ABOUT Dr. D. B. Bajpai Ayurvedic Diagnostician and Chief ETG AyurvedaScan Investigator ; डा० डी०बी० बाजपेयी आयुर्वेदिक निदानग्य और मुख्य ई०टी०जी० आयुर्वेदास्कैन इन्वेस्टीगेटर के बारे में

Dr. D.B.Bajpai is showing his FIRST invented, the world’s first and only Ayurvedic Diagnosis Machine { which is now today OUT-DATED} and system, Electro Tridosha Graphy ; ETG AyurvedaScan, known as AYURVEDASCANNER. Dr.DBBajpai is  practising AYURVEDA, HOMOEOPATHY including ALLOPATHY from 1967 till present day.
NEWLY HIGH Technological innovated machines are now using for the ETG AyurvedaScan Test.
Our main and only CLINIC and Research Center at KANPUR CITY , STATE UTTAR PRADESH , INDIA  , dedicated for research in AYURVEDA  and  AYUSH THERAPIES FUNDAMENTALS  and treatment and management lines.
ETGchart 001
Dr. D.B. Bajpai
Dr. D.B. Bajpai is inventor of the following AYURVEDA HI-TECHNOLOGY   ever invented and practiced successfully KANAK POLYTHERAPY CLINIC AND RESEARCH CENTER, KANPUR , UP State, India.
[1] ELECTRO TRIDOSHA GRAPHY ; ETG AyurvedaScan system
[2] AYURVEDA Thermal mapping and scanning
[3] Ayurveda Blood Test
[4] Ayurveda Blood Chemical chemistry test
[5] Ayurveda Urine Test
[6] Ayurveda Urine Chemical Chemistry Test
[7] Ayurveda Microscopic Blood and Urine and Saliva and other tests
[8] E.H.G. HomoeopathyScan
He have treated successfully the following disease conditions;
2- SPINAL PROBLEMS of all nature
4- BRAIN ANOMALIES like Brain Tumours, infarction , post Brain Heamorrhagic conditions etc
5- TUMOURS, Glands of all nature
8- GASTRO Intetinal Tract Disorders
9- LIVER, Spleen, Pancrease related disorders
10- KIDNEY Stones
11- GALL BLADDER stone, gall bladder inflamation, gall bladder sludges including crystals of all natures
12- FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE Organs Disorders , Infertility, Fridgidity, Menstrual Anomalies, Fibroids, Ovarian anomalies etc etc
13- MALE  REPRODUCTIVE Disorders, Impotency, Sexual Weakness, Organic  anomalies etc etc
14- SKIN DISORDERS, Eczema, Psoriasis, Allergy, Eruptions
15- Diabeties
17-ALL KINDS of  PHYSICAL & MENTAL Disorders, which have not included IN THIS LIST.
 डा० डी० बी० बाजपेयी 1967 से आयुर्वेद, होम्योपैथी और एलोपैथी में चिकित्सा कार्य कर रहे हैं ।
 Those patients, who desire to take the services offered by Dr. D.B. Bajpai , they should visite personally in CLINIC. BEFORE THE TREATMENT, they should go through first ETG AyurvedaScan examination, it is recommended and essential.

जो मरीज डा० देशबन्धु बाजपेयी से चिकित्सा कराना चाहते है, ऐसे समस्त रोगियों से निवेदन है कि वे कानपुर आकर क्लीनिक में उपस्तिथि होकर पहले अपना ई० टी० जी० आयुर्वेदास्कैन परीक्षण कराये, फ़िर चिकित्सा करायें /

मुझे आप सभी लोग यहां देख और सुन सकते हैं तथा मेरे द्वारा बनाये गये सभी स्लाइड शो यहां देख सकते हैं । मेरे द्वारा किये गये प्रसारण  यहां सुन भी सकते है

 You can listen me, see me in the following websites.



                                                  MY INTRODUCTION

Name: डा० देश बंधु बाजपेयी   Dr. Desh Bandhu Bajpai,

I [born 01.09. 1946] belongs to Kanpur city, Uttar Pradesh, India

*Graduate and Post graduate in Homoeopathy, studied HOMOEOPATHY at KRANKENHAUS FUER NATURHEILWEISSEN, MUNCHEN, Germany in year 1973, also studied Homoeopathy at INSTITUTE OF CLINICAL RESEARCH, MUMBAI in year 1980 at POST GRADUATE level. 

Photo; From Left Dr Desh Bandhu Bajpai, an Unknown person who inserted himself for photography, Dr. med. Walther Zimmermann, Chefartz, Krankenhaus fuer Naturheilweissen, Harlaching, Munich, Germany and Dr. K.N. Khanna , Kanpur. The Photo was taken in 1977 at Vigyaan Bhavan, New Delhi at the occassion of Word Conference of Homoeopathy, organised by International Homoeopathy League, Switzerland.

Photo; From Left Dr Desh Bandhu Bajpai, an Unknown person who inserted himself for photography, Dr. med. Walther Zimmermann, Chefartz, Krankenhaus fuer Naturheilweissen, Harlaching, Munich, Germany and Dr. K.N. Khanna , Kanpur. The Photo was taken in 1977 at Vigyaan Bhavan, New Delhi at the occassion of Word Conference of Homoeopathy, organised by International Homoeopathy League, Switzerland.

*Graduate, Post graduate and Post Doctoral in AYURVEDA

*Practicing Allopathy, Ayurveda and Homoeopathy, simultaneously along with Acupuncture, Magneto therapy, Nature cure, Dietetics, Physiotherapy etc. since 40 years in Kanpur

*Deals in Ayurvedic Cardiology and chronically disease conditions. 

