GHOST AND EVIL FORCES AND SHAITAN AND BITCH AFFECTED PERSON’S E.T.G. AYURVEDASCAN BASED AYURVEDA-AYUSH TREATMENT ;भूत और प्रेत और शैतान और चुडैल से प्रभावित रोगियो का ई०टी०जी० आयुर्वेदास्कैन आधारित इलाज


एक टिप्पणी

  1. My sister is patient of such type of system and presently she is living with me . She is unmarried and age 61 years. Though she is is doing her all work including cooking but she do not want to talk to us and our near and dear means relatives. She want to live alone and feeling better. She do not want seat and talk with family members. When she has her selfish requirement then only she speak and ask to get it .She might be suffering from Shijofrania . Can your treatment will cure her to some extent ?

    ………..reply………..yes surely, if treated on the findings of ETG Ayurvedascan and its supplementary tests reports.

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