GENERAL ANASARCA ; DROPSY ; ASCITES ; DROPSICAL CONDITION ; SWELLING IN WHOLE BODY ; सारे शरीर की सूजन ; जलोदर ; शरीर मे पानी भर जाना ; ड्राप्सी

Dropsy or Dropsical condition or general anasarca is happened due to many reasons. Kidney and Liver and spleen and lungs and heart are the common organs, when pathophysiology of these organs deranges then dropsical condition appears.

Unless and until the reason of GENERAL ANASARCA, DROPSY, DROPSICAL CONDITION, SWELLING IN WHOLE BODY  is not traced, it is impossible to cure or relieve the disorder.

By virtue of Ayurveda diagnosis system “” ETG AyurvedaScan technology””, it is now possible to find the genesis of the any problem inside the body. The Ayurveda Blood examination and urine examination provides blood chemistry anomalies inside the body. Concluding the problem and diagnosis, appropriate Ayurveda remedies cures the condition.


Ayurvedic remedies acts best to cover the syndromes of ANASARCA and controles the ongoing increasing  condition because this is a progressive disease condition and swelling increases day by day. Ayurvedic remedies controls the condition within a week in most of the cases. Because primary requirement is to stop the increasing syndromes.

In Urine test, Protein and Leukocytes and Blood and Uribilinogen and Nitrite are seen commonly in 2++ to 4++++ range level. In blood test Hb percent  is seen below normal level  and ESR increases up to 60 mm. Blood Urea, Sulfates, Potassium, sodium and chloride levels and stannum and manganese and other elements are showing either low or  high to their normal limits.

Urine passes in less quantity and swelling in body particularly in lower limbs and face increases accordingly. Complications in body increases day by day and patient condition becomes very miserable to see.

It is very unfortunate to me that I see patients in stage 2nd or in stage 3rd in general or in stage 4th. Seldom comes to me at very beginning stages. It is very easy to treat a patient of general anasarca with rapid cure in early stages , comparative to the advance stages.

However advance stages patient responses with Ayurveda and Integrated treatment with our specialize innovated systems and advance level remedies.

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