One case of male youngster, came with Leucoderma problem 350 kilometers away from KANPUR at our center before 5 years, when his age was 12 years..

The boy was having problem of Leucoderma , while he was 8 years old and was treated by Allopaths for a long period.without any results. During treatment period, the white patched aggravated and spreads in some parts of body.

The boy first visited in year 2013, SEPTEMBER  and his treatment is continue still with slow progress.

At the time of the start of the treatment his photographs of located main leucodermal spots and patches are given below.

His monitoring of disease condition and progress is compared with the earliest taken photographs.

Last time his photograph is taken on 30. 03.2018, and is given below.



Although majority of patients response rapid and timely as expected by Ayurveda Ayush remedies, but it is seen that 1 or 2 percents patient responds slow with Ayurveda Ayush remedies. This boy is taking much more time for curing process. Generally in our research center Leucoderma cases have been cured from days to one or two years. The fastest cure we have recorded of 28 days, a younster from Bihar Patna cured in this period. Other patients responded slow and the reason is many, which is found individual to individual.

One 8 years girl came for vitiligo treatment 11 yesr ago, who is having white patches in her whole body and a big one in her upper part of foot. Still her treatment is given and her all body white patches have cured and no traces of the patches in her body except a smaller patched on the upper foot in both legs. Now she is 19 years old and her treatment is continue. She have some allergic problem since her childhood when she was 4 yrs old. She was given Allopathic treatment and after that Leucoderma patches appeared. Presently she affected with the allergic reaction, whic causes severe Laryngitis and pharyngitis with bronchitis particularly in Winter season. This is might hurdle to her for rapid and earliest cure.

The speed of cure cannot be accelerated by any way because in our center it is tried for earliest cure. On request of one patient, for rapid cure some procedures were adopted but this reverses the process of cure and as a result patient body became full of white small patches and to control these patches all procedure failed and in-vain. After this case we did not try for faster or rapid cure.

In my experience and observation, one thing is prime that once LEUCODERMA patches are filled by Meline and natural color and the process of cure is naturally set-ups, a total cure of LEUCODERMA is assured 100 percent without  any failure, apart from time limit. therefore, we do not disturb the process of natural cure by any extra addition of faster cure remedies or do not like to interrupt the natural way of healing by any extra means.



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