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A lady aged 45 years have been cured from LEUCODERMA / WHITE SPOTS/ SAFED DAAG by AYURVEDIC TREATMENT based on ETG AyurvedaScan findings and other innovative examination procedures like Ayurveda Blood Examination and Ayurveda Urine Examination and Ayurveda Thermal Scanning invented by our research center at KANPUR, UP, INDIA.

Photographic evidence shows the progress of cure, shooted time to time according to the need , here is shooted phorographs of begginning and end of the cure process.
The above and many other photographs are taken time to time for evidencing the process of cure by Ayurvedic medications and management accordingly mentioned in Ayurvedic classics.
She was having white spots almost upper and lower extremeties, corners of lips, below nose and some other sites of body parts.

Below photograph is taken recently, which is showing the complete cure of the LEUCODERMA / WHITE SPOTs PROBLEMS, which she have yester years, now is totally cured by AYURVEDA treatment.
LATEST Technology of Ayurveda ETG AyurvedaScan bases treatment always fruitful and result oriented in LEUCODERMA DISORDERS.

ETG AyurvedaScan recorded traces of a case of CARDIAC SURGERY including grafting of arteries ; Impacts on body due to changes of Electrical behaviour

This is a case of Open Heart CARDIAC SURGERY including grafting of arteries, done eight years back.

The patient originally belongs to Ahamadabad , Gujarat and he came to his relative  at Kanpur during HOLI vacation, , where he heared about the newly invented Ayurveda technology ETG AyurvedScan by his relations.

When I recorded his ETG traces, it was an amazing  and wonderful experience to me at academic level in view of research , which  is unusual, rare and very peculiar.

OBSERVATION of the recorded traces;

1- See minutely the recorded traces and observe the ELECTRICAL BEHAVIOUR  of the patient, which is very peculiar

2- The ELECTRICAL BEHAVIOUR  is not met with the parameters of general recorded traces and in view of NORMAL ELECTRICAL BEHAVIOUR  of human body. 

3- In this case, we have observed that in every second and in every heart beat in “e” recorded trace, the waves “c” “d” “e” “s” are at one time in ‘upward’ [positive] direction and at the immediate next movement in  ‘downward’ [negative] defelection shows.

 4- The same lead shows absence of “c” wave in upward trace and “e” wave in down trace.

 5- The electrical behaviour of this patient is in ‘clock like direction’ that means the flow of body current is from right to left in circular nature. 

6- Due to frequentaly and second to second, electrical behaviour changes in body , patient have sudden HIGH and sudden LOW Blood pressure, which causes him uneasiness and uncomfort in his daily work. He is not able to sleep well in night and move in nightoff and on, when all members of his family sleeps.

 Many more anomalies have developed with the patient, which was not to patient earlier.

Below is the followup ETG AyurvedaScan , recorded on 20 / 08 /2011. See and observe the changes in Electrical Behaviour of the patient.

 Obsrvation with the comparision of the earlier recorded trace shows tremendous changes in the traces recorded afterwards.

First Follow-up ETG AyurvedaScan , recorded on 20 / 08 /2011. See and observe the changes in Electrical Behaviour of the patient.

First Follow-up ETG AyurvedaScan , recorded on 20 / 08 /2011. See and observe the changes in Electrical Behaviour of the patient.

 Obsrvation with the comparision of the earlier recorded trace shows tremendous changes in the traces recorded afterwards.

On 20 March 2011, when patient first visited in clinic , he gave the following complaints, which developed  after cardiac surgery . 

  1. 1.     Fever always persisted in between 99 F to 100 F degree.  After five months Ayurvedic treatment , fever is cured. No problem again reappeared.
  2. 2.     Rapid respiration , severe Dyspnea on least movement, even moving body and changing postures. After five months Ayurvedic treatment , resoiratory problem is cured. No problem again reappeared.
  3. 3.     Lumber pain since 7 years, now cured
  4. 4.     Gaining weight after cardiac surgery , which was 90 kgs on 20/08/2011. Now after five month the weight is 83 kgs.
  5. 5.     Swelling in whole body, now he have no swelling in his body
  6. 6.     Severe constipation and goes for stool after two / three days, now he is going daily stool. No constipation.
  7. 7.     Infection in blood was present before five months, now presently have no infection

 On 20th August 2011, patient followup was recorded. Patient belongs to Ahamadabad , Gujarat. He was happy with his progress of his problem aroused after grafting of artery in his heart.

 Conclusion; In conclusion, it shows that ETG AyurvedaScan system is beneficial on those disease conditions , where it is supposed no treatment. The patient is again given a fresh prescription on the new findings of the ETG report.

A case of Chronic THROMBOCYTOPENIA ; Reduced Platelet production ; Treated successfully by Ayurvedic medicines on basis of the findings of Electro Tridosha Graphy; ETG AyurvedaScan Report

This is a case of an Allopathic physician aged 60 years, who suffered from Viral Dengue hyperpyrexia and allied syndromes like Muscular-skeletal joints and articulation problems in August, 2006. He took allopathic medicines for his ailments, which relieved his Dengue problem but he suffered from joints and other syndromes.

