Day: जून 15, 2018

O.C.D. OBSTRUCTIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDERS ; MENTAL DISEASE ; मानसिक रोग ; आब्सट्रक्टिव कम्पल्सिव डिसआर्डर्स

OBSTRUCTIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDERS is a combined mental syndromes of various mental

emotions and mental behaviours and intellectual faculties disturbances expressions in patient.

Various mental expressions are diffused by the patient in his / her daily attitudes. Some times

patient became calm and quite and not aggressive in response, but sudden changes his / her

attitudes in violent or aggressive behaviors.





This is happenned due to several reasons and can not impose to one alone reasons. Living

conditions, familial enviorenment, working conditions and working enviorenment, physical

anomalies, Organs or systems pathophysiology and pathological anomalies, hard mental work,

unusual and unsettled jobs or service or business, unsatisfied with sexual indulgence, unsatisfied

with the life conditions and unsettled life style and rest and irregular food habits, use of narcotics

and alcohal etc are the responsible causative factors of disease condition.

This is a curable condition in view of AYURVEDA and AYUSH Treatment.

By virtue of Ayurveda diagnosis system “” ETG AyurvedaScan technology””, it is now possible to

find the genesis of the any disease problem inside the body. The Ayurveda Blood examination and

AYURVEDA Urine examination provides opportunity to analyse and sythesise blood chemistry

anomalies inside the body. Concluding the problem and diagnosis, appropriate Ayurveda and

Homoeopathy and Unani remedies along with the suggestions of changing food habits and life style

to meet to cure the sick person’s condition.

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