A MENTAL DISORDER case of an adult male visited in last year  2017 in March month and after one year of Ayurveda and Ayush treatment , he visited again after one year for follow up in month of April 2018.

For follow up of any patient , we  record either rest position or record Exercising position with rest and sleep position along with Blood / Urine examination for comparative studies and analysis and synthesis of the case.

Below is given the both recording of last and this year. See and observe the electrical record of the patient and compare it. For comparison, it takes a very very minute analysis of graphical patterns, which have a deep means and sign of pathophysiology or pathological  clues. Thus diagnosis completes in pinpoint way.

Observe the electrical graphical changes in compare to previous records. The very last record patter is showing lower direction / negative waves in previous records, while in present it is upward. The Electrode record -placement is over the Brain and this shows the improvement in the organs compare to previous one.

The over all health  condition of the patient is fine and he joined college for his studies, which was broken in last year, it is now this year continuing. Patient is happy with the treatment and he is advised that he come for followup at least after four to six months to change the prescription.

Mental cases are always responses well by Ayurveda and Ayush treatment. It does not mean what is the title of disease  or what says doctors about the patient problems. We see the previous diagnosis done by the physician but we find out the genesis of the problem and from their to extension of the present complaints. This is a tedious job and not easy to find out the genesis of the problems. Treatment becomes easy when genesis is found and a sample of the treatment provided at the root cause level. A good and perfect diagnosis gives a fruitful results in treatment.

ETG AyurvedaScan examines the whole body and brings out the hidden anomalies of the body systems and organs. Ayurveda have an advantage in treatment perfection basing on the line of diagnosis done by the electrical scanning system.





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