दिन: जून 5, 2016

इस कमेन्ट्स से मुझे बहुत दुख पहुन्चा है !!!!! THIS COMMENT HURTS ME.

तेरी माँ का चोदु
मादरचोद कभी अपनी माँ का बुर चाट के देख और अपने बाप का लंड चूस के देख और टेस्ट कर हो सके तो गार मरा के देख तू तो सकल से ग गे गांडू लगता है मादरचोद डिग्री फेल।

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The comments which I received today is in the comment box, which someone send  it from ID no.


I do not know the motive of writing in this kind of language, what shows it ? 

However I excuses this person for this comments and again I humbly  request this person very politely that I am not excepting his comments, what he is written in comment box ?


प्रिय विद्वान  महोदय, मेरा बहुत विनम्रता से आपसे निवेदन हे  कि मै आपके कमेन्ट्स को स्वीकार नही करता हू /


Dr. D.B. Bajpai


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IP Address
Country Code IN
Country Name India India
Region Name Bihar
City Name Bansdih Report Error Report Incorrect Location
Coordinates Google Map 25°52’60″N   84°13’0″E
(Latitude: 25.88333, Longitude: 84.21667)
ISP Aircel Kolakta Mobilebroadband Customer Domain Name aircel.com
Connection Type DSL Usage Type
IDD Code 91 Area Code 099
Postal Code 221314 Elevation 69 meters
Local Time 08 Jun, 2016 08:32 PM (UTC +05:30)
Weather Station Chhapra (INXX0030)
View Live Weather »
MCC 404 MNC 17/25/28/29/37/41/91/800/801/803/804/805/806/809/810/811
Mobile Brand Name AIRCEL
Permalink http://www.iplocationtools.com/

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This IP address is located in India, Bihar, Bansdih. ISP of this IP address is Aircel Kolakta Mobilebroadband Customer. The area code is 099. The postcode is 221314. The IDD code of this country (India) is 91. The current time is 08 Jun, 2016 08:32 PM (UTC +05:30).

IP address is located at India, Bihar, Bansdih.