Chemicals and minerals base Ayurveda drugs are used in Ayurveda treatment and management since centuries. Ayurveda remedies were developed by Ayurvedicians, practicing the indigenous science of healing.

The development of the healing Ayurveda science practiced for gaining long life , say over 120 years, with the ultimate goal of  life , for obtaining dharma, arth, kam , moksha etc which was at that time primary concept of life. This was the era of philosophy and Vedas compilation.

In my opinion, those learned person, who studied ATHARV VEDAS, they have got the concept of the power of the Earth properties, like Air and Water and Sun and Space and Earth etc.

ATHARV VEDA scholars know well at that time about  use of healing herbs for curing ailments like fever, cold and coryza  and pain etc.

Some of them among, were practicing ASTROLOGY with the study of Atharva veda , apart from practicing healing art, they named the style of healing art AYUR  VEDA, which is a combination of two words Ayur and Veda, that literal means ”knowledge of Life”.

This way the development of Ayurveda turns into science and with the progressive time, knowledge about herbs uses  and minerals and animal substances medicinal use , was groaned with the practice and their results.

Presently , Minerals origin and  vegetable and plants origin and chemical origin and animal origin prepared drugs are using in Ayurveda practice.

”Fe”, [ short chemical formula] a chemical substance, uses in chemistry analysis, is known as ”FERRUM” in Latin and in English ”IRON” and in Hindi लौह अथवा लोहा,  which is a widely used chemical  substance in our life , is also uses in Ayurveda, which first recognizes the importance of Iron for human body.

In Ayurveda , Iron formula bases remedies segregated in  a volume, where different herbs and minerals and animal kingdom substances are mixed with LAUH BHASMA, that means Iron in form of oxide, specially prepared by process of Ayurveda, which is mentioned in Ayurvedic formula books. These are known as IRON BASES DRUGS or say  लौह घटित दवायें.

For example SAPTAMRAT LAUH is a remedy for URDHVA JATRU ROGA, that means the disorders, which are from the base of the neck upto vertex of head, used widely in OPHTHALMIC DISORDERS of all kinds, what ever they may be. The drug is prepared like this way ;

1- Take equal quantity of fine powdered AMALA and HARAD and BAHERA and MULETHI , each in one part, that means each one ingredient , if taken 10 gram, that will be total 40 gram, because of four substances are taken,

2- Mix these all four fine powdered herbs with the help of Mortar and Pestal and after that mix LAUH BHASMA in equal quantity of  the weight of  this herbals mixture, that means mix 40 gram LAUH BHASM in the mixture

3- Mix all well with a little quantity of fresh water, grind in mortar and pestal continue up to dry.

4- collect well dried material in a clean dry bottle / pot

This prepared drug is taken in 250 milligram to 350 milligram quantity or  according to the need of patient, decided by the Ayurvedicians, mixing five drops of COW GHEE or 5 drops of liquid Butter and half spoon HONEY, mixing well and should be taken Morning and Evening in empty stomach.

The above mentioned remedy corrects the following anomalies;

  1.  Used in all nature of OPHTHALMIC problems including sight and others
  2. Prevents Cataract and loss of vision
  3. After operation of eyes or implant of glass, if any problem arises, this corrects it. I have used in many patient , who complained several kind of problem after cataract operation. This drug corrects almost all problems.
  4. Internal throat, laryngitis pharyngitis and tonsillitis  and other throat related complaints
  5. Ear related problems
  6. Brain and other sleep / insomnia related complaints
  7. Facial trigeminal neuralgia
  8. Teeth and Gums related problems
  9. Voices related problems
  10. Thyroid and parathyriod anomalies
  11. All those pathophysiological and pathological disorders, which arises from the base of neck to the vertex of head are covers by this remedy.
  12. Saptanrut lauh Ayurveda Drug helps to relieve pain of ENT OPH origins related disorders

My view is to share with you all that minerals bases Ayurveda remedies act fast  because our body is made of the chemicals substances and direct taken chemical bases remedies acts fast in human body.

Haundreds of thousands Ayurvedic Formulas have been mentioned in Ayurveda Classical texts from the time of Charak, which are still effective after the passing of a long time, which astonishes us.

                                                               [Dr. Desh Bandhu Bajpai]

incueable disese declared


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