After Blood pathological examination , this came in his notice that his platelets counts became down upto 15 thousands, a normal count is 1 lack 50 thousands to 4 lack 50 thousand, that created an agony to physician. His Hemoglobin became 6 mg% and for that he required to transfuse blood. He was advised to take 40 milligrams STEROID daily. He was admitted SGPGI Lucknow for three months. The practice of treatment was in run throughout four and half years.

One patient of mine asked the Physician, that Dr DBBajpai is treating patient on the basis of the findings of a newly invented technology ETG, if he desire for Ayurvedic treatment, he should go to Dr Bajpai and consult him.

The physician came to me and narrated his all story, I suggested him to go for an ETG examination.

The following wordsheet will provide all the data.

On the basis of the data, it is concluded that the patient is having , three main problems;

1- Bowel’s pathophysiology is present
2- Hepatospleenomegaly is present
3- Blood anomaly is present

The following Ayurvedic medicines were prescribed;

a- Kutajghan vati one pills
b- Arogyavardhini vati one pills
c- Gandhak Rasaayan one pills

To be taken Morning and Evening one dose daily with plain water

d- Sarivadyaasav 20 milliliters with equal quantity of water after Lunch and after Dinner

Patient was advised to carry treatment 90 days continuous.

On 6th January 2011 , pt came and told me that he is not taking STEROID from last two months and his swelling of whole body is vanished and other syndromes are relieved. His Blood platelets count is now 80 Thousand and he is feeling well than before.

I advised him to carry similar medicines for again 60 days. I told him that medicines will be changed after second ETG AyurvedaScan findings.

Comments; Ayurvedic treatment based on the findings of ETG AyurvedaScan is always fruitful and result oriented, which we have experienced after treating thousands of cases in our practice.

ई०टी०जी० आधारित एक आरोग्य प्राप्ति का केस ; रक्त की प्लेट्लेट्स का अत्यधिक कम हो जाने की बीमारी ; A case of 15000 Fifteen Thousand PLATELETS Blood counts

यह केस एक एलोपैथी के ६० साल की उम्र के चिकित्सक का है, जिनको साढे चार साल पहले अगस्त, सन २००६ में “वाइरल डेन्गू बुखार” हुआ था / इनका कई माह तक एलोपैथी का इलाज चला, जिससे डेन्गू बुखार तो चला गया लेकिन जोड़ो और मान्स्पेशियों का दर्द तथा दूसरी शिकायतें बनी रही /

रक्त की जान्च करने पर पता चला कि इनके रक्त की प्लेट्लेट्स १५ हजार और हीमोग्लोबिन ६ मिलीग्राम प्रतिशत तक पहुन्च गया है / इस हालत में इनको रक्त चढवाना पड़ा और चिकित्सकों ने इनको ४० मिलीग्राम स्टेरायड प्रतिदिन लेते रहने के लिये कहा / लगभग चार साल से रक्त चढवाने और Steroid खाने का सिल्सिला चल रहा था / SGPGI, Lucknow मे तीन माह भर्ती रह कर इलाज करवाया लेकिन हालात में कोई सुधार नहीं हुआ /

किसी मरीज ने इन डाक्टर साहब को आयुर्वेद की नई आविष्कृत की गयी तकनीक ई०टी०जी० आयुर्वेदास्कैन के बारे मे बताया / दिनान्क ०६ अक्टूबर २०१० को यह चिकित्सक महोदय मेरे पास consultation के लिये आये / मैने उनसे कहा कि आपको एक ई०टी०जी० परीक्षण करना पड़ेगा तभी पता चल पायेगा कि आपके शरीर के अन्दर क्या गड़्बड़ी है /

उनका परीक्षण इसी दिन किया गया जिसमें निम्न फाइन्डिन्ग्स आयीं /

[१] त्रिदोष ; [समस्त पैरामीटर्स की सामान्य वैल्यू 95 e.v. से लेकर 99 e.v. तक]

कफ १३४.३१ ई०वी० प्रतिशत
पित्त १११.०९ ” ”
वात ६३.५६ ” ”

[२] त्रिदोष भेद ; [समस्त पैरामीटर्स की सामान्य वैल्यू 95 e.v. से लेकर 99 e.v. तक]

{सभी मान ई०वी० में e.v. means ETG value}

भ्राजक पित्त १४५.८७
लोचक पित्त १०४.८६
पाचक पित्त ८५.५५
साधक पित्त ८३.९४
अवलम्बन कफ ७८.०५
रन्जक पित्त ७६.१९
रसन कफ ७१.४४
उदान वात ६९.५९
श्लेष्मन कफ ६४.१७
व्यान वात ५९.२२
समान वात ४०.१५

[समस्त पैरामीटर्स की सामान्य वैल्यू 95 e.v. से लेकर 99 e.v. तक]

[3] सप्त धातुये ; [समस्त पैरामीटर्स की सामान्य वैल्यू 95 e.v. से लेकर 99 e.v. तक]
मेद १२२.१३
मान्स १२०.९३
रस ११४.८०
शुक्र १११.१३
मज्जा १०८.३४
रक्त १०५.८२
अस्थि १०४.५३

