महीना: अप्रैल 2016


UNANI THERAPEUTIC SYSTEM OR ARABIC THERAPEUTIC SYSTEM which was developed in India during the regime of MUSLIMS RULERS , who ruled in India and its sub continents.

This is a mixture of ARABIAN AND AYURVEDA THERAPEUTIC SYSTEM which was nourished by the Muslim rulers in INDIA in  fact and they helped to develop and innovate the system as well as possible by MUSLIM Practitioners, who was called HAKIM. The word derived from HIKAMAT, the literal meaning is using the tactics.

Unani word came from UNAN, which is called in modern european demography GREECE. Historians says that after way to Greece,  the UNANI system was not much developed at that time but ivasion by Muslims to India they migrated many Ayurveda practitioners to ARABIAN states and they adopted the methods, which was similar to practice in making and manufacturing UNANI remedies, using the similar materials available in their states .

HAKIMS innovated and conjoined the knowledge of practice by adding and substracting the available herbal and minerals and animal substances in preparation of medicines for practice uses, according to their knowledge which they have and gained after practice and substances effects reading in human body.


UNANI system of medicine have given a valuable contribution to AYURVEDA that ARK  [ Distillation of herbal substances] was not conceived by the VAIDYAS / practitioners of Ayurveda, since its origination.

The fact is that AUSHADHI KALAPANA  / preparation of remedies was limited up to a grid. When Vaidyas came in contact to HAKIMS they conceived the idea of  preparation of ARK, which was similar to making wine process. The ARK was seems to be mild and effective to human in taste and its assimillative qualities.


Later on the practitioners of AYURVEDA adopted ARK manufacturing process as a part of medicine.

Thus we see that Unani therapeutic system of medicine have a unique remedial combination of HERBO-MINERAL-ANIMAL KIMGDOM CONCEPT OF MEDICINE PREPARATIONS.