*Inventor: Electrotridoshagraphy  [ETG] technology, Electrohomoeography [EHG] technology and 4 dimensional  Electrocardiography [ECG] machine

 *Inventor: Shankhadrav Based Medicine

 *Inventor: Clinical trial of Ayurvedic medicine in Penta scale potency

 *Inventor: Blood serum flocculation test for diagnosing Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic medicines

*Inventor: Bandhu Slips and Card repertory of Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic remedies

*Some of the inventions are well appreciated by the National Innovation Foundation,   Ahamedabad, India.


*Visited: Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovak, Poland, Holland, Germany, Austria, Nepal etc. 


*Hobbies; Writing, Reading, Electronics, Touring, Visiting new places, Classical Music, Art, Paintings, Journalism, Photography etc.  

*Formerly Lecturer in HomoeopathicMedicalCollege and examiner of Homoeopathy in few Universities 

*Language: () Foreign-English, German # read /understand -French, Russian () Indian: Hindi, Sansakrit, Urdu, Punjabi # read/understand: Bengali, Gujarati, and Marathi 


* can  be contacted  at following address by phone /  mobile or personal visit:

यहां सम्पर्क करें :
Vaidya Desh Bandhu Bajpai, 
मोबाइल : ९३३६ २३८९९४
Mobile:  9336238994



All the weekly days, Vaidya ji available at the following address:


Dr.DB Bajpai is available all the days including Sunday and Holydays. Before comming to Clinic , kindly confirm the availability of the consultation time and days.


 Clinic is open on Sunday including all days of week.

कनक पालीथेरैपी क्लीनिक एवं रिसर्च सेन्टर,

Kanak Polytherapy Clinic and Research Center,

67/70, Bhusatoli Road, Bartan Bazar.

KANPUR – 208001, UP, INDIA



{Below Picture;

Dr DBBajpai is showing the recorded traces of a patient to Health Minister , MYANMAR [formerly BURMA] and other officials of the Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India at the time of the Pilot Studies of Electro Tridosha Graphy ; ETG AyurvedaScan system at Central Reasearch Institute of Ayurveda, Road no 66, Punjabi Bagh, NEW DELHI in the month of February , 2007}

 {Dr. Desh Bandhu Bajpai}

Director & Chief ETG Investigator,

Electrotridoshagraphy {ETG} technology  is recognised, approved and is being developed under Central Council for Research in Ayurveda and Siddha [CCRAS], Department of Ayurveda -AYUSH,  Ministry of Health and Family Welfare,  Government of India,  New Delhi.


Leucoderma / White Spots / Vitiligo

Leucoderma / White Spots / Vitiligo


    1. Dear vajpai sir,
      I have read your complete information.
      Sir my relatives( husbund-wife)suffering HIV AIDS problem last 10 years.pls reply for this problem

      Thanks & regards
      Vijay aher
      Aurangabd Maharashtra.
      Mo 097305








  1. dr. sahab

    kaise hain aap/achcha laga aapka sahyog dekhkar.vaihya ji mere ball bhaut teji se jhad rahe hai…aur woh bhi rusi ki bajah se….rusi bahut hai…plz koi upay bataye,,main homeopathy bhi le chuka …ayurvedic najane kitni li hai..kebal allopathy nahi li hai because i dont beleive in allopathy….bareilly ka rahane wala hoon..2 3 baar gattumal se bhi dabai li hai fayda nahi hua…log kahate hain ki GM pharmacy ki dabai achchi nahi…aap bataye…kuch log kahte hain ki JONK (leech) se bhi baal bapas aa sakte hain..use oil me jala kar sir per lagaane se…lekin main jeev hatya nahi karna chata just for my hair….give me advice plz…

  2. Girish Pandey ji, apaka danyawad, main Internet par koi bhi vaidyakiy ya chikitsakiy salah kisi ko bhi kabhi nahin deta. Main Kanpur shahar mein GM Pharmacy ke davakhane mein kaam karata hun aur chikitsa karya mein unhi ki dawaon ka upayog karata hun, mere 99.99 pratishat marij G M Pharamacy ki dawa khakar hi theek hotey hain, isaliye dwaon ki gunawatta par koi sawal hi paida nahin hota. Main swayam do teen mahine ke antaral se inaki factory mein jata rahata hun , jo Bareilly Lucknow road par faridpur ke pahale Bidari Chainpur gram mein stithy hai, wahan maine swayam inaka production dekha hai, yah ISO 9001 certified company hai aur ise GMP [ Good Manufacturing Practice ] ka Uttar Pradesh sarkar se certificate mila hua hai. Rahi baat aapake na theek hone ki, to mujhe lagata hai ki aapako sir mein “Seborrhoic Dermatitis” ho gayi hai, jo asani se thik hone wali takalief nahin hai, isake liye aap Bareilly ke Ayurvedic college mein jakar kisi achche vaidya se paramarsh karein to behatar hoga.

  3. आदरणीय डाक्टर साहब
    नमस्कार …
    आपका ब्लॉग पड़ कर सुखद लगा …! चिकित्सा के क्षेत्र में निश्चय ही आप सरीखे लोगों का होना महत्वपूर्ण है !

    एक जिज्ञासा है , आशा है आप उचित मार्गदर्शन दे सकेंगे …चूंकि आप आयुर्वेद और होमोपथ दोनों ही चिकित्सा मार्गो से भली भांति परिचित है !
    क्या किसी होमोपैथी या बाओकैम की औषिधि का सेवन करने के दौरान आयुर्वेद औषिधि का उपचार भी जारी रखा जा सकता है ?

