HEPATITIS is said to be an incurable condition in medical science.

I have treated many numbers of the Jaundice and Hepatitis cases successfully by AYURVEDA and HOMOEOPATHY  and UNANI remedies treatment either single or in combination without any failure.

With the invent of ETG AyurvedaScan and its supplementary tests  Ayurveda Blood examination and Ayurveda Urine examinations and other related examinations, the Ayurvedic and its Ayush combination  treatment and diagnosis is more sharp and penetrable to the target and thus the treatment becomes assured and without any failure and deviation.

I am here noting a case of SEVERE HEPATITIS AND JAUNDICE  affected 18 yrs male, suffered since 4 years. His father is an Allopathic doctor but he failed to treat his ward.


hepatitis with jaundice 001

Patient came to me for treatment in month of  September 2014 afetr his brother convinced him for the Ayurveda treatment. Although his father was not agreed. But the family members was ready for the Ayurveda treatment.

On asking about the detail of his complaints, he narrated that before one and half years  back , earlier to this complaints , he suffered from Fever, which was diagnosed TYPHOID  and Allopathy treatment was given to him. Fecer gone but after a few days he suffered  again from  fever which was diagnosed MALARIA and again malaria treatment was given.

Malaria was treated allopathically and after a few days treatment fever gone but he  lost his appetite and body discomfort  troubled him. With this he developed Hepatitis and Jaundice.

Patient consulted an expert doctor, who examined his blood.

See report no [ 1]  Pt Alkaline Phosphate level is high as well as Serum Bilirubin is also on higher level.

hepatitis with jaundice 001 001

Pt was give Allopathic remedies for treatment, but without any relief and his complaints was as it is and without any improvement.

Months and months of Allopathic treatment could not gave him any marked relief. Ultimately one day one my older patient advised his Doctor father to go for AYURVEDIC TREATMENT.

There was no other way was saved for his father except Ayurveda or other therapies treatment to save the life of his child.

Patient came to me and I told him my procedure of treatment and the expenses whixh will be paid for the examinations and tests.

Essential tests and examinations were done and the problem of patient was concluded accordingly.

Appropriate AYURVEDA Remedies were prescribed for six months. At the time of fiest prescription, patients eyes and nails and skin was pale and of straw color. His urine was deep yellow. His urine was  never of watery color . all the times his urine was passing in color of deep yellow.

After  four months AYURVEDA treatment , his skin yellowness and eyes yellowness have gone.

Seeing this  patient left the remedies, understanding that his complaint  is now not persisting and without any syndromes.

Patient was not having any problem. one day his brother came to me for another patient, who was suffering from high level creatinine level 3.6 mg/dl and a famous journalist for treatment who was suffering by this disorder since four years and was taking allopathic treatment without nay releief.

I asked about the patient who came to me for treatment  of hepatitis. He told me that he is quite right and have no problemand is joining engeeniering college for studies. I told him that without my advise why he left remedies and treatment ? you send the  man and after examination and test I will decide what to do ?

Patient came to me. He told me that he left the remedies since  six months and is he is not feeling any problem physically and mentally.

I told him to go for  the following examinations for monitoring the condition.

[See the report no. [ 2 ]

hepatitis with jaundice 001 002

comparative studies of the reports showed the improvement of he condition of patient.

SGPT remarkably came down.

Serum Bilirubin came down as it was earlier comparatively.

Patient other examinations like Ayurveda Blood examination and Ayurveda Urine examination was done with ETG Bio-matrix and Visual AyurvedaScan monitor, was done.

He was advised to carry Ayurveda AYUSH remedies continuously and should not leave remedies without any consent of physician.



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