BRAIN AND BRAIN PARTS RELATED DISORDERS ; मष्तिष्क और दिमाग से सम्बन्धित बीमारिया

मानव शरीर मे मष्तिष्क यानी दिमाग एक बहुत महत्वपूर्ण अन्ग है जिससे सारा शरीर नियन्त्रित होता है और शरीर की बहुत सी क्रियाये समपादित होती है /

दिमाग का विकृत होने का मतलब है मानव शरीर के बहुत से कामो मे विकार होना और उनका ठीक ठीकऔर सामन्य तौर तरीके से perform न करना , ऐसा समझा जाता है /

[matter to be loaded soon]

एक टिप्पणी

  1. I have a problem related to morning when i wake
    up i fell no sensation in my right ear. I took it lightly and thought
    may be any temprary problem due to water entrance in ear.But after 1
    week i consulted a ayurvedic doctor in registerd govt. ayurvedic
    hospital in
    H.P.He said it will be fine after taking some treatment.After some
    time when problem get severed i consulted ENT specialist retired from
    PGI ROHTAK.He told me that your ear nerve has become weak and stopped
    working.Now I can hear from only my left ear. A vioce always comes in
    right ear which disturbs me a lot.Can you please help me regarding my
    problem. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz if you have an dignosis of this then mail
    me..My whole carrier has been spoiled.plz help me sir………….

    ………..reply………..I am not convinent by your statement, what you have narrated here. Seems me doubtful and misguding me.

    Which Ayurvedic medical college and which department and indoor hospital you went and shown you p[roblem ???

    You please mention the name of the treating physician to which you consulted about your problem.??

    Again which physician told you that you have nerve problem and you internal parts are drying which causes your problem ???

    Your statements are doubtful and are misguiding .

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