    आशा है उचित मार्गदर्शन देंगे !
    धन्यवाद !

    ………Reply by Dr. D.B.Bajpai………. दवाओं का उपयोग कर सकते हैं , लेकिन शर्त यह है कि इलाज करने वाले चिकित्सक को सभी चिकित्सा पधयतियों के बारे में सम्पूर्ण ग्यान और उपयोग करने का अनुभव होना चाहिये । मै पिछले ४० वर्षों से अधिक अपने मरीजों में एलोपैथी, आयुर्वेदिक, होम्योपैथी, प्राकॄतिक चिकित्सा, मैग्नेट थेरेपी, फिजियोथेरेपी आदि आदि चिकित्सा विधियों का सम्मिलित चिकित्सा का उपयोग सफ़लता पूर्वक कर रहा हुं । ईसे मै “समन्वित चिकित्सा व्यवस्था” कहता हूं । यह कोई बहुत कठिन कार्य नहीं है । मेरा तो यही मानना है कि सभी चिकित्सकों को, चाहे वह किसी भी चिकित्सा प्ध्यति से रोगियों का इलाज कर रहे हों, समन्वित चिकित्सा का ज्ञान होना इस वर्तमान जमाने मे बहुत आवश्यक है । न केवल उनके लिये,बल्कि चिकित्सा विग्यान के भी लिये ।

    आप होम्योपैथी और बायोकेमिक दवाओं के साथ आयुर्वेद की दवाओं का उपयोग कर सकते है, लेकिन सावधानी के साथ, जैसा कि मैने ऊपर कहा है ।

  4. Hello. Dr. Shahab.
    Meri shadi ko 6 month hue he. after 2 month meri biwi ko maleria hua. uske bad 2 month ka miss abortion ho gayaa. aur abh use gale me TB ki ganth (2x2cm) he. doctor operation ka bolte he. muje bhi gale me TB ki ganth thi 6 saal pehle jiska mene operation karaya tha. Muje kuchh samaj me nahi aata kya karu. aap salaah de to maherbani hogi.
    Waiting for your reply.

    ………..Reply by Dr. DBBajpai………..aap abhi operation karane ke liye na soche.Abhi aapake paas bahut se raste aur vikalp hai. Aap apane paas ke kisi Homoeopathic yaa Ayurvedic Doctor ko dikhaye. Vah aapaki samasyaa kaa hal kar degaa.

    Agar kabhi apakaa Kanpur aanaa ho sake to hamase yaa mere sahayogi Hakim Mohammad Sharif Ansari ji se bhi salah le sakate
    hai. Hamare dono kisis bhi Center me subah yaa sham aa sakate hai.

  5. hello sir,

    mene aapka blog pada…

    ayurvedic ki iss dunia mein ….aapke blog mein kuchh naya padne ko mila …. bahot achha laha ….

    ETG Technology ke baare mein sunkar achha laga ….
    chalo achha hai AB CT Scan ki jaroorat nahi…

    Dr. sahab …. kya aap itna baata sakte hai….
    APENDIX bina Opration ayurvedic medicine se thik ho sakta hai.
    pls tell me

    ………..reply by Dr DBBajpai………..aapako yah blog achcha lagaa , usake liye dhanyavad.

    Rogo ke nidaan ke liye adhunik chikitsa vigyaan ke pas bahut se upakaran aur machines hai, lekin ayurved ke pas abhi tak kewal yahi ek matr shaaririk parikshan karane aur ayurved ke maulik siddhanto kaa aanakalan karane ki takanik ETG AyurvedaScan hi hai, ise tulanatamk svarup me nahi dekhana chahiye, kyonki ETG ka development aur innovation purnatah AYURVED ki PHILOSOPHY par aadharit hai, isaki riport par aadharit chikitsa avshya phaladayi, satik , achuk aur bina deviation ke hoti hai

    aapne Appendix ke ilaj ke baare me puchcha hai, yadi appendix me pus form nahi huaa hai, bukhaar nahi hai aur kewal dard hota hai to aap ayurved ka ilaj le sakate hai,

    Pus ya mavad padane ki stithi me Operation kara lena chahiye, kyonki ek baar pus padane ke baad yah kisi bhi dava se thik nahi hotaa

    1. Apendix ki sirf halki sujan h.. Ji thik hoti h fir se aati h. 4 sal se ye hi ho raha h. Sonography jb bhi karwata hu. Bs mamuli sujan ki report milti h. Kaun si mdcn lu k hamesha k liye thik ho jaye. Muze vomet nhi hoti. Bukhar b nhi aata. Khana bhi khata hu bss 4-5 month me pain hota raheta h

  6. I realy enjoyed reading your website.I am keen reader of ayurveda books.
    I am suffering from erectile dysfunction from last 20 years can you please help me with ayurveda.
    God bless you

    ………..reply by Dr DBBajpai………..If you are seriously thinking about the treatment of your problems, which you have, then you should go first for ETG AyurvedaScan examination. After that , when you will take the treatment of your problems that willl be result oriented.

    Such a long standing problem needs minute analysis, synthesis and conlusion of problems. Cure is possible after going thorugh these steps.

  7. res.docter G. meri khiskisnati hai ki 26/6/11 ko mujhe raat 12:30 par daura pada .raat ko hospital me admit raha aur aaj mujhe aap ke baare me jaankari ho gayi.yoo to mujhe lagbhag 18-20 saal pehle daure aaye the par alopathy aur aurvadic treatment 4-5 saal lene ke karan theek bhi ho gaye the.pata nahi kyo mujhe phir se attack hua hai .main jald se jald aap ke paas aa raha hu .kripa kare…..Dhanyavaad

    1. Hello Doctor,

      My brother is a patient of rhumatoid arthritis from last eight years,
      kya aap ke ilaj se vo cure hoga ya nahi,agar cure hoga to cure hone me use kitna samay lage ga, aur ilaj par kitna kharcha lagega.

      please suggest me.