[४] शरीर में व्याप्त कार्य विकृति Pathophysiology और विकृति Pathology की उपस्तिथि की स्तिथियां [समस्त पैरामीटर्स की सामान्य वैल्यू 95 e.v. से लेकर 99 e.v. तक]
Autonomic Nervous system 157.14
Thoracic region/spine/cage 140.00
Body Fat 122.13
Liver/Pancrease/spleen 117.50
Metabolism 114.00
Blood Anomalies 105.80
Skin ailments 106.00
Thyroid pathophysiology 61.67
Spleen pathophysiology 60.00
Thymus pathophysiology 57.14
Liver pathophysiology 54.00
Epigastrium pathophysio 46.00
Abdomen/Intestines/colon 44.00
Prostate pathophysio 37.21
Intestines pathophysiology 35.56

[5] रोग निदान / Diagnosis of disease conditions
a- Blood anomaly
b- Bowel’s pathophysiology
c- Colon Inflammatory condition with swelling and hardness
d- Dull mental behaviour
e- Enlarged Liver with poor function
f- Hormonal anomalies
g- Pancreatic pathophysiology
h- Renal anomalies
i- Spleenomegaly ? Hepatospleenomegaly
j- Swelling in whole body

ई०टी० जी० आधारित रोग निर्धारण और औषधियों का चयन

रोगी जब परामर्श और चिकित्सा व्यवस्था के लिये आया तो ई०टी०जी० रिपोर्ट के आधार पर निष्कर्श निकाला गया कि इस रोगी को “कफ़ज पित्तज” व्याधि है / त्रिदोष भेद में यही बात सामने आयी /

सप्त धातुयें भी सामान्य से अधिक की ओर अपना झुकाव दर्शा रहीं है / इसका अर्थ यह निकला कि इस रोगी का मेटाबालिज्म की प्रक्रिया अधिक की ओर और तेज है / यह मरीज की Pathological condition को इन्गित कर रहा है /

इलेक्ट्रो त्रिदोष ग्राफी की पुरी रिपोर्ट का अध्ध्यन करने के पश्चात conclusion में तीन बातें समझ में आयी/

१- मरीज की आन्तों में सूजन है यानी Bowel’s Pathophysiology है /

२- यकृत और प्लीहा दोनों का बढा होना

३- रक्त की दुष्टि यानी Blood Anomaly

उक्त निष्कर्ष को ध्यान में रखते हुये इस मरीज को निम्न औषधियां prescribe की गयी /

अ- कुटज घन वटी १ गोली ; आन्तों की सूजन और विकृति के लिये
आरोग्य वर्धिनी वटी १ गोली ; यकृत प्लीहा के विकार के लिये
गन्धक रसायन १ गोली ; रक्त दुष्टि के लिये

सभी गोलियां एक साथ सुबह और शाम दिन में दो बार सादे पानी से खाने के लिये निर्देशित किया गया /

ब- सारिवद्यासव २५ मिलीलीटर बराबर पानी मिलाकर दोपहर और रात भोजन करने के बाद ; सप्त धातुओं की पुष्टि के लिये

रोगी से कहा गया कि वह इन सब दवाओं को लगातार ९० दिन तक सेवन करे , बाद मे प्रामर्श करे /

दिनान्क ०६ जनवरी २०११ को मरीज दिखाने आया / उसके सारे शरीर की सूजन एक्दम ठीक थी / मरीज रोजाना ४० मिलीग्राम steroid खाता था, वह अब उसने खाना बन्द कर दिया है , क्योंकि उसको steroid खाने की अब जरूरत नही लगी / उसका platelets count १५ हजार से बढ कर ८० हजार हो गया है, सामन्य तया शरीर में platelets की सन्ख्या रक्त में १ लाख पचास हजार से लेकर ४ लाख तक होती है / उसे बार बार हर पन्द्रह दिनों में रक्त चढवाना पड़्ता था, वह दो महीने से नही करना पड़ा / जो अन्य तकलीफें थी जैसे शरीर में फुन्सियां निकलना और शरीर में काले चकत्ते पड़ना, वह सब ठीक है /

चिकित्सक महोदय से मैने कहा कि आप अभि यही दवा खाते रहिये और मार्च २०११ में एक दूसरा ई०टी०जी० परीक्शण करा ले, उसके बाद जो भी फाइन्डिन्ग्स आयेंगी , तदनुसार दवा परिवर्तन कर दिया जायेगा /

Comments; आधुनिक चिकित्सा विग्यान में इस बीमारी  के इलाज के लिये केवल Steroid दवा के अलावा अन्य कोई दूसरी दवा है ही नहीं / सभी को पता है कि Steroid  का उपयोग शरीर के लिये कितना खतरनाक है / आयुर्वेद के इलाज के लिये ई०टी०जी० तकनीक आधारित चिकित्सा हमेशा फायदा देती है / 

जब ब्लड प्रेसर की दवा खाते रहने के बाद भी ब्लड प्रेसर समान्य न हो तब क्या करे…………

बहुत से ऐसे मरीजों को देखा है जिनको एलोपैथी की ब्लड प्रेसर की दवा खाने के बाद भी उनका ब्लड प्रेसर सामान्य नहीं होता, जबकि उनकी सभी तरह की आधुनिक जान्च कर ली गयीं और सब कुछ समान्य निकला या सामान्य निकलता है /

