ADENO carcinoma can be managed and treated by Ayurveda and Ayush combination remedial treatment and management.

We have treated successfully some cases of Adeno carcinima on the line of the basis of ETG AyurvedaScan findings and other related examinations.

We are producing here case history of two cases which was diagnosed ADENO CARCINOMA by Allopathic doctors after MRI scan and other examinations.
One case was treated by Chemotherapy and radiation therapy but after one year the problem cropped up again. This time patient decided for Ayurveda Treatment and for that came to me for the treatment.

In these patients, the diagnosis of disease nature was diagnosed by Allopathic physicians. Later on after few months when they did not got any relief and their complaints were aggravating, they consulted me.
I will give here two cases in which

[1] Patient One is 54 years old lady suffered from Adeno Carcinoma and before coming to me for treatment, she was treated by Allopathic remedies and Chemotherapy and Radiation therapies respectively. She got relief after the treatment but after one year she suffered again with the same condition as she was before the treatment and in much worse stage, which she was priory had and repeatedly syndromes again, for that she was treated.

She came in this condition to me before six years. She showed all the treatment files which she have and narrated her complaints.

I suggested her to go for ETG AyurvedaScan and its supplementary tests including Ayurveda Blood Test and Ayurveda Urine Tests etc etc. After receiving all the data and studying all the reports, an Ayurveda-Homoeopathic-Unani combination remedies treatment was suggested and an open prescription was given to patient.

 After Six months Ayurveda Ayush combination treatment , patient almost felt that she is cured from her ailments, what she have and was very cheerful because she was having no sign of physical or mental  problems of any kind.

I suggested her to continue remedies in Toto but she left to take any kind of remedies without asking to me or without my consent. She took almost two years treatment of AYURVEDA AND AYUSH  and then she stopped it without my consent and without my knowledge.

After passing three years, she again felt some problem having swelling in her leg. Allopathic physician gave her treatment of FILARIA. The condition of patient was worsening day by day and at last she again consulted me before two months last week of MAY 2016.

I went through the ETG AyurvedaScan examination and supplementary tests were done again. She was given a fresh prescription of AYURVEDIC AND HOMOEOPATHIC AND UNANI REMEDIES in combination.

Now she is feeling well have no pain and fever. Her swelling is reduced and AYURVEDA AYUSH treatment is continuing since two months.

Patient belongs to near by District and I advised her to come for consultation after every 10 to 15 days for more close watch.


Patient is following the instructions. I warned her that any negligence could be harmful for her and she must be very careful about her health condition.

[2] Second patient is an 40 yrs old young from Haryana, having diagnosed ADENO CARCINOMA before six months.

ADENO CARCINOMA lesion was near to ANO-RECTAL site. Patient was suffering from very sever 24 hrs pain in his around Anus with swelling. He could not pass the stool and due to swelling could not slept well. Allopathic treatment was given to him without any satisfactory results.

My one earlier patient, who have taken my treatment two years before and is cured from his ailments, suddenly met to one of the relative of this patient. He recommended me for the Ayurveda and Ayush treatment and introduced our way of the treatment methods which is adopting and followed at our research center.

In June 2014 , this patient came to me and showed me all the reports and examination done earlier including biopsy and PET Scan, which established the diagnosis. He was suffering from earlier mentioned crucial problems and was in great agony. Severe and tearing  Pain, passing of stool in difficulty, sitting posture impossible, Fever and loss of Appetite with other physical problems was with him. In this condition patient came to me. I suggested for ETG AyurvedaScan and related tests and examination.

After getting all the data and reports, the problem concluded in four directions;

1-     Root cause of the present problem and to recognize the basis causing factors

2-     Pathway of the metastasis from where the present complaints are arising

3-     Main complaints for which patient came for the treatment

4-     Extensions of the main complaints / associated syndromes

5- AYURVEDIC FUNDAMENTALS and Homoeopathic principles along with Unani fundamentals were recognized and scrutinized accordingly.

This was done in view of selection of Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic and Unani drugs.

After seeing and scrutinizing every angle of disease concept, Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic and Unani remedies were prescribed. Patient was instructed to use the remedies for 40 days and come again for the review and change of medications. In Cancer patient , my experience is that review of the case and changes in remedies should be done as early as possible.

After40 days use of medications, patient pain and narrowness feelings was gone. His fever became normal and sometime up to 98.4 to 99 F. His other agonizing problems minimized and he is taking good sleep. He is 40 percent relieved in his complaints. He will come again to me for review after 40 days, on telephonic talks , he says that he is in comfort and he feels mild pain some day in around Anus and Rectum for half an hour , otherwise he is feeling well. All the medicine prescribed are prescribed on the individual patient findings and not in general as prescribed in General to all patients.

ETG AyurvedaScan findings based special treat ment is very individual to patient solely and no two patient’s treatment ar similar in any way. There is difference in prescription due to individual Ayurveda Fundamental findings base.

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