      ………..reply………..apaka rogi bilkul thik hoga aisa vishvas kare, ap ETG AyurvedaScan parikshan adharit ayurvedic+homoeopathic+unani+naturecure ka samanvit ilaj karenge to avshya thik hoga

      apako kanpur me akar ETG AyurvedaScan parikshan karana hoga jisaka kharchaa 2600 rupaya hoga, dva apko likh di jayegi, bazar se kharid kar upayog karana hoga, davao me jitana bhi kharcha ayega apako vahan karana hoga

      kanpur ane se pahale samay nishchit kar lijiyega aur FRIDAY ko mat aye, FRIDAY ko Hospital band rahata hai

  8. Hello Dr.

    mere sister, last 2 years se suddenly 4-5 minute key liye bhehosh ho jati hey(almost saturday/sunday/monday).

    Kya yeh Mirgi ka daura yha kuch aur bhimari hey?

    ETG AyurvedaScan parikshan kya hey or kya is test se hamey koi help mil sakti hey kya?
    kya haridwar yha rishikesh mey uplabd hey?

    MRI scan/EEG mey koi result nahi aya.

    Dr.Please helps us to understand basic problem?

    ………..reply………..Yah Hysteria ki bimari hai , jo mirgi jaisi hi hoti hai, bahut si vajah is bimari ki hoti hai, Allopathy ke parikshan me sabhi kuch normal ayega, isakaa karan yah hai ki allopaithy ke parikshan me bahut se LIMITATIONS hai , jisake karan kya sharir me ho raha hai isake bare me janakari nahi mil pati hai, aam janataa in mahin baton ko nahi samajhati hai , yah ham DIAGNOSTITICAN samajhate hai ki kahaa kahaa kyaa kyaa parikshano mem kami hai aur kyo nahi marij ki sari takalif detect ho pati hai

    ETG AyurvedaScan Ayurved chikitsa vigyaan kaa parikshan hai, pahale yah sharir ki MAPPING karata hai aur fir electrical scanning karata hai , recorded traces ko Computer software ki madad se measurement karake Data praapt karate hai,

    chunki yah pure sharir ki mapping aur scanning karata hai isaliye parikshan sare sharir ka hokarake Data Scanned areas ka detaa hai jisase yah pata chala jaataa hai ki bimari kahaaM par hai

    Jaise hi pata calata hai ki bimari ki jad sharir ke amuk hisse me hai aur usakaa pathway kahaaM kahaa se hokar gaya hai, jab uskaa ilaaj karate hai to marij avashy thik hote haiM unako chahe jo hi bimari ho

    Vartaman me yah suvidha keval kanpur shahar me hi upalabdh hai , apako parikshan ke liye yahi aanaa hoga

  9. Sir ye EHG kya hai thoda iske baare me bhi batane ka kasht karein Dhanyawad.

    ………..reply…………jis tarah se AYURVEDA ke liye ETG AyurvedaScan system hai usi tarah thik HOMOEOPATHY ke liye EHG HomoeopathyScan system hai jisame Homoeopathy ke maulik sidhdhant aur bimariyo ka usi tarah nidan hita jaise Ayurveda me karate hai

  10. Mai doha qatar se..mujhe yaha ki hamad medical corporation .k.doctor ne apendix.bataya hai.aur jaldi.se.opration.karne ko kaha. Per mai opration.nahi.karwana.chahta. to mai kya karu? Mai janakpur dham nepal ka rahne wala hu meri age 35 hai. Mai job doha qatar.me rehta hu.

    ………..reply………..Operation soch samajh kar karaiyega, Appendix ka sabase achcha ilaj Ayurveda aur Homoeopathy dono me bahut achcha hai aur shuruat ki takalif thik ho jati hai, isalioye Ayurveda aur homoeopathy ka milajula ilaj karenge to avahsy apako bimari se bina operation ke chchutakara mil jayega

  11. Namaskar Dr. Sahab,

    Sir, meri age 27 years eight months hai.mujhe sex se related problem hai.mujhe sexual weakness mahsoos hoti hai. jab bhi mai apni girl friend se baat karta hoo, usse milta hoo yaa uske contact me jaata hoo to ajeeb sa ahsas hota hai.aur mere penis se paani jaisa chipchipa liquid nikalta hai. kabhi kabhi latrine k samay bhi aisa hota hai.masterbate karta hoo to pura process bahut jaldi ho jata hai.maine ek viadya(patanjali yog) ko dikhaya, unhone 1 mahine ki dava di but problem solve nahi hua hai. kuch dino se ramdev baba k tv pe show k anusar mai yeh churna pratidin doodh k saath morning me leta hoo(Safed Musli churna+ashwagandha churna+Shatawar Churna+kaunch k beej ka churna) aur 15 minute yog bhi karta hoo. maine kuch mahine pahle homeopathic doctor ko bhi dikhaya aur 2 mahine ilaaz bhi karaya but usse koi benefit nahi hua hai. mai daily 2-3 cigerete peeta hoo.
    i m vegetarian. jab bhi kabhi mushkil ki ghadi hoti hai to man karta hai ki masterbate karoo.
    Mera aapse anurodh hai ki mera uchit margdarshan kare. mai aapka jeevan bhar abhari rahoonga.