मैने ऐसे मरीजों को काफी समय तक Monitor किया है, बिना कोई अतिरिक्त दवा के / वे जो भी Allopathy की दवा खा रहे थे, मैने उनको वही दवा , जिस Doctor ने prescribe की थी, Doctor की सलाह लेकर लगातार लेने की सलाह दी / लेकिन इस सबके बाव्जूद उनका Blood Pressure कम नहीं हुआ /

ऐसे बहुत से लोग हैं जिनको इस तरह की परेशानी बनी रहती है, उनको मै कुछ सुझाव दे रहा हू, जिन पर अमल करने से फायदा हो सकता है /

आयोडीन जैसे नमक और सादा समुद्री नमक खाना बन्द कर दें और इसकी जगह सेन्धा नमक का प्रयोग करना शुरू कर दें / घर के सभी लोग सेन्धा नमक खाने से बहुत सी आये दिन की बीमारियों से निजात पा जायेन्गे / सेन्धा नमक खने से Blood Pressure कम होने लगता है /
अपना पेट साफ रखे / परन्तु इसके लिये कोई विरेचक चूर्ण या दस्त साफ़ लाने वाला प्दार्थ न ले / ज्यादा कब्ज की हालत में अमल्तास को पानी में भिगोकर खाने के पहले सेवन करें / अमल्तास की मात्रा कितनी लेनी है , बेह्तर है , अपने नजदीक के किसी वैद्य या हकीम से पूछ लें / हलका विरेचन के लिये त्रिफला चूर्ण का प्रयोग कर सकते है /
सुबह का नश्ता बन्द कर दें और केवल एक गिलास फलों का रस या सादा दूध सेवन करें /
दोपहर में हल्का भोजन लें और अपनी भूख से कम खायें /
अचार, दाल मोठ, नमकीन सब बन्द कर दें / जब भुख लगे तब फल या फलों का रस लें /
जिनका ब्लड प्रेसर बढा हुआ रहता है उनका इलेक्ट्रो त्रिदोष ग्राफ परीक्षण में कई तरह की कार्य विकृतियां मिलती है, जिनमें Hydro Musculosis, Epigastritis, swelling bowels pathophysiology इत्यादि बातें शामिल होती है / इन कारणॊं का इलाज कर देने से बढा हुआ blood pressure कम होने लगता है /
जब allopathy दवा खाने के बाद भी blood pressure कम नही होता तो चिकित्सक दवा की मात्रा बढा देते है / ऐसा करना ठीक नहीं होता / इससे अछ्छा है कि allopathy दवा खाने के साथ साथ यदि आयुर्वेदिक या होम्योपैथिक दवा खाये तो अधिक फायदा उठा सकते है / अपने नजदीक के किसी वैद्य या होम्योपैथिक चिकित्सक से सम्पर्क करें /
मान्सिक तनाव से दूर रहें और कोशिश करें कि मन को शान्त रखें / आपकी किसी समस्या का हल नही हो रहा है तो उस समस्या के हल के लिये प्रयास करे और सब कुछ ईश्वर के ऊपर छोड दें / यह बात हमेशा ध्यान में रखें कि सब कुछ और बहुत कुछ हम नही कर सकते / मन में इस बात का विश्वास करें और हमेशा POSITIVE THINKING को दिशा दें /

अपने सभी कार्य नियमित करें / कम से कम ७ घन्टा आराम करेम / मश्तिष्क यदि ज्यादा काम करने से थक जाये तो बीच बीच में थोड़ी थोड़ॊ देर के लिये आराम दे /

इन सब उपायों को करने से blood pressure अवश्य सामान्य होगा, इसका विश्वास करें / जब ऐसे उपाय करने से सैकड़ॊ लोगो के blood pressure सामान्य हो गये है तो उन सबका भि सामन्य होगा , जो यह सलाह अपनायेन्गे /

BRAIN TUMOUR CASE ; Recording of the ETG AyurvedaScan Tracings of a patient, suffering from ‘’ BRAIN TUMOUR ‘’ for the observation to Ayurvedic and other system’s practitioners……..treatment based on the data of ETG AyurvedaScan and Ayurvedic remedies saved the life of patient..

Below is the trace record of a BRAIN TUMOUR patient , done by the Electro Tridosha Graphy ETG AyurvedaScan system.

Electro Tridosha Graphy ; ETG AyurvedaScan  trace record of a BRAIN TUMOUR Patient

Electro Tridosha Graphy ; ETG AyurvedaScan trace record of a BRAIN TUMOUR Patient

The trace record no. 1 is showing the tendency of HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, which was confirmed after Blood pressure reading.

The trace record no.3 is showing the presence of BRAIN ANOMALY. All the elven waves , a,b,c,d,e,s,h,l,m,n,o both vertically and Horizontally are depressed and not well elevated.

The trace record no.3 is badly bending towards clockwise direction and is filing wide gap in between d & e waves, The interpretation is showing inflammatory condition of the BRAIN PARTS.

