दिन: मई 3, 2017

हार्पीज सिम्पलेक्स . लाइलाज बीमारी का इलाज आयुर्वेद और आयुष चिकित्सा द्वारा किया गया है ; इसके रिजल्ट देखिये ; HERPEZ SIMPLEX , TREATED BY AYURVEDIC AND AYUSH THERAPIES TREATMENT AND MANAGEMENT ; SEE THE PROGRESS ;

HEPEZ SIMPLEX is an incurable disease condition.

But Ayurveda Ayush therapeis treatment and management cures the condition or relieves the entire problem with calm trends.

In August 2016, 25 yrs old young boy came for the treatment of HERPEZ SIMPLEX,  for which he was taking ALLOPATHIC   treatment in Bihar, where he reside , for one and half year back , before coming to me . The treating Allopathic  doctor told to  patient that this is an INCURABLE disease and have no treatment.

Patient depressed after  the doctor reply. One of my patient gave him my address and he came to me for the treatment.

As per our procedure of examination by ETG AyurvedaScan machine and other supplementary examinations we concluded the geneis of the physical problem.A short and very initial report is given below.

Before coming here, we requested patient to have an laboratory examination of the complaints. He done it and brought the same with his visit.

See the related reports.

The above report shows the presence of HERPES SIMPLEX in patient body.

The Urine examination report shows the presence of WBC and level of pH and specific gravity.

ETG AyurvedaScan gives the details of the scanning at rest position.

An integrated treatment  course of AYURVEDIC and ALLOPATHIC and UNANI and HOMOEPATHIC remedies and AYURVEDA management of do and donts , was suggested to patient for 120 days.

After 120 days treatment patient was advised to come again for review and change of remedies and do and donts and management in fresh ways. He was advised to bring the report of the same laboratory test, which was done  earlier.



On 02 May 2017 patient came for review, see and observe the above reports.

You will find the changes in the reports with progress. His all complaints have gone and have no physical problem  yet, except the report shows one is positive and one is negative comparatively earlier when both of them are positive.

We have given him treatment with integrated approach successfully with the results.