    Rajendra Pandey

  12. sir i live basicly in kanpure but preset Time live in Delhi Sir I want our father treatment for your clinic my father suffering in Dibities and gup rog problem. Dear sir u can treatment my father. please reply my request i wait your ans

    ………..REPLY……….. you can come to my clinic with your father for treatment, but first take appointment for consultation.

    General Practice timings are 06:00 PM to 08:00 PM and in this period ETG AyurvedaScan and other supplementary and related tests and examinations are not done.

    All the AYURVEDA realted tests are done in morning from 08:00 AM to 10: 00 AM and are pre-appointed. General Patients are not seen in this duration.

  13. Namarte sir,main 2 sal pahle bahut bimar pad gaya tha alopathic,homopathic ka ilaj liya kintu koi aram nahi pada .meri family wale meri bachne ki asha chod chuke the uske bad nathuropathy,ayurved mari jindgee main amrit bar diya or sir main bach gaya. isliye sir main apni jindgee ko apni tareh ke marijo main bitana chahata hun.sir main bhi aap ki tarah ak good doctar bankar logo ki sewa karna chahata hun.sir ayurved ke bare main muje jankari nahi hai.please sir muje bataye ki main ki main kis pirkar aap ki tarah ak good doctar ban sakta hun.thanku sir

  14. Namarte sir,main 2 sal pahle bahut bimar pad gaya tha alopathic,homopathic ka ilaj liya kintu koi aram nahi pada .meri family wale meri bachne ki asha chod chuke the uske bad nathuropathy,ayurved mari jindgee main amrit bar diya or sir main bach gaya. isliye sir main apni jindgee ko apni tareh ke marijo main bitana chahata hun.sir main bhi aap ki tarah ak good doctar bankar logo ki sewa karna chahata hun.sir ayurved ke bare main muje jankari nahi hai.please sir muje bataye ki main ki main kis pirkar aap ki tarah ak good doctar ban sakta hun.thanku sir”mobail number 09992301535

    …………reply………..mai apako janata nahi aur na mujhe apake bare me koi gyan hai

    yah internet ki dunuya hai ji hakikat se abhut dur hai aur pata hi nahi chalata ki kauin sahi ai bhi ya nahi isaliye mai apake bare me kuch bhi nhi kah skata hau

    is jamane me aur aj ke daur me apne jo vichar kiya hai vah bahut nek hai lekin mujhe isame sandeh lagata hai

    mai prakaratik chikitsak bhi hu aur maine PRAKARATIK CHIKITSA ka adhdhyyan AROGYA MANDIR, Gorakhpur, Uttar pradesh ke Prakratik chikitsak Dr. VITHTHAL DAS MODI ke saanidhy me rhakar prapt kiyaa hai

    mai nahi kah sakata ki ap jaisa bata rahe hai ki apne ilaj homoeopathy ya ayurved ka liya aur usase apako koi phayada nahi mila lekin jab prakratik chikitsa ka ilaj liya to apako aram mila,

    mujhe isake details cxhgahiye ki apako kya bimari thi aur apane kin kin ayurvedic doctors se ilaj karayaa unhone kya diagnose kiya aur kya davaye samajhkar di , yahi bat homoeopathic ke doctor ki hai ki usane kya dava di kitane din dava khai aur kya parinaam mile

    keval matra kah dene aur likh dene se kam nahi chalata , isake liye proper investigations ki jarurat padati hai

    maine bahut se cases dekhe hai jo prakratik chikitsa karakar bhi nahi thik huye hai ulate chikitsa karane ke baad ve jaise pahale bimar the vaise hi ve prakaratik chikitsa karane ke bad bhi bimar bane rahe

  15. Sir mera beta 15 sail ka hai usko CKD ki paresani hai week mein two dyilesis ho rahi hai .dr transplant ke liye bol rahe hai main 7mahine se bahut paresan hoo .sir kuch upay jaldi batane ki kripa kare

    ………..reply………..mujhe bahut ashcharya hota hai jab itani chchoti umara ke logo ko is tarah ki takalif hoti hai aur log batate hai isa bimari ke upar maine bahut observation kiye hai jiname sabase pahala hai davao ka atyadhik upayog aur rog i ki jis bimari ka ilaj karana chahiye uski bajaay dusari bimari ka ilaj kiyaa jaataa hai isake alaava aur bhi karan samajh meaaye hai jis par mera dhyan gayaa hai

    galat ilaj aur galat davao ke upyog se aisi bimariya bahut teji se pahil rahi hai jisako dekhakar mujhe bahu achambha hota hai

    yah kyo ho rahaa hai isake karano ko mai khulkar sarvajanik taur par nahi kah sakata kyonki shishtachar mujhe kuch kahane ki ijajat nahi deta hai

    mai apase sivay sahanubhuti ke alava aur kuchch nahi kar sakata

  16. Sir kya aayurvedic mein CKD ka ilaj nahi hai




  17. Hello doctor
    Mera name monika h nd me skin allergy se preshan hu Bhut 4 hrs ho ge h mene sari medicn lty kr li h nd even allopathic k best doctr se bi treatment liya h but Kuch ho Ni RHA h nd me Bhut tang a chuki hu kyunki ye allergy mere face PR h isse phle me ayurvedic medicn bi le chuki hu but usse bi koi firk ni PDA Ap btae me kya kru kyuniki mujhr Kuch suit Ni kr RHA h ab

  18. डॉक्टर साहेब आपने कहीं अपनी इन मशीनो द्वारा स्कैन रिपोर्ट की कास्ट क्या है अवस्य बेब साइड पर डाले हम जाजङा चाहते है आखिर आपके यहाँ आने पर इन रिपोर्ट की कास्ट क्या होगी

