  Ayurvedic supplementary examinations. 


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  1. Kan you more clearly about the remedies.The potencies en freqeunties of taking them

    ………..reply………..perhaps you have not gone through the post contents.

    Homoeopathic treatment is given on the ground of ETG AyurvedaScan and its supplementary examinations in which one is homoeopathic examination including homoeopathic blood test. A separate file is prepared on the line of Homoeopathy.

    The Computer prepared Data about Ayurveda principles and Homoeopathic principles with the diagnosis of the disease disorders persists inside the human body ,which we recieved after the examination is the key of the treatment of Ayurveda and homoeopathy and Unani and etcetc.

    The selection of Ayurvedic and homoeopathic and unani remedies are based on the data recieved and the power of the remedies are decided accordingly including the type and nature of the ayurveda and homoeopathic fundamentals and diagnosis extablished.

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