HIV , which is a dreaded disease condition can be totally cured by AYURVEDA and AYUSH system of therapeutics.

In our research center we have been cured many HIV cases by Ayurveda and Ayush combination remedies according to their findings which we approached by ETG AyurvedaScan system.

We have evidences in large numbers that Ayurvedic and Ayush remedies are very beneficial in treatment of HIV. We select remedies on the basis of AyurvedaScan findings and further monitor the patient condition by PATHOLOGICAL INVESTIGATIONS of Medical sceinces. We suggests patient to examine their blood accordingly, which they have previously done and take regular Ayurvedic remedies and review time to time.

We have find that patient progresses slowly and gradually and got complete cure within six months in some cases, otherwise take a few months for complete recovery.

The problem with us that cured patient does not want to share their cure history before camera and they avoid their identity. None of patient is eager to come before camera or for live interview.

Therefore we here load the pathological examination report with comparison to previous once.

We have observed that newly infected cases cures rapidly while old once takes some time to complete recovery but one thing is noted that cure is assured.

However we can say confidently that Ayurveda have a complete cure for this disease condition.

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