    ………..उत्तर………..ई०टी०जी० आयुर्वेदास्कैन की परीक्षण फीस मरीज की बीमारी और उसकी बीमारी के हिसाब से क्या क्या आउर कौन कौन से बहुत जरूरी टेस्ट होने है / फीस उन्ही होने वाले टेस्ट की ही ली जाती है जो होने होने है / इसके लिये आप्को अलग से सम्पर्क करना चाहिये /

  19. bagandara(fisher in aro pill )one pill external anul,jab kabj hotha tabhi bloding hota hai,anul area sujhe jta hai.?
    my buget miximum etg scan 10000 karch kar skhoga & kya madicin ka alag charge lagta hai ? madicin pichi 1500 se 2000 per month tak hai karch kar pavuga.ek baar scan krane ke baad me vhapas jaldi nhi aa skhuga.?after online take madicin and mobil thought touch with you.
    Sir aap mujhe 1st monthe etgscane+madicin kitna hoga ?
    Second mothe madicin ketna hoga ?
    Mere buget etnahai hai.mere buget se hisab se aap ki treatment ho toh give replay.
    Jo mera buget na ho toh.
    please give last answear.
    abhai mbbs docter se dava le raha jishe mere hair jyada jadne lage hai so i can chage docter which treatment homeyuptik ,aayurveda madicin,kashapsutra.

    ………..reply………..ETG AyurvedaScan me apaka jitana bajat hai usi me parikshan ho jayega

    parikshan ke baad jobhi bimari se samabandhit rog-nidn hoga usake hisab se apko ayurvedic ya homoeopathic ya unani davao ka prescription likh diya jayega jo sabhi davaye likhi jayegi vah sab khulke bazar me sari duniya ke desho me mila jati hai

    isake saath parahej aur kya jivan shaily honi chahiye vah barta diya jayega

    davaye hamare yaha se nahi di jati hai / sari dvaye bazar me upalabdh hai aur vahi se apko kharid kar khana hoga

    apak jitana bajat hai usi me sab kuchch ho jayega

    hamare yaha rogi ki janch ki jati hai aur isake alava kuchch bhi nahi

  20. mera beta 30 sal ka hai rat mai jo ghatnai uske sath huai hai ke bare ma bolta rahta hai, tej tej bolane lagata hai, vah kuch samay se mansik rog se pidit hai, ilaj bhi karvaya par kuch bhi nahi huva, kota me ML doctor ko dikhaya hai, kewal slow neend ke golia deta hai jis se vah shant or neend mai he rahata hai. or bhi doctor ko bataya par ilaj nahi huwa, bat karte samay awaj bhi badal jati hai, log bolte hai upar ka hai, mai bahut pareshan hu, kya karu koi upay bataye.
    Arvind Kumar Jain

    ………..reply………..angareji ilaj kara rahe hai isase vishesh phayada hote huye nahi dekha hai

    apake rogi ko mansik bimari hai aur isaka ilaj agar ayurveda /unani / homoeopathy se karenge to avashy labh hoga

    bhut pret ya shaitan ya chudail jaisi koi chij nahi hoti hai aur yah man ka bhram hota hai

    sanasar me pret aur bhut bhale hi ho yaa unaka astitv ho isako mai nahi nakarata yah hota hoga aisa sabhi manate hai aur mai bhi manta hu

    lekin jab manasik bimari paida ho jati hai aur usake kuchch dino bad is tarah ki bate paida hotI hai to yah bimari ki hi shreni me aataa hai aur isaka ilaj bimari samajh kar karna chahiye aur jhad phunk ke chakkar me nahi padanaa caahiye

    sharir ke anadar kai prakar ki kamiya paida ho jati hai jisake karan yah bimari paida ho jati hai

    ap jis shahr me rahate hai vahi ke kisi ayurvedic ya homoeoapthic ya unani doctor ko dikhakar ilaj kariye isase apko bahut labh hoga

  21. Namaste sir my raichur karnatak se hu.muje kuch dino se manasik problm hai jaisa mahesus ho raha hai.meri life me kuch aise situvations aaye hai jiski wajese muje har waqt ek dar sa mahesoos hota hai
    Our aisa lagta ke meri saans ruk jayegi our mere ander negetive thinkings bahot aarahe hai.dil ki dhadkane tez ho jati.our shor sharaba pasand nai aata.our hamesha apne aapko bimar mahesoos kartahu.hamesha chati me ek dard sa raheta hai.our gastric problm our sardi hote raheti…heart ke docter ko bhi dilhaya magar kuch nahi hai.bus iska ilaj aapke ke pass hoto bolke yaqeen ke saath aapko msg kar raha hu.pls mere email pe apna jawab dijiye

    ………..reply………..kisi manasik rog chikitsak se miliye aur apani pareshani unako bataiye

  22. Sir mjhe mild appendix hai. Lakin mjhko fever bhi nhi hai aur na vomiting hoti hai. Bhook bhi khoob lagti hai. Aur ye bimari 2 mahine se hai. Dard hota hai , bharipan rehta hai, lakin dard bahut tez nhi hota hai. Sambhal u.p. me ultrasound kraya to report me mild or minor appendix aaya aur ab maine delhi me check kraya to waha ultrasound me fluid in right iliac fossa aaya. Doctar surgery advice kar rahe hai. Kripya krke aise medicine advice kare jo main delhi se purchase kar saku. Theek hone k liye me khuch bhi kar skta hu. Surgery mai krana nhi chahta. Kripya mjhe dawa bataye

    ………..reply………..appendix homoeopathic dava lene se thik ho jata hai

  23. आप के बारे में जानकारी हिन्‍दी भाषा में होती तो और अच्छा होता ।anil bhardwaj farah,mathura.u.p.

