दिन: मई 10, 2018

WATCH OUR NEW VIDEOS ; हमारे नये वीडियो देखिये

See and watch our new videos ; हमारे नये वीडियो देखिये और सम्बन्धित बीमारियों को समझिये और इनके इलाज के बारे मे दूसरों को बताइये

Tell and convey to all about these diseases treatment, done at our research center

Muscular Dystrophy is now seen often in the all age groups. The reason of this disease condition is due to ”suppressive action of chemical substances in human body by any means”. These chemicals acts in human body to de-metabolize and creates a fine pathophysiological condition by destabilizing chemical chemistry of blood, which reflects in the disease condition. We have treated this disease condition successfully by Ayurveda and Ayush combination and integrated forms.

H.I.V. is a dreaded disease condition and is said to be difficult to cure or relieve. In our research center, Level / grade one and level / grade two have been seen equivalent to cure and their reports are shown within normal limit and among  some of them reports are shown normal. Grade/level 3 are having problem and are difficult to cure completely but their health condition can be maintained and long life is possible and level / grade 4 is impossible to cure or relieve. We have seen that most of the patient complicates the condition by Kidney failure and Tuberculosis of lungs and other parts of body, low level of Hemoglobin and less formation of Blood, High grade fever and emaciation of muscles. Ayurveda and Ayush treatment may provide symptomatic relief for a little time. Experiments are going on in our outdoor hospital to cover these conditions with a little success. .

Below is given a short details of Electro Tridosho Graphy technology , E.T.G. AyurvedaScan, done at our outdoor hospital in three conditions. This completes the primary diagnosis need of patient and trends of his physical mental etc complaints by obtaining data report. A comparative study of the all three reports pin pointed the complaints and disorders patient have. This data helps to prescribe appropriate remedies and management of individual patient.