दिन: जून 20, 2017



YOGA DIVAS ; this is the third year 2017 of Yoga Divas nd is being celebrated all over the world and globally.

During the interviews of Patients from overseas visited at our research center accepted the facts that in India it is a privilege that some alternative treatment and complementary therapies are in practice in India for example Ayurveda / Homoeopathy / Unani / Yoga / Nature-cure and others like Sidhdha and others. But in their countries , this facility is not possible. In some countries Homoeopathy is banned due to obvious and un-known reasons. Therefore the complaints which are treatable well by Ayurveda / Homoeopathy / Unani and other systems , can not be supported by these therapies and as a result peoples in majority are suffering very badly due to not having any alternative means of the treatment and diagnosis as it is easily available in India as a specialization way of the treatment.

Human body if seen anatomically , major systems are skeletal, then tendons, ligaments , cartilages , muscles makes a group of muscular system, then comes Autonomic Nervous system, which carries signals from mind to some organs and the Circulatory system for flowing the blood over all to body. In yoga this combination of the system works in major share. Thus it can be said that Neuro-musculo-skeletal systems are the major share holder of the YOGA exercises.

Flexion of the joints of the body are a center point of Yoga Postures. Contractions and relaxations practice causes well flow of fresh Oxygenated Blood the muscles and of-course to the joints and thus nourishes these parts by reaching ELECTROLYTES and MINERALS  and essential nutrients supplied by the SPLEEN and LIVER to cover the damages in the parts  due to daily  hard work done  by Human body.

PRANAYAM are beneficial for Lungs. As much as air inhalation is beneficial for Lungs and Lungs exercises including Laryngo-pharyngo-tracheal parts and Chest and Chest-Back muscles and ribs. Air contains Nitrogen gas, Oxygen gas, Carbon di-oxide gas , ozone gas and many others. Inhalation of these gases as much as possible make strong the parts of body which requires these gases for metabolic requirements.

During sick condition, YOGA with AYURVEDA in INCURABLE DISEASE CONDITION , combined treatment helps to maintain the body near to normal level.

Caution should be taken for those persons, who have exhausting disease conditions, like Cardiac problems / Cancer of various parts / loss of blood / enlarged liver / kidney disorders / Pulmonary disorders and other fatal conditions, where vigorous exercises are prohibited, should take great care before starting of Yoga practices. Yoga is not advisable to those who are very weak physically.

For all humans and for all physical disorders, PRANAYAM is advisable because this safe and will not harm in anyway. Simple Pranayam like Anulom vilom is quite sufficient for all ages and can be practiced in morning or in evening. Only Anulom and Vilom Prabayam ecercises most of the parts like larynx, pharynx, trachea, nasal passage, sinus, lungs and chest muscles of front chest and cage, diaphragm, Liver. stomach, spleen and upper and lower digestive tract.

Those persons who are not strong and weak should practice Anulom and Vilom Pranaayam from one or two pranayam paerday and later increase the frequency of exercise.

Physiological studies about YOGA is only seen in Dr. A.K.Jain’s book ”TEXT BOOK OF HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY” and I have quoted and loaded matter in 2015 YOGA DIVAS, readers can see the scientific aspect of Yoga.

In our research center, we are studying the effect of Yoga on human beings on the line of the findings of the latest Ayurveda hi-tech E.T.G. AyurvedaScan and other laboratory examinations.

Care should be taken during the Yoga practice and in problem should consult a physician when feel any uneasiness.

YOGA and AYURVEDA combination treatment should be taken under strict supervision of an expert Ayurvedicians and time to time advise should be taken with the progress of the health condition. Anyone should not try YOGA and AYURVEDA treatment alone and by himself. This can be dangerous to health and may damage seriously the parts. So care is necessary as a precautions.