PARKINSON’S DISEASE is a mal-functioning conditions of the combination of few body systems at a time, if it is observed carefully.

The condition is mainly seems neuro-musculo-skeletal pathophysiology or pathology of the systems involved with this disorder. Brain and its related functionaries when comes in physiological impression changes. this causes the abnormal behavior of the functionaries. As it is already known that each and every function of the human body is controlled by the many interconnected phenomenon which is yet to be understand by the medical scientist. Brain have five main parts divided in two separate interconnected mediums.

Brain faculties are controlled itself by the existing chemical chemistry equilibrium inside the cells and tissues which together makes an organic structure. Below is the given structure of the Autonomic nervous system which controls the entire body mainly specially internal organs.

Muscles of the body is controlled by the nervous system in active and passively. Almost every function of the limbs muscles are control by the brain information system and accordingly orders.

When this normal function phenomenon changes by the human body due to obvious reasons, the functions of the control becomes a disorder and thus it causes anomalies.

Parkinson’s disease is in my opinion, caused by the release of the  uncertain and irregular  and in different interval the electrical waves emmissions.


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