The ETG report data of NERVOUS SYSTEM is ;
• Autonomous Nervous system 364.29
• Cerebral medulla brain 90.00
• Temporal Brain 90.00
• Frontal Brain 66.67
• Pareital Brain 45.00
• Occipital Brain 58.33

CTScan and MRI scan confirmed the diagnosis of the BRAIN TUMOUR.

Below is the reports of the patient, done by the physician.

The Nerosurgeons left the case untreated and then patient came to me for his treatment.


On request of patient’s  family members, I took  this case for treatment. Though  Allopathic Doctors said them that they have no treatment for this condition.

Now I am giving him AYURVEDIC MEDICINES. The patient condition improved after  one week treatment. Earlier he could not walk smoothly, on walk , his lower limbs was not coordinating and goes to either sides. His appetite was not well. He could not sleep well.

After one week of Ayurvedic treatment , he improoved in these problems. I have given him another one week medicines. I am collecting data, how he got this condition?

FOLLOW-UP ;  on date 05,09,2010

Patient well responded with the Ayurvedic medicine. His General physical condition improved well. Generally he have no problem and doing his routine work well. He is a shop keeper and he is doing his routine work as usual.

I instructed him , to not to do any vigourous work and he should take  sufficient rest both physical and mental.

His blood pressure is comming down slowly and gradually and is 135/98 mm Hg, which was earlier 198/124 mmHg,  his pulse rate was high but  now it is 92 per minute.

His physical condition is better comparatively than before at present. He is advised to continue Ayurvedic medicine.

FOLLOW-UP OF THE CASE / on  dated 18.09.2001

Patient  is not feeling any physical or mental  problem. He is carrying AYURVEDIC MEDICINE regularly. I have instructed him that he should change his life style and should not wake in night. He should take atleast 7 hours complete sleep. He should keep his diet acording to the diet Card, which I provide to patient. He should avoide strictly copulation at least six month.


Any Physican , Ayurvedic doctors, any branch of Medical practitioner, if want to see or check the patient, they can go directly to patient’s home  and they can examine the patient in his home. I will provide the address of the patient on request.

Any person, any similar patient, if desire to see and like to meet the patient in treatment in his home for query, the address of the patient is available on request.


ETG AyurvedaScan Publicity campaign in Hindi Language Newspaper DAINIK JAGARAN, KANPUR edition; started from 23 July 2010

Majority of the gentlemen and gentleladies complains of the non-hearing & non-availability of the newly invented Ayurveda Technology Electro Tridosha Graphy; ETG AyurvedaScan.

We have started newspaper publicity from 23rd July 2010 to approach the citizen of Kanpur and its surroundings areas.
The glimpse of the advertisement is given below;

Published advertisement of Electro Tridosha Graphy ; ETG AyurvedaScan in Dainik Jagaran Hindi Language newspaper

Published advertisement of Electro Tridosha Graphy ; ETG AyurvedaScan in Dainik Jagaran Hindi Language newspaper

बहुत से लोगों को आयुर्वेद की आधुनिक व्याधि निदान ग्यान तकनीक इलेक्ट्रो त्रिदोष ग्राफी ; ई-टी-जी- स्कैन के बारे में जानकारी नही थी / यह शिकायत सभी लोग करते रहते थे / अभी तक होता यह था कि जो लोग ई०टी०जी० परीक्षण कराके अपना इलाज कराते थे और आरोग्य प्राप्त कर लेते थे, वही लोग दूसरों से इस परीक्षण के बारे में बताते थे / हमें भी ज्यादा publicity करने में रूचि नहीं थी /
लेकिन जैसे जैसे इस तकनीक से जांचे गये लोगों को शीघ्र आरोग्य प्राप्त होना शुरू हुआ और लोगों ने यह कहना शुरू किया कि इस तकनीक के बारे में सभी लोगों को बताना चाहिये ताकि सभी लोग इसका लाभ उठायें, इसके लिये उपाय यही समझ में आया कि कानपुर शहर के सबसे ज्यादा लोकप्रिय और सबसे अधिक पढा जाने वाला अखबार ” दैनिक जागरण, कानपुर शहर” सन्सकरण में सर्व साधारण के बीच प्रचार के लिये विग्यापित किया जाय /
हमने लोगों को जानकारी मुहैय्या कराने के लिये अखबार का सहारा लिया है /



यह विग्यापन प्रत्येक शनिवार और सोमवार को सप्ताह में दो दिन प्रकाशित होगा /

LEUCODERMA / VITILIGO/ WHITE SPOTS/ SAFED DAAG/SHWET KUSTHA; A case of Female Girl, sucssessfully treated, basing on the findings of Electro Tridosha Graphy ETG AyurvedaScan

Leucodermal Patches at the beginning of Treatment

Leucodermal Patches at the beginning of Treatment

Leucoderma Patche after  45 days treatment

Leucoderma Patche after 45 days treatment

”][See and observe the recorded trace pattern of the Girl. The trace pattern is showing the unstable lines going every time up and down. All trace patterns are  similar according to their intensity presence in body and organs pathophysiological and pathological conditions]


On 04th  April 2010, A Girl aged 07  [Seven] years, belonging to District Unnao, 27 Kilometers away from Kanpur vsited clinic with her parents for Leucoderma /  Safed Daag / Vitiligo / Shwet Kustha on her whole body. I observed her condition and founded that from face to Lower extremeties, she is having smaller to bigger sizes white patches, in head, in torso, in lower extremeties.


