Day: जून 7, 2015

“yoga” ;in view of scientific evaluation “योग ” विग्यान की वैग्यानिक विवेचना

Yoga , the oldest Induvaslley science of personality development,  was seemsan Thousands and hundreds years of the practice results of human beings and our ancestors.

It can be well presumed chronologically, if we see on the past and the era when written alphabats were not in existence and only knowledge was shifting to the further generation on bases of the meory and memorising the events to generation to generation .

Knowledge was not on the papaer bacause at that time paper was not invented and so gettign the knowledge and developing the mental skills and to explore the hidden aspects of nature , dependency was on only on the faculties and abiulity of minds and thoughts depyjes.

For these exercises, some disciplined charecteristics were framed and thus slowly and gradually TOGA came in existence.

In my opinion this is not the work of one day, It is got after a continuous practice and ftaming the rules of eight parts of the YOGA which was for the achieving of the knowledge.

PATANJALI was the first person who flamed a disciplinary rules for exercising toga in eight sections.

1- Yam that means certain daily activities  which are to be adopted  for example waking early in the morning and early to bed, regulate daily routines for stool evacuation, timely food intake etc etc

2- Niyam ; this is for the self discipline and self controle  to develop the personality both mentally and physically and intellectually etc etc

3- ASAN; This is related to  posturs  in which body organs  are exercised  manually.

4- PRANAYAM ; Breathing exercises of various kinds with the purpose of holding more and more oxygen for body

5- PRATYAHAR ; Eating habits and food and drinks intake  regulations imposing for themselves to maintain the health condition in normal stayes

6- Dharana ; Choosing a subject for mental analysis and for deep percep[tions

7- DHYAN ; Holding and making envitonment for mental applications and mental faculty  for example calkm place without any disturbances from outside  selected subjects mental conception and perceptions for observations

8- SAMADHI ; Mental thinking  and mental analysis of the subject matters  in deep and deepest points probing on metal basis to find out the conclusion  of the subjects matter choosen in DHARANA level

Thus we see that YOGA is only for the increasing mental ability of intellectual level, when we have no script and alphabates  or any process of writting was invented.

Perhaps PATANJALI was the first p[erson who arranges systematiacally YOGA process when writting came in existence and in scripts.

We can only assume that before PATANJALI yoga was in practice and was traditionally transferred knowledge by practice  and memorising and transferring the knowledge generation to generation.

The need of this process is seems that seldom persons who are mentally very innovative have founded the wat  for increasing mental ability.

Whatever Philosophies we are enjoying today by reading books are a result of this yoga based process.

Many Oriental Indian branches of Philosophy are bases on this wat .

But today we uinderstand YOGA as a science of exercise. as it is taken and concieved.

We wonder when we see the politicising YOGA .

21st JUNE 2015 is a YOGA DAY and will be celebrate all over the world. We presume that YOGA day will be celebrated with great enthusiast and passion.

Regarding YODA scientific evaluation, I have found that Dr AK Jain of  Department of Physiology, Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi  have done tremendous and excellent work on the scirntific studies on YOGA. In my opinion this is the p[erhaps first dtudy and inclusion about yoga in any Physiology books so far in existence in the entire world.

Dr AKJain have given a scientic apptoach  and effects on the body with its physiological actions and impacts on human body as best as possible given in details.

Below is the photocopy of the bokk parts  for readers.



surya namaskaar001


surya namaskaar001 001


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Regarding SURYA NAMASKAR , in my opinion it is a set of continuous and innovative process of yoga exercises put in sequence for ease and regular exercise procesure and nothin else.

Years back I have practised Surya Namaskar  after reading book  in Sansakrit written and compiled by Raja AUNDH STATE. I have purchased this book SURYA NAMASKAR title fro Chaukhamba Sansakrit series office, Godauliya, Varanasi . I have gone through the book and the version of King AUNDH Srate why he adopted this series of Yoga exersise in sequence. He admitted that he innovated the way for exercising purposes and for any other purposes.

SURYA NAMASKAR  in not a classical yoga exercise as is concieved and percieved. It is a fabrication  of several yoga postures in one clutch to complete the exercise for ease and more effective.

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योग विग्यान हिन्दुस्तान की ek प्राचीन ग्यान  विवेचना करने की पध्यति  जो उच्चकोटि के मानसिक विकास और उच्च्कोटि के परनलिटी सेवेलोपमेन्ट और उच्चकोटि की मानसिक सोच को बधाने वाली वैग्यानिक और विग्यान सम्मत विधि है /

यो एक प्रकार की जीवन शैली कि देवेलप करने की पध्यति है जो मानसिक विकास के साथ साथ शारीरिक विकास और बौध्धिक विकास को देवेलप करने मे मदद करता है /

मेरा मानना है कि योग एक तरह खि जीवन शैली है  और जीवन जीने का तरीका है / यह व्यक्ति के दैनिक कारय कलापो और उसकी तमाम जरूरतो को पूरा करने हेतु डिसिप्लिन्ड वे मे बनाया फ़या नियम और शर्त बध्ध एक ऐसा जीवनोपयोगी विधान है जिसे लम्बी उम्र पाने के उद्देश्य से रचिय किया गया है / हमारे पूर्वजो ने  मनुष्य की आयु कम से कम एक सौ साल जीवित रहने की कल्पना की है /  प्राचीन काल मे  यही काम्ना हर मनुष्य की होती थी कि वह शतायु हो यानी वह एक सौ साल की उम्र तक जीये /

इस धारणा को मूर्त रूप देने के लिये  तरह तरह के उपाउ किये गये और  तमाम तरह के विचार कि कैसे १०० साल तक जीने की युक्ति की जाय जिससे ओम्र के सौ साल पाने मे सहायता मिले / इसके लिये हमारे पूर्वजो ने  नित्य कुछ न कुछ अवश्य किया होगा / आज जिस स्वरूप मे  योग को पाते है वह एक दिन की कसरत से नही बना है / इसे बनये बनते बनते सैक्ड़ो और सजारो वर्ष देवेलप हो गये होन्गे तब जाकर यह इस स्वरूप मे मिला है जो आअज हम देख रहे है /

एक एक करके जब देखा गया और उसे एसेम्बल किया गया तो जो कान्सेप्ट मिला वह फाइनल स्वतूप मे महर्षि पातन्जलि ने इस दुनिया को कल्याण करने हेतु  लिपि बध्ध किया और योग के रुफ ंऎ फाआश्टूट खीय़ाआ /




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