Avascular Necrosis and Ayurveda treatment

AVASCULAR NECROSIS Post-operative allied complications Case ; Treated successfully by Ayurvedic Medicine accompanied by Panchakarma, Electrotherapy and other mode of Therapeutic applications simultaneously

Avascular Necrosis is a disorder related to the Rheumatism and Arthritis categories. It is well known all over the globe that this is an incurable disease condition and have no specific treatment available sofar in Modern Western Medicine, exept the Surgical Interventions. Surgery have limitations to provide total cure or partial cure or relief.

We have recieved a case of Post Operative Avascular Necrosis of Femur head on 02nd March 2012. The Male patient provides the reports as shown earlier.

We suggested him to go for an ETG AyurvedaScan Examination, if he desires for best Ayurvedic treatment and prescription.

We concluded that patient is having the following physical problems, which tends to the disease conditions.

1- Bowel’s Pathophysiology and Colitis
2- Epigastritis wth swelling and hardness
3- Excited Brain Faculties
4- Eyes and ENT anomalies present
5- Lower spine Musculo-skeletal anomalies present
6- Lumber spondylitis
7- Tendency of High Blood pressure
8- Tachycardia

Patient was unable to walk without any help. His both lower limbs was stiffend with muscular swellings. He brought to our Panchakarma Center by his helpers.

We concluded that the SHROTAS are choked by anyway and thus unable to supply the proper nutrition to the joints and assembly. ETG AyurvedaScan report shows the “Metabolism” and “Assimilation” process of the patient is higher than the normal limit.

Ayurvedic diagnosis shows that VATA is very high than the normal limit, while PITTA and KAPHA are within normal limit.The Sapt Dhatus was higher than the normal limit and among them Ras dhatu is 185.85 e.v, Mans dhatu 181.56, Med dhatu 199.30, Majja107.40, were recorded.

We advised patient to take PACHAKARMA and allied therapies therapeutical methods for fastest recovery, which includes Electrotherapy, physiotherapy, Accupuncture, Magnet therapies etc to support the main Medicinal and Panchakarma treatment.

After a day patient improved and his swelling was reduced to half on second day. Within three days patient walks on his own Limbs without any support.

He is taking AYURVEDA treatment at our PANCHAKARMA center still, while his other complaints are now normal and patient feels better than before.