    …………..उत्तर………….भारत के लोगो और देश वासियो को बहुत बड़ी सौगात परम्परागत मिली हुयी है कि इस देश के लोगो को मल्टी लिन्गुअल यनी multi-lingual यानी बहु-भाषी सभी भारत वासी होते है /

    दूसरे देशो मे ऐसी स्तिथि नही है / वहां अन्ग्रेजी पढने के लिये और दूसरी भाषाओ को पढने के लिये टीचर तक नही मिलते भाषा का ग्यान तो दूर की बात है /

    मेर विचार है कि अन्रराष्ट्रीय स्तर पर अन्ग्रेजी भाषा करीब करीब सभी देशो मे है हलाकि इस भाषा का प्रचार उइस तरह से नही है जैसा कि अप्ने देश मे है /

    यह वेब ब्लाग लगभग दुनिया के सभी देशो मे देखी और पढी जाती है / लोग जिस धेश मे रहते है ्वहा जो लोग जिस भाषा को जानते समझते है इस ब्लाग के contents को googale के द्वारा translate कर लेते है और इसमे दिये गये वक्ल्तव्यो को पढते है /

    दुनिया भर के लोग अपनी भाषा मे मुझे पत्र लिखते है जिनसे मुझे जानकारी मिलती है कि इस ब्लाग के माध्यम से वे सब किस तरह से लाभ उठा रहे है

  24. sir mere head m dard rahta hai to ilaj k liye kitne rupaye kharch ho jayenge lagbhag aap bata dijiye….

    ………..reply…………kharacha kitana hoga yah pahale hi puchchane lage

    jis kisi private doctor ke pas ilaj ke liye jaynege to fees bhi usi se puchchchiye

    mai kya bata sakata hu ki kaun doctor kitani fees leta hai

    sarakari aspatal me jayenge to vaha muft me hi ilaj mil jayega

    1. sir mujhe todi uljhan jaisi sikayat hai aur uske baad tension hone k karan head m dard ho jata hai to maine bhu m dikhaya to unohne kaha ki aap ko migrain hai but migrain m to kewal din m hi dard hota hai per mere sath ye 24 hours hota hai aur todi bht negative felling bhi hai to sir mai samajh nahi pa raha hun ki mai koi pshiciatric k pas jaun ya nurologist k paas ….phir maine rajiv dixit ji k video dekha to usme unohne kaha hai ki desi ghi naak m dalo maine dala to dalne k baad sahi rahta hai phir head m dard suru ho jata hai to sir aap hi batao mai kis doctor k paas jaun …….? waise sir mai kanpur aap ke clinic m aun to sir iska ilaj sambhaw hai ……? pls reply sir mai bht pareshan hun…

  25. sir mujhe todi uljhan jaisi sikayat hai aur uske baad tension hone k karan head m dard ho jata hai to maine bhu m dikhaya to unohne kaha ki aap ko migrain hai but migrain m to kewal din m hi dard hota hai per mere sath ye 24 hours hota hai aur todi bht negative felling bhi hai to sir mai samajh nahi pa raha hun ki mai koi pshiciatric k pas jaun ya nurologist k paas ….phir maine rajiv dixit ji k video dekha to usme unohne kaha hai ki desi ghi naak m dalo maine dala to dalne k baad sahi rahta hai phir head m dard suru ho jata hai to sir aap hi batao mai kis doctor k paas jaun …….? waise sir mai kanpur aap ke clinic m aun to sir iska ilaj sambhaw hai ……? pls reply sir mai bht pareshan hun…

    ………..reply………..MIGRAIN hone se saikado karan hote hai aur yah kisi bhi samay shuru ho sakata hai yah kab thik ho jay isaka koi bharosa nahi hota hai

    ap kis shahar ke rahane wale hai aur apki ktanu umar hai ????????

    angreji ilaj apako kuchchc phayada ho sakata hai lekin yah bimari jadmul se nahi thik hogi

    ap nak me ghee dale ya tel isase kuchch samay ke liye phayada ho sakata hai leki jab tak sharir ke andar ki takalif jisase bimari paida ho rahi hai aue kis raste se hokar sir tak jakar sirdard p[aida kar rahi hai jab tak nahi thik hoga tab tak yahi takalif bani rahegi aur nahi thik hogi

    jis shahar me rahate hai vahi ke kisi ayurvedic ya homoeopathic ya unani doctor se salah lekar ilaj kariye to jyada achcha hoga

    hamare yaha ETG AyurvedaScan aur isake any parikshano par adharit janch ke bad jis tarah ki sharirik bimariyo pata chalata hai usi ke anurup aushadhiyo ka upayog karake ilaj kiya jata hai jisase sharir avashy thik hota hai

  26. Hi sir
    Sir main ye janana chahati hu .mere husband ho HIV h or humari sadi ko 9 month hua h or mera b test hua HIV ka to negative aaya h .kya main pregnant ho sakti hu kisi taknik se or kya mere husband ka hi an sh ho Santa h kya plz mujhe bataye

    ………..reply………..yah bada complicated saval hai aur technical bhi .

    sabase achcha yahi hai ki ap apane najdik kekisi IVF expert se yah puchche to sabasre achcha hoga

  27. sir mujhe apendix hai bahut ilaz kiya lekin aaram nahi hua ab february me mere exam hai opreation nahi karaya sir comment padne ke baad plz sir call kare mo.0941060xxxxx

