सफेद दाग लिन्ग की टॊपी का LEUCODERMA / VITILIGO OF GLANS PENIS

LEUCODERMA / VITILIGO OF GLANS PENIS : सफेद दाग लिन्ग की टॊपी का


सफेद दाग लिन्ग की टॊपी का

We have seen many cases of LEUCODERMA / VITILIGO / WHITE SPOTS of both MALE and Female private parts such as PENIS and scrotum in male and on Vagina external in females.

Above photo is taken with the permission of patient for comparison purposes during the course of treatment, to determine the progression of how much is problem curing ?.

Patient is 25 years old male, comming from 250 kilometer above away from KANPUR, narrated his complaints that when he was at the age of 9 years , he notices white patches on his glans penis. He could not understand himself , whether this is a disease or not and he never shared this problem to any one else. Before some years he noticed that the area of white spot is spreading , but due to shame he could not shared it.

The boy telephoned me before six months about his trouble, I assured him that he should come for diagnosis and actual problem, he have.

On 27th May 2013, he came to me and I examined him accordingly as I do in Chronic and Incurable disease conditions. His Blood is examined by newly invented AYURVEDA BLOOD EXAMINATION TECHNOILOGY, and other examinations were done.

Lastly he was prescribed AYURVEDIC REMEDIES according to the findings of reports and examination done at our research center.

On 17th August 2013, after 78 days of Ayurvedic treatment ,patient told me that he is covering the color on Glans Penis and he is seeing the progress in his disease condition.

This time his blood test and other tests are done and on the line of Ayurveda Blood examination , medicines are prescribed accordingly.

We always convey that LEUCODERMA / WHITE SPOTS / VITILIGO is curable , if the treatment is bases on the line of ETG AyurvedaSCan findings and other examinations.