Migraine and headache is a common as well as a chronic illness , which troubles the victim in very bad manner. The reason of the headache is very wide and can be due to Ear and nose and throat and ophthalmic and facial muscular and nerves anomalies. It can be due to spinal region of cervical area and blood anomalies. Blood pressure and circulation towards head and autonomic nervous system may cause the problem.The chemical chemistry may cause pain due to any imbalances and also the body system in coordination. There is many reasons of headache and therefore this is not a simple disease as it is understood.

Unless and until the reason of migraine is not traced, it is impossible to cure the disorder.

By virtue of Ayurveda diagnosis system “” ETG AyurvedaScan technology””, it is now possible to find the genesis of the any problem inside the body. The Ayurveda Blood examination and urine examination provides blood chemistry anomalies inside the body. Concluding the problem and diagnosis, appropriate Ayurveda remedies cures the condition.

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