EPILEPSY  यानी मिर्गी के रोगी का इलाज आयुर्वेद की आधुनिक तकनीक ई०टी०जी० आयुर्वेदास्कैन आधारित करने से मिर्गी के शत प्रतिशत रोगी ठीक होते है /

  EPILEPSY or Seizers is a total curable disease condition , if treated Ayurvedically on the line of E.TG. AyurvedaScan  findings  and its supplementary examinations. Below mentioned Epilepsy case is of a 22 yrs old patient from Himanchal Pradesh, who  is suffering EPILEPTIC features since 10 yrs.and is taking regular Allopathic remedies, but Seizers are still comming in regular features weekly two three times, even after regular intake of anti-epileptical drugs.

His mind and Brain faculties are becomming weak and weaker slowlky and gradually and changes in his behaviour is an extra feature for his parents.

Somebody  who have taken my earlier treatment, has  recommended his parents for my specialise Ayurveda-Ayush Epilepsy  treatment..

His ETG AyurvedaScan and other examinations were done. A short summery of the comparative evaluation of the record traces are given  below.

In Horizontal position . electrical diffusion from recorded regions shows the  intensity of electrical diffussions by Viscera and Body parts and Body systems.. This  record is taken by  a computerised proto-type ETG AyurvedaScan machine.

The second record is taken by the Tread-machine / excercising ETG AyurvedaScan  machine, this shows  the changes in the record done on Verticale position with vigorous motions. Due to gravitation and other physical forces impacts on human body, changes in traces occurs and this helps the perfect diagnosis of Ayurvedci Fundamnetals and physcial diagnosis in four dimensional..


Below is given the DIAGNOSIS in view of HOMEOSTATIC , this diagnosis shows that which parts are involved while at rest or in resting position.

In Tread machine test the condition is seletively while in agitating or aggressive body function position. Some common or additional diagnostics changes occurs in both situations. This is necessary for treatment and diagnosis and other essential purposes. Four dimensional diagnosis is therefore essential ti give acuratiive treatment to patient.

In continuous ETG recording , almost 120 to 300 minutes are recorded according to the need. Fraction of seconds records shows the anomalies caught in trace records. This is necessary for evaluation of the BRAIN PARTS in view of anantomy and physiology and pathology view points and to secure treatment for these anomalies findings.

epi001 001

.AYURVEDIC FUNDAMENTAL are evaluated in both the conditions. See how in both conditions Ayurveda principles are changes .

VATA DOSHA is low in both the conditions but PITTA and KAPHA are changes in both REST condition and in EXERCISING conditions. Therefore the nature of DOSHA is changes according to circumstances  ,  which proovies the theory of Ayurveda  VATA that Vayu carries the PITTA and KAPHA with them, because PITTA and KAPHA are lame and cannot move without the help of VATA.

Below is the list which shows the value of VATA which is somehow equal in this case and not very  different but changes in PITTA and KAPHA values are  in the position of REST and PHYSICAL exercise.have a vast differential values These values shows the changes in temeprament of the patient while at rest and while at physical movements.

epi001 002

Below shows the values of BRAIN PARTS in REST and in MOVEMENT conditions..

The BRAIN part Condition shows the FRONTAL and PAREITAL BRAIN pathophysiology. An extra feature of the test is that OCCIPITAL LOBE is showing high value.

We have obseved that those patient , who have this type of combination , generally suffered from GHOST presence, Devil presence, BHUT present and taliking with the ATMA. On inquiring on this point  to patient, patient accepted that he have this kind of tendency and sees ghost and evil sprits.

epi001 003

Below picture is showing the functions of the BRAIN and Brain parts..

सीजर००१ 006

Modern medical systems medicine are prepared from the .chemical and the following salts / ingredients are used for the treatment of EPILEPSY.This list is prepared by the experts of WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION..

epi001 004………………

epi001 006

Above WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION  list shows the Anti-convulsive remedies.

Many Anti-convulsant and Anti-epileptic drugs are stopping Seizers and syndromes , when these are taken regularly. If not taken in a day interval, attacks of epilepsy re-appears. Some of the salts used in treatment are in-effective for those patients, who are taking  ALCOHOL and narcotics regular or other intoxicating materials like cigarettes and hukka and marijuana etc. These materials have an anti effects on alkeloids of anti-epileptic / anti-convulsive remedies.

those victims, who are habitual to use these narcotic materials will automatically  deactivate the remedial effects and as a result caught SEIZER. We cannot say about the effects of these remedies but what we observed is narrated here.

Below is given details of an anti-epileptic remedy taken among the group, which is widely used worldwide.to control the seizers.

epi001 005

Contraindications and adverse effects and precautions and other details are given in this page, which is taken from book ESSENTIAL REMEDIES recommended by WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION. 

There are also several reasons, which are responsible for creating disorders, as we have mentioned earlier , while analyzing the case in view of E.T.G. AyurvedaScan and its supplementary findings , which diagnose the problem in four dimwentional and according to the rules of Ayurveda.

By this way, the problem solution is thought over and multi-functional Ayurveda remedies are chosen to meat    and match the syndromes of patient and ETGAS findings. Thus HOMEOSTATIC treatment  for EPILEPSY is selected on the line of Ayurveda and in this way the total 100% cure is possible.

The problem with these remedies is that that these remedies are capable to stop the convulsion symptoms and not the anomalies of BRAIN pathophysiology.As a result the channel of triggering the disease is not treated and so the root problem is remain in the system which causes the spasmodic effects and is produces as convulsions.

Comparatively Ayurveda and Ayush therapies have a lot of remedies which treated the root problem of the disorders patient have.

Latest Ayurveda Hi-technology ETG AyurvedaScan bases AYURVEDA and AYUSH treatment , heals patient in FOUR direction and dimensins , which are discussed earlier many times.


.Email001 004………………………..


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