She was treated earlier by many experts of the Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Acupressurist, Herbalist and many more. She was given internal and external medications for uses.  Upto some extent the applied medicine responses, but as a reaction , the white patches shifted to another location of body.


In Unnao, one Accupressurist, who was treating the girl, when failed , he suggested her parents to consult another physician. Parent asked for the doctor to whom they should consult, because all the well known doctors were consulted earlier from Lucknow, Barabanki, Kanpur , Unnao and other places.  They asked Accupressurist  to suggest them any  physician, who could help them.


The Accupressurist opened the Internet and founded my address. He suggested to parents to consult me.


Meanwhile the parent came to my clinic after an appointment on o4.o4.2010 at evening at 6.30 pm.


I told the parent that my way of treatment is differ to others. First I go for an Electro Tridosha Graphy; ETG AyurvedaScan examination and then after I will handle the case.


They agreed and I recorded the ETG of that Girl and asked them to come day after tomorrow.


                                                   ETG Report’s DATA


As you all know that ETG AyurvedaScan provides data in several parts.  Here the reader will see the data sheet in segregational stages.






[All Normal  parameters are 95 to 99 e.v.]


164.37 Saman Vata

153.71 Shleshaman Kaphha

139.29 Rasan Kaphha

119.38 Bhrajak Pitta

116.43 Snehan Kaphha

112.00 Ranjak Pitta

102.50 Udaan Vata

101.25 Sadhak Pitta

100.71 Kledan Kaphha

100.00 Pran Vata

93.52 Kaphha Dosha

92.62 Avalamban Kaphha

90.67 Apaan Vata

84.38 Pachak Pitta

82.27 Lochak Pitta

80.56 Vyaan Vata

68.14 Pitta Dosha

60.84 Vata Dosha





Status of Sapta Dhatu including Tridosha Affected Sapta Dhatu


[Normal  ; 95 e.v to 99 e.v.]


157.86 Ras Kaphha

138.67 Mans Pitta

133.67 Ras Dhatu

124.38 Ras Pitta

122.86 Asthi Pitta

122.67 Mans Dhatu

121.52 Maans Kaphha

121.33 Mans Vata

119.29 Asthi Kaphha

118.38 Asthi Dhatu

116.56 Majja Pitta

115.60 Asthi Vata

112.50 Majja Kaphha

112.17 Majja Dhatu

110.00 Majja Vata

109.58 Ras VAta

102.10 Med Kaphha

100.52 Shukra Kaphha

95.87 Rakta Kaphha

95.10 Shukra Dhatu

91.48 Med Dhatu

91.20 Rakta Dhatu

90.91 Shukra Vata

89.36 Shukra Pitta

88.89 Rakta Vata

86.40 Med Pitta

81.56 Med Vata

80.89 Rakta Pitta


PART- Three


Heart Beat  68 per minute

Heamoglobin  11.80 mg%

Calcium  11.84 mg

Vital Force 52 [Normal; 48 e.v.]

Health condition 58.94 [Normal; 90 e.v. to 105 e.v.]


PART- Four




84.34    Purish

87.81    Mutra

94.0        Swed





Main Complaint; ETG Report’s provide two ways diagnosis of diseases [a] by observing the recorded trace pattern by ETG machine  and [b] by computer calculated evolutionised Data of different parts of body.


  • Appetite weak
  • Blood anomaly
  • Bowel’s pathophysiology
  • Colon Ascending inflammation, swelling and hardness
  • Epigastritis
  • Electrolytic Imbalances
  • ENT anomalies
  • Irregular interval inbetween ‘a’ and ‘o’ waves
  • Poor function of Liver and Gall Bladder



Upper Ten and Lower Ten , main evaluated computer generated  complaints [ from Higher to Lower  and Lower to higher numerically]


Higher to Lower


360.00 Thoracic pine

274.07 Coccygial spine

242.22 Lumber spine

238.57 Cervical spine

235.71 Autonomic nervous system

208.89 Sacral spine

161.67 Thyroid pathophysiology

150.00 Tracheal/ internal throat anomaly

150.00 Spleen

133.67 Metabolism



Lower to higher


92.50    Liver/pancreas/gall bladder

92.50 Hormonal anomalies

91.48  Body Fat

91.20  Skin ailments

91.20  Blood anomalies

90.67  Stool evacuation

88.22  Urine evacuation

80.00 Gall Bladder anomaly

60.00 Irritable Bowel syndromes/Inflammatory condtion of Bowels

60.00 Renal anomalies






Seeing the whole ETG report, it was concluded that she is suffering mainly from

  • Irritable Bowel syndromes
  • Inflammatory condition of Bowels
  • Bowel’s pathophysiology
  • Liver disoders
  • Blood anomaly
  • Digestiv disorders / weak appetite


         Regarding Ayurvedic fundamentals, it was observed that Kaphha dosha is within normal limit and Pitta Dosha is higher than Vata Dosha although both are in very lower limit. Thus the problem was concluded Pittaj-vataj.