    ………..reply………….is tarah se likahne se apka koi phyada nhi hai

    jab tak pura check up hoga tabhi kuchch patahal payega ki apko kis tarah kitakalif ho rahi hai aur phir us takalif ko dur karane ke liya kya karana chayiiye aur dava kis tah ki honi chahiye jo phayada kar sake

  28. hello sir
    mai kidney stone ki prob last 4 Years se face kar rha hu.2010 Me uretar me stone hone k karan usko operate krna pada.us time 7 Stones the dono kidney me .3-3 Dono me and ek.uretar me.
    tab se berberis ko sarsaparilla aur urtica urens k sath use kr rha hu bcoz mere uric acid badhta rehta hai.
    par beech me stones ki size km ho rhe the par koi satisfaction ni mila kunki kch stone k size kam to kch k badh rahe the.
    sir berberis toh bahut better medicine hai but 3.6 Years use krne k bad bhi stone ni khatam hui so bahut tension h.
    anyways sir last 1 Month me bp high hua mera and vomitting b hui aur bp shi ni ho rha tha toh checkup krane pe pta chla ki stones hai 5 .2 Left kidney me and 3 Right me r right wali me ek stone ka size 17 Mm hone ki wajah se bp high ho rha h. Dr.operation ko bol rhe the pr abhi tk operation ni karaya h aur karane ka man bhi ni h .
    filhal bp ki prob toh apne aap shi ho gyi par sir stone k liye plz kuch help kijiye.
    maine sb kch bta diya h sir plz suggest me sir.
    berberies use krne pe bhi koi fayda ni aisa q sir??

    plz sir help me
    sir mail me solution . . . I m waitingg for your reply

    ………..reply………..apko kis doctor ne ye sari davaye lene ke liye kaha tha ?

    mujhe lagata hai ye sari davaye ap kisi Homoeopathic Medical Store me jakar bina kisi doctor se salah liye huye khate rahe hai

    yah bahut badi galati kar rahe hai

    self-medication ki adat agar dalenge to isi tarah ke result milenge

    ek bar ap operation kara chuke hai aur vahi naubat dubara kyo ayi ? isake bare me abhi 3 saal tak apne kya kiya ??

    apani jan bachana chahate hai to kisi ayurvedic ya homoeopathic doctor se fauran jakar salah le aur usi doctor ki dekharekh me ilaj karaye to sabase achcha hoga

    kisi ke dvara batayi gayi ya medical store se kharid kar khayi gayi dava khayenge to aise hi takalibh hogi isaliye kisi doctor se salah le aur ilaj kare

  29. sir mujhe ek ayurvedic medecine k baare me jaankaari chaiye,,,
    “kitanu jantu goli shudhwali”
    ye medecine kya use me aati hai or kaha milegi,,,,,ya is medicine ka koi dusra naam hai,,, ” ya is ka koi alternate hai jise iske sthan par istemal kare to iske barabar hi laabh hoga,,,,

    1. Sir
      Meri ma ki age 48 h. Aaj se 7-8 mahine pahle unko taifaid hua tha
      Hamne dwa karayi lekin jaise dwa band karte uske 10-15 dino baad fhir bukhar aa jata
      Abhi 1 maheene pahle unko kamar ke pass mans pesiyo me bahut jyada dard rhta tha to uski bhi dwa krayi
      Dard me to aaram mil gya lekin bukhar abhi bhi aa jata h aur weaknesses bhi bahot jyada ho gyi h aur unko bhook bhi nhi lagti h unke much me hamesha kadva pan bna rhta h
      So plez sir koi rasta dikhaye

  30. sir doctor ne mujhe intestinal tuberculosis btai hai or 9 month ka course btaya hai medicine ka ..lekin mujhe medicine lete 7 month ho chuke hai..pr koi frk nhi padhta..sir na mujhe bhukh lgti hai na he kahana pachta hai..na he proper washroom begra ja pati hun..na he right side ko thik se baith pati hun…sir pls koi solution btaye..smjh m nhi ata ki mujhe kya hai..!!!!…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..REPLY BY DR DBBAJPAI
    0 80 90 32 77 28
    ;IN HINDI]
    0 51 22 36 77 73
    ; IN HINDI]
    0 93 36 23 89 94
    [IN HINDI]
    Dr. D.B.Bajpai
    AN ISO 9001 – 2008 certified research center
    WEB SITE ; ayurvedaintro.wordpress.com
    EMAIL ; drdbbajpai@gmail.com
    ई०टी०जी० आयुर्वेदास्कैन फीस की जानकारी के लिये हमारा डाट फोन नम्बर 0512 2367773 पर काल करे / कम्प्य़ूटर रिकार्डेड सन्देश जैसे ही सुनना शुरू करे उसी समय अपने मोबाइल या फोन से * [स्टार] बटब दबाकर फौरन 1 नम्बर बटन दबायें / आपको ई०टी०जी आयुर्वेदास्कैन और इसके अन्य परीक्षणो की फीस के बारे मे जानकारी सन्देश के द्वारा मिल जायेगी /

  31. Prnam sir
    mera nam vishal kumar h meri umar 20 Year h. Mere kan m bachpan se hi mavad a rhi h. Dvaiyo ka koi asr nhi ho rha h.mere mata pita bilkul grib h .fir bi muje unhone kai jagah dikhaya bi lekin kuch bi fayada nhi ho rha h.mene to dvaiya leni bi band kar di h . Mene apko intarnet par surch kia h.please sir iska ko ayurvedik ilaj btaiy.mera mobail no.9812484334 Par missed call de .

    ………..reply………..ETG Ayurvedascan parikshan karakar ilaj karayenge to avashy thik honge

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