E.T.G. AYURVEDASCAN is a new invention in the field of AYURVEDA and AYUSH related medical sciences systems.

In this video , the inventor of this technique, Dr Desh Bandhu Bajpai, now Chief Investigator is giving a short introduction about the technical aspects of the newly invented Ayurveda Diagnosis system of Ayurveda Fundamentals and physical and mental bodily disorders.

The old machine on which Dr Desh Bandhu Bajpai has been worked and invented the technology, is still in use and is well maintained by him, although its parts are not available. In this machine manually work is possible for minute analysis and synthesis of body parts scanned.

The latest and ultramodern machine is using in our research center with computer aided softwares for diagnosis purposes.
By virtue of latest Ayurveda diagnosis systems “” ETG AyurvedaScan “”, it is now possible to find out the genesis of the any disease problem inside the body. The Ayurveda Blood examination and AYURVEDA Urine examination provides opportunity to analyse and sythesise blood chemistry anomalies inside the body. Concluding the problem and diagnosis, appropriate and suitable Ayurveda and Homoeopathy and Unani remedies along with the suggestions of changing food habits and life style assures to meet the cure to the sick person’s condition.

Kindly see our videos and make a regular visit to our channel for new information oriented videos on AYURVEDA AND HOMOEOPATHY AND UNANI AND YOGA AND NATURE CURE AND SIDHDHA along with the latest medical scineces innovations and our research centers activities.

If you want any special informative videos on any medical subjects kindly inform us.

Contact Person ;
Dr A.B.Bajpai, mobile ; 8604629190
Kanak Polytherapy Clinic and research center,
67/70, Bhusatoli Road, Bartan Bazar,
Republic of India

google business; kanak-polytherapy-clinic.business.site

e-mail; drdbbajpai@gmail.com

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