KAPHA KETU RAS ; A VALUABLE REMEDY FOR KAPHA DOSHA DOMINENT PHYSICAL DISORDERS ;EVALUATED BY AYURVEDA CHEMICAL CHEMISTRY TEST ; कफ केतु रस ; आयुर्वेद की एक महत्वपूर्ण कफ दोष के निवारण के लिये औषधि का आयुर्वेद केमिस्ट्री आधारित परीक्षण

KAPHA KETU RAS is an AYURVEDIC remedy for treatment of  kapha dosha ralated physical problems  , as it is established by the Ayurvedicians.

In classical Ayurveda Formularea KAF KETU RAS  is used in PHLEGM caused FEVER, Mucolytic COUGH, Mucolytic Asthamatic condition and like syndromes, and mucous dominent COLD and Nasal discharge. KAPHA DOSHA and KPHA Dosha Bhed dominent physcial problems of all kinds  including internal Throat and Head and Skull related almost anomalies are covered and well treated by the Ayurvedic remedy.

This remedy is widely used in all kinds of KAPHA DOSHA AND DOSHA BHED AND KAPHA DOSHA DOMINENT SAPATA DHATUS  ailments in toto.

In our research center at Kanak  Research Center, KANPUR we have developed technology based on the Chemical Chemistry mainly derived from Ayurveda and Homoeopathy  sources, are used in the development of the  test since many years. We  have developed a very sensitive instrument for reading of the liquid material for evaluation.

The test is performed in view of Ayurveda Fundamental to correlate the hidden  curative properties of Ayurveda Drugs for its uses as is established by the Olden practitioners of Ayurveda since thousands of years.

Below photo shows the pills of KAPHA KETU RAS are kept in petry dish and a filtered solution specially is kept in glass container small flask, after dissolving in solvent and then filtered.


Below is specially developed multi use meter very sensitive in nature , is developped at our research center for different uses  for tests and examinations of the liquid material in question.


Below is the test report of the KAPHA KETU RAS  , which is done on 20//12//2014.


Conclusion of test ;

Ayuurvedic fundamentals ;

  •  KAPHA   is highest in reading confirms that the remedy is very useful in kapha dosha
  • KAPAHA BHED  ; among the five kinds of Kapha Bhed [1] SNEHAN is the first [2] RASAN is the second [3] AVALAMABAN  is the third [ 4] KLEDAN is the Fourth [5] SHLESHMAN  is the fifth one in the line of Highest to Lower evaluation
  • SAPTA DHATU ;  [1] SHUKRA is the Highest and in first rank [2] MANS is in second [3] MAJJA is in third [4] ASTHI is in fourth [5] RAS is in Fifth position [6] RAKTA is in Sixth position [7] MED is in seventh position.
  • PITTA is in middle position
  • VATA is in Lowest stage

On the discussed above grounds the remedy can be used in the following disease and anomalies ;

  1. KAPHA DOSHA  mainly
  2. KAPHA – VATA DOSHA  mixture of two doshas
  4. KAPAHA-BHEDA estimation ; [1] SNEHAN KAPHA-BHED  is highest that means it nourishes all INDRIYA [Senses and Sensory organs] by supplying oleation. [2] RASAN KAPHA-BHED in second place. Ayurveda mentions that this Kapha bhed is existed  in Tongue and Oral and Mouth Cavity. All anomalies related to these organs are covered by this Kapha Bheda, This Kapha Bheda is also covers Taste and all six food taste senses. [3] AVALAMBAN KAPHA -BHEDA  is the third one and  is support the HEART and its allied Organs and keeps the organs in safe condition. [4] KLEDAN KAPHA-BHED  is existed in Stomach and helps in making CHYME of the food and CHYME synthesis inside small intestines to support metabolism of different parts of food like Carbohudratesand Fat and Proteine and Minerals and Vitamins and water[5] SHLESHMAN KAPHA-BHED is lowest. This Kapha Bhed is existed in the joints of Bones of all nature, in body whatever they may be. This bhed provides lubrication in-between joints to protect them from friction.
  5. Regarding SAPTA DHATU  ; [1] SHUKRA Dhatu is prominent and is of  highest level. [2] MANS DHATU  is in second grade. [3] MAJJA DHATU is on third garde. [4] ASTHI is in Fourth grade [5] RAS Dhatu is on Fifth grade [6] RAKTA DHATU is on sixth place and [7] MED DHATU is in last [7th place].

If we translate the above data in treatment strategy , we shall find that it is a very valuable remedy in many disease conditions and their syndromes, like ASTHMA. all E.N.T. and ORAL  PROBLEMS and URDHVA JATRU ROGA [ disorders above base of  neck up to complete Head and in side Brain ]   mainly and partly as discussed above in cluster.

According to this analysis  KAPHA KETU RAS  is useful in the following conditions in main ;

  • ENT Ophthalmic disorders
  • Oral and Dental  and Mouth disorders
  • Internal Throat including Pharyngitis and  Laryngitis and Tracheal anomalies
  • Internal Brain pathophysiology
  • Cervical spine anomalies
  • Facial and Skull and Cervical neuro-musculo-skeletal anomalies

Subsequently the remedy can be used in the following conditions with the mixture of main remedy ;

  • Cardiac Problems
  • Digestive problems
  • Blood anomalies
  • Feverish conditions
  • Rheumatism and Joints anomalies
  • Other problems mentioned above represented to KAPHA BHEDA  and SAPTA DHATU respectively.

These are the suggestive uses of this AYURVEDIC REMEDY , which seems to be evaluated from Clinical uses.

However I have used this remedy in single way and not mixes with other remedy mostly in URDHVA JATRU ROGA  successfully. I prescribe three pills of KAPHA KETU RAS in morning and in evening with lukwarm water.

etg001 001


एक टिप्पणी

  1. • Self medication is allowed with this farma since it contains aconitum?
    Greetings Ronald

    ………..reply………..Thanks for compliments

    The Ayurvedic remedy in question in now explored first time by me through examining specially invented methods for status quantification of Ayurveda Principles.

    I think this will open a new way for studying of Ayurveda drugs and will help Ayurvedic physicians in selection of remedies on the ground of principles and related disease conditions.

    Indian Aconite is used in the formula of this drug after purification. Without purification of Aconite is not allowed to mix in the formula. Purified Borax and Pipal and Shankh Bhasma are three other ingredients including Purified Aconite, these four items are grinned with Ginger juice for a week continuously.This is the classical formula of KAF KETU RAS mentioned in Ayurveda Texts.

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