On the other side, the Pitta Bheda “Bhrajak & Ranjak” are in higher limit, while Saman Vayu is in Highest Limit. About Sapta Dhatu,” Mans pitta, Ras pitta, & Asthi Pitta” are in higher level, comparatively “Med Pitta & Rakta Pitta” are in Lower level.


So it is concluded that PITTA is dominating in this patient along with Vata. Therefore much attention should be paid to Pitta treatment.




At the start 0n 06.04.2010, following medicines were prescribed;


1-       Shuddha gandhak, Chop Chinyadi churna to be taken Morning and evening

2-       Arogya Vardhini Vati with Triphala Churna

3-       No external application was given


This Prescription improves her condition well. Her Bowel’s pathophysiology corrected and she went for stool evacuation daily instead of every 4rth day. Her white patches become less in surroundings.


Similar medicines are repeating because her condition is improving well.


 I suggested her parents, her father is in Uttar Pradesh Police Service, for taking photographs of her Leucodermal patches, but they did not ready for it.


However they agreed for photography of a very small patch for observing the improvement. They promise me for photography of the patches in their next visit.


For management of the case, I advised her to take light meals and avoid sour food.


No external application was allowed in form of paste or oil or in decoction forms.


The patient is improving well and her progress of regaining health is satisfactory.





This is another case , which is treating on base of the report of Electro Tridosha Graphy ETG AyurvedaScan system findings.


As earlier it is said about this scanning system that it quantifies the status of Ayurveda principals and diagnosis of the diseases, it fulfills the requirement of an Ayurvedicians to treat the patient scientifically, rationally and in an evidence based manner.


This case proves the efficiency of the ETG AyurvedaScan system in case of LEUCODERMA treatment .



On 5th May 2010, one patient consulted me for his complaints. He came from remote area of Kanpur and was reffered by some earlier patient, who have taken my treatment previously.

At the first appearance, I observed the constitution. He was lean and thin and was unable to free walk because of his rapid respiration and easy fatigue.

Patient's Data Sheet containing all estmations in summerized form

Patient's Data Sheet containing all estmations in summerized form

The accompanied person told me the major complaints and symptoms similar to what I observed earlier.

I told them my way of treatment that first I will do an Electro Tridosha Gram examination and after that I will treat on the findings , whatever the report will provide.

Patient's recorded traces by Electro Tridosha Graphy system

Patient's recorded traces by Electro Tridosha Graphy system

They agreed and I recorded his traces. On seeing the traces, I simply gave some medicine for immediate starting of treatment and asked him to come day after tomorrow for complete ETG Report and then treatment accordingly.

ETG Reprt’s Findings

PART [a] ;The status of TRIDOSHA and TRIDOSHA BHED ; [From Highest to lowest numerical order]

153.68 Pitta Dosha
149.29 Snehan Kaphha
145.50 Kaphha Dosha
139.38 Pachak pitta
127.50 Ranjak Pitta
120.71 Shleshaman Kaphha
112.50 Pran vata
110.00 Sadhak Pitta
99.64 Kledan Kaphha All parameter’s NORMAL LIMIT is
90.00 Udan Vata
90.00 Lochak Pitta 95 to 99 e.v. [+- 5 e.v.]
88.10 Avalamban Kaphha
87.50 Bhrajak Pitta
84.17 Apaan Vata
82.97 Saman Vata
78.93 Rasan Kaphha
77.34 VATA
65.83 Vyaan Vata

PART [b} ; The Status of SAPTA DHATU including TRIDOSHA affected Sapta dhatu [From Highest to Lowest number orders]

108.10 Asthi Vata
104.69 Majja Vata
103.75 Asthi Pitta
102.67 Asthi
102.34 Majja Pitta
100.29 Majja
97.35 Asthi Kaphha
96.88 Ras Pitta
96.67 Maans Pitta
95.83 Majja Kaphha
94.17 Med Pitta
89.67 Ras
89.05 Med Kapha
88.93 Ras Kapha
88.75 Ras Vata
88.33 Mans Vata
88.00 Mans
87.33 Med
86.67 Rakta Vata
86.59 Shukra Pitta
85.61 Shukra Vata
85.56 Rakta
85.28 Rakta Pitta
85.24 Mans Kaphha
85.21 Shukra
83.89 Med Vata
83.51 Shukra Vata
83.49 Rakta Vata

PART [c]

• Oaj is 52 [Normal 48 e.v.]
• Vitality / Vital Force/ Smpurna Oaj is 40 [Normal 84 to 104 e.v.]
• Heart Beat/Pulse 115 per minute
• Health condition 143.74 e.v. [Normal 95 to 99 e.v.]

PART [d] Interpretation of traces ; Disease conditions Observed ; Diagnosis Findings

• Aneamia
• Bowel’s pathophysiology
• Cervical spondylitis
• Colon Ascending inflammation,hardness and swelling
• Colon decending inflammation, hardness and swelling
• Diaphragmatic problems
• Enlarged Liver with poor function
• Epigastritis with inflammation and hardness
• Excited Mental and Emotional Behaviour
• Eye and ENT anomalies
• Inflammatory and irritable Bowel syndromes
• Laryngopharyngotracheal anomalies
• Musculoskeletal anomalies
• Pulmonary organs anomalies
• Tachycardia

PART [e] Diseased parts on DATA BASE – Upper Ten and Lower Ten, Auto selection Data from Highest to lower and Lower towards Higher, have selected for treatment and selection of medicine purposes.

