It is surprising that Vitamins and Minerals are not helpful for humans in maintaining their health as it was perception earlier that Vitamins and Minerals helps humans health but recent studies showed that the earlier concept is wrong and no benefits can be gained by the supplements.

Perhaps this is the first studies so far have been done in comprehensive ways about the effects and therapeutic and prophylaxis uses of vitamins and minerals,which says that in many disease conditions the vitamins are not effective and of no use.

In my opinion, the subject matter is not very clear of the research, because the title and modus operandy of the research done have not been given. So this is confusing.

I will not like to criticize the results of research, but in clinical practice, it is seen that Vitamin Minerals combination helps to patients and I personally recommends the combination, when in need. It works, that is my observation because when I test Blood serum at our laboratory minerals and electrolytes and vitamins for diagnosis uses and on the ground of their deficiency, prescribed minerals and vitamin combination fulfills the body needs, when again their blood serum is tested.

This is perhaps wider research study so every body should accept and respect  the conclusion.


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