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External Application on LEUCODERMA WHITE PATCHES triggers more violent effects and boosts metastasis of WHITE PATCHES in other parts of body

External Application on LEUCODERMA WHITE PATCHES triggers more violent effects and boosts metastasis of WHITE PATCHES in other parts of body

Our observational study shows that external applications like anti-vitiligo creams and oils for use in the treatment of the LEUCODERMA / VITILIGO, which are instructed by phyrician to apply on the white patches, causes suppressive effects and as a result, the metastasis of the hypomelinosis migrates to the other parts of the body, where the expression of the white patches becomes more prominent and strong.

Many cases treated by the other physician, using external application, patient history reveals the fact that external application causes suppression and more white patches grown in other parts within few hours to few days time rapidly.

After invention of ELECTRO TRIDOSHA GRAPHY ; ETG AyurvedaScan technology, treatment of the bodily disorders are totlly dependent on the findings of the ETG report. The development of the idea of the treatment bases on the ETG findings was successful, when AYURVEDIC MEDICINES were selected on the ground of the measured intesnsity of the Organs / parts of the body including AYURVEDIC FUNDAMENTALS.

In many LEUCODERMA cases, we have not used any external application of any kind and the treatment procedure was lend on the report and findings of the ELECTRO TRIDOSHA GRAPHY ; ETG AyurvedaScan totally. The Internal medicine were given according to the obtained pathophysiological measured intensity of the VISCERAS and other parts. These medicines were AYURVEDIC classical preparation over all.

Our study concludes that when internal organs beomes slowly and gradually normal in their own physiological activities, the pathophysiology of the organs normalizes, and as a result , pigmentation channel becomes free from any inhibition and hurdles and thus abnormal function of the skin becomes normal. This way again melenin pigments the skin with the normal functioning.

In my opinion, while treating LEUCODERMA, no external application should be used, either in any form of Oil or in cream.

An ETG AyurvedaScan Tracings of 22 years old lady suffering from HYSTERIA disorders

This is a case of a 22 years old lady suffering from HYSTERICAL FITS, when she was 15 years old. She belongs to FAIZABAD district of UP. Her elder sister is suffering from LEUCODERMA disorders of whole body and is recovering with the black colors of the skin by my treatment basing on the line of the findings of ETG AyurvedaScan.

Seeing recovery of the disease condition of her elder sister’s LEUCODERMA and allied complaints, which is said an INCURABLE disease  and was maltreated earlier, her gaurdians decided to treat the lady by me. Her ETG AyurvedaScan was done. 

See and observe the above three traces, which provides the data of the complaints she have.

“a” trace is showing the tendency of LOW BLOOD PRESSURE and an acute sudden attack of anxiety, while traces were recorded. See the gaps of the waves, tall peaked waves at one instance have a gap of 15 , comparatively other one is having 17.5

“b” trace is showing the similar trend

“c” trace is showing the internal activity of BRAIN , marked arrow shows the abnormal waves pattern than recorded regular, sudden brain excitement changes the electrical behaviour of the visceral activities

Lady is suffering from Hysterical fits, when she was 15 years old. She took Allopathic treatment, Ayurvedic treatment and Homoeopathic treatment without any result,

Today, on 16 March 2011 her ETG AyurvedaScan recorded and we have studied that she is having more anomalies , which triggers her complaints.

We are starting treatment and time to time we will provide the progress of the patient for entire readers.

Second visute on SUNDAY,03rd April 2011 ; After 15 days Ayurvedic medicines intakes, she have almost no attack of HYSTERICAL FITS, while it was common to her  earlier that she have attack of the HYTERIA after two or three days.

She have again taken 15 days Ayurvedic medicine and we are watching the further followup.

Next followup on  01 May 2011 ;

The Lady Patient  belongs to FAIZABAD  DISTRICT , her father

came to Kanpur on 01 , May 2011 and collected medicine for further 15 days . Her father narrated to me that she is almost normal except some times she feels unesiness.

I clarified her father that it is due to tendency of the hysterical fits, earlier  she have , therefore due to this tendency , she is feeling uneasiness sometimes. 

Electro Tridosha Graphy ETG AyurvedaScan Report’s Eighth page

The Eighth page of the ETG Report presents the following features;


  • Evaluation  UPPER PARTS OF BODY
  • Evaluation LOWER PARTS OF BODY



The presentation is shown in a sketch of body for easy understanding.

 The Obtained Data are very important in view of establishing diagnosis &  establishing undeviated treatment and finally to understand, which part of the body is creating most problems.


Electro Tridosha Graphy ETG AyurcedScan Report’s Eighth page

Electro Tridosha Graphy ETG AyurcedScan Report’s Eighth page


Pulse reading is an essential part of the practice of Ayurveda medical science. In Ayurveda it is directed that Pulse reading / pulse examination provides a lead to Ayurvedic vaidya for correct diagnosis of the Dosha, which tends to correct selection of remedy for a sick individual. Besides these, the pulse examination tends to physician to know about the prakruti and deviated dosha, which are basically three in numbers.