364.44 Thoracic Spine
362.22 Lumber Spine
300.00 Liver / Pancrease/Spleen
254.00 Epigastric pathophysiology
237.67 Urinary Bladder
218.57 Auto Nervous system [Data of Auto Nervous system and Heart stress
171.43 Heart stress/ Pulse stress are not considered in analysis but they have
155.56 Coccygeal spine diagnosis value. NormalParameters of these data
146.67 Sacral spine is not setup and fixed as they are under observations]
124.00 Spleen
112.50 Pulmonary Organs
108.61 Urine Evacuation

75.00 Thymus Pathophysiology
73.33 Frontal Brain
73.33 Mental/ Emotional/Intellect
73.33 Sinusitis
71.67 Occipital Brain
66.67 Abdomen/Intestine/Colon anomalies
60.00 Liver anomaly
59.58 Prostate Pathophysiology
52.78 Upper Limbs / Joints/ Muscles
45.00 Parietal Brain

This was the data sheet of the patient.

Summerizes Data for Treatment and management of case. ETG AyurvedScan facilitates physician for AUTOMATIC SELECTION OF APPROPRIATE AYURVEDIC CLASSICAL MEDICINE can be seen in this sheet

Summerizes Data for Treatment and management of case. ETG AyurvedScan facilitates physician for AUTOMATIC SELECTION OF APPROPRIATE AYURVEDIC CLASSICAL MEDICINE can be seen in this sheet


After going thorugh the ETG report, it was observed the highest data aquired area , are Thoracic Region in four dimensions including Lumber region. That means these entire areas are affected much more. I asked about his occupation. He told me that he is a truck driver and driving heavy vehicle many hours or thorugh out a day.

His Liver data was high. I asked about his habits. He told me that he is consuming Liqour daily in heavy quantity to avoid fatigue and pressure.

Over all in conclusion of his diagnosis, I observed both the [a] diagnosis from recorded traces and [b] diagnosis from Data received. Both are taken into consideration and in conclusion it is found that he is suffering from Tachycardia, Pulmonary anomaly, poor function of Liver, Epigastritis , Bowel’s pathophysiology etc.

Treatment / Medicine prescription;

The following medicine was pescribed;

1- Kutaj ghan vati , Arogya vardhini, Gandhak Rasayana, Prabhakar Vati, Triphala Vati and Shwas kuthar ras was prescribed
2- Arjunarisht, Kumari asav with shankhadrav was prescribed after meal both the time
3- This treatment was given for 15 days
4- I instructed him to not to consume Alcohol and should take complete rest with Pathya and Parhez.

The patient came with satisfactory relief after 15 days.His pulse was 95 per minute, which was earlier 115 per minute. His Asthama was relieved.

He was given again the similar treatment for 15 days. After this period, his pulse rate becomes normal limit and his Asthma was much better.

Recently, he have taken again 15 days medicine. On examination of his Lungs, I found that he is having a little problem, which I think, will be over rid soon.


This is one of the case which I cited here to convey the massage to the entire Ayurvedic community, how Electro Tridosha Graph/gram ; ETG AyurvedaScan system is helpful to treat the patient confidentaly, quickly, safely and scientifically with the evidence, how Ayurvedic treatment is effective in those condition, which is under estimated by the Modern Western Medicine system?

HAIR FALLING; A common disorders of Human Hairs now a days

Hair falling is a new proplem among the youngsters. Now only yougesters , middle aged and over age personals are also victims of this condition.


Last ver fourty years , I have treated thousand of persons suffering with this condition, even today. Some came to me with no hair in scalp, no brow, no moustaches, no beared hairs. All have got cure and relief with my specific treatment.


The common complaints , I have noticed , that majority of the victims are suffered from DANDRUFF. I observed that the DANDRUFF has four or five kinds. I use micro lense to detect them. Without micro lense , the minute type of dandruff is not detectable.


The treatment is divided into three parts ;


  1. I use specific medicines which I prepared myself , based on the experience of treatment. The medicines are of the following types.

                  [a] Lotion, which removes the dandruff

                   [b] Shampoo for cleaning of Hairs

                   [c] Oil to be used in hairs

                   [d] Vitaliser to be used before bed time

                    [e] Internal medicine to be taken orally daily once a day

All these external applications are totally Herbal and Ayurvedic preparations.


  1. I use Electro-physiotherapy and Hi-frequency electronic waves on those parts , where baldness is present. Elecronic waves stimulates the skin surface and thus this process helps to grow the hairs.


  1. I use surgical interventions. The process is very simple. I scrapes the  head skin surface very carefully, where I found that skin is very hard and the internal hairs have no pass to come out.



This way , I have treated thousands and thousands of the hair fall patients.


Now I have almost left this practice due to my busyness in ELECTRO TRIDOSHA GRAPHY ; ETG AyurvedaScan Technology development and only  Lotion, Oil, Shampoo, Vitaliser is available for limited persons.