दिन: नवम्बर 29, 2017

KIDNEY DISORDERS ; गुर्दों की तकलीफें


KIDNEY disorders can be well treated by Ayurveda and ayush treatment in combination and integrated ways.

Kidney is a very sensitive and important organ of human body. The most common problem is CALCULI / STONE, which can be placed in nay part of the kidney or ureters or urinary bladder. This causes Hydronephrosis and thus most of the sufferers have high Blood pressure problems or kidney pain or mental disorders or insomnia sleeplessness and many other physical disorders like loss of appetite, indigestion and so on.

AYURVEDA and AYUSH Combination and integrated treatment and life style management promises sure cure of the stone problem.

Si is of the other disorders of Kidney like Nephritis, Albuminuria, Ketonuria, Bloody Urine , Infection of Kidney and many disorders.

An E.T.G. AyurvedaScan including Ayurveda Blood and Urine examination bases Ayurveda and Ayush treatment assures the cure of the KIDNEY problems.