Early description of Pulse reading or pulse examination is not mentioned in the classical works of Charak samhita or Sushrut samhita. The first mention of the Pulse reading is seen in the classical work of Bhav Mishra , who have written the book “Bhav Prakash”. In this book , a very short description of the pulse reading and pulse examination is given. It is not in detail, only few lines in Sansakrit Language is given, mentioning the methods of examination in very short.

It is presumed that Bhav Prakash is composed and written by Bhav Mishra , round about 700 to 800 years back in between 1200 to 1300 century, that means Pulse reading was a part of Ayurvedic practice , developed slowly and gradually round about 1000 years back.

Prior to Bhav Prakash, no other writer or composer of Ayurveda Text have mentioned Pulse reading, therefore it shows that Pulse reading should not be said that it is as old as Ayurveda. In my opinion , it should be maximum 1200 years old and should not be more than that.

As I guess and thus conceive the idea of PULSE READING , that How Ayurvedicians of that time perceived the idea of pulse reading ? The answer could be in this way that in olden time , Ayurvedicians were related to Astrology and practicing Ayurveda both.

Process of Ayurvedic style of Radial Pulse Examination, First finger denotes to VATA, second finger to PITTA and Third finger to KAPHA Dosha

Process of Ayurvedic style of Radial Pulse Examination, First finger denotes to VATA, second finger to PITTA and Third finger to KAPHA Dosha

A special group of studious persons were involved in the preacing, teaching and healing areas. It is believed that the group transferes their knowledge by shruti (listening) and smrati (memorizing) and by repeatition of shlokas methods. Later when script becomes in existence, then the knowledge transferred to written words.

The practitioner of Ayurveda were involved in Astrological works besides the healing job. In Astrology, it is mentioned in Horoscope of a person that which NADI he is belonging. The NADI in Astrology is mentioned AADI, MADHYA & ANTA. The Three Nadi is matched by the Astrologer at the time of marriage. The male nadi or female nadi should not be same. If male nadi and female nadi is same / similar / equal, then this is called NADI DOSHA. Astrologers believe that same NADI DOSHA couples may not be able to conceive and thus can not born any baby or child. Due to this reason, NADI DOSHA have an important features in the marriages.

In my opinion, this concept of NADI DOSHA might be correlated to AYURVEDA TRIDOSHA and PRAKRUTI.

It is presumed that Radial Pulse examination was the easy way to confirm about the life or death of a person. Even today, every person cheks the radial pulse for confirmation of life or death, instead of respiration. We see every day , when we ask a person, whether he have fever or not. The person will immediately check his radial pulse by keeping palm/grip of fingers/ tying radial arm around by hand or by one or two or three or four  fingers to acknowledge the throbbiung of the pulse.

It seems that NADI DOSHA concept  of Astrology convrted  into NADI TRIDOSA. The practitioners of Ayurveda tried to grasp the TRIDOSHA findings in this simple way by matching the similarity of persons constitution, prakruti etc because description of  DOSHAS was already given in the classical works of Ayurveda.

After long  term experimenting, exercising , matching with the theory of Ayurveda Fundamentals TRIDOSHA,  Ayurvedicians established their observations in regards to pulse reading and its rhythum, speed and motion. The correlation of pulse rhythum with the motion and walk of the certain creatures and animals are given to the open observation to learn pulse reading more easy to understand.

Latest INVENTION for determination of AYURVEDIC FUNDAMENTALS ;


Recognition of Ayurvedic fundamentals is very essential for Ayurvedic treatment purposes. It is not very easy to establish the Prakruti and Tridosha of a sick individual by PULSE Examination  for an Ayurvedician. The Latest invention is ELECTRO TRIDOSHA GRAPHY ; ETG AyurvedaScan, which provides data of AYURVEDIC FUNDAMENTALS in data sheet and report form, including the features of NARI PARIKSHAN.


What contains an Electro Tridosha Graphy ; ETG AyurvedaScan Report ?

Electo Tridosha Graph recorded by the ETG Machine

Electo Tridosha Graph recorded by the ETG Machine

An Electro Tridosha Graphy ETG AyurvedasScan Report contains the following pages ;


1-       The first page of the ETG report is having “relevant informations about the patient and institution”, where test is performed.

2-       The second page of the ETG report provides “information of the diseases and ailments.”

3-       The Third page of the ETG report is provides data of the “Selected and important Scanned Organs with their intensities.”

4-       The Fourth & Fifth & Sixth page of the ETG report provides data of the BODY SYSTEMS in segregated forms.

5-       The Seventh page of the ETG reports provides the data of the AYURVEDIC FUNDAMENTALS i.e. (a) Prakruti (b) Vikrati of Tridosha (c) Tridosha Bhed (d) Sapta Dhatu (e) Tridosha affected Sapta Dhatu (f) Three mala – purish,mutra,swed (g) Oaj & sampurn Oaj

6-       The eight page provides the data of the “Scanned Body Parts” i.e. evaluation of Head area, Hypochondrium, suptapubic etc etc.

7-       The Ninth page contains the Tridosha Vikrati in patient and  shows different characters, sign and symptoms evaluation of Vata, Pitta & Kappha in Alphabatical list wise.

8-