About LORD DHANAVANTARY, it is said according to the Hindu mythology that he was born on the day of Dhanateras after churning of sea. He appeared with the Four upper arms in which he is having AMRUT in his one hand and Chakra in second hand and Jaluka in his third hand and herbs in his fourth hand.

Much more information about Lord Dhanavanatary can be had from Hindi mythological related books, where a broad description is given.

The significance about the bearings of Amrut in one hand shows the life giving material to all earth’s entire human beings and civilization living.

The bearing of Chakra in second hand signifies the courage and safety from enemies and mental agonies and a sense of secures with safety of life in any dangerous condition.

The bearing of Jaluka in third hand has some meanings in the sense of SURGICAL INTERVENTIONS and use of animals as remedies or as a healing partners or as a food obtaining resources, which are available on earth surface or under sea.

The bearing of herbs in fourth hand is significant to use of all herbs and all vegetables, which are available in entire globe for maintaining of body and health.

So this is the symbolic interpretation of Lord Dhanavantary after seeing the picture or idol.

I worship daily lord Dhanavatary idol and chanting mantras ;

1 — > namami dhanavatarymadi devam surasrairvandit padpadmam
loke jara rugbhay martyunasham datarmishamvididhaushadhinam

2–> shankham chakra muparyadhashch karyordivyuoshidham dakshine
vamenaanyakaren sambhartsudhakumbham jalaukavalim

3–> vibhrana karunamaya sukhakarah sarvaamaydhavansaka
sarvamno duritam chchinattu bhagavan dhanavantari sarvada

4–> achyutanand givind vishno narayanamarat
rogan me nashayosheshaanaasu dhanavantare hare

5–> vishnokrashna janardanaachyut hare narayan shripate
vaikunthamrut ram keshav mukundanand damodaram

6–> shauremadhav padmanabh bhagavan govind dhanavatare
rogan me nitaram nivarayatu te nanamratam saampratam

I believe that every physician along with every person should worship Lord Dhanavatary for better health promotion. May Lord Dhanavantri shower his best blessing to all listeners of this video.

I have established Lord Dhanavatary and Goddess Maha Laxami idols in a mandir at village; Bhava Khera, Post Office Chahottar, District Raibareilly, UP, India. The birth day ceremony of Lord Dhanavantary is celebrated every year few days before Dhanateras, in which medical camps and medical conference and religeous rituals are done during the ceremonial days. See some pictures IN VIDEO.

The Dhanavanatary temple is over 60 kilometers away from Kanpur and can be easily reach there. Kanpur to GT Road towards Fatehpur / Allahabad, crossing Chawdagara to Dudhi Kachchar left turns to Ganga River to temple Durga mata CHANDRIKAN Mandir to Unchagaon to Narayandas khera to Bhava khera in Disttrict Raibareilly, UP, India.

Easily reach by own conveyance, but bus services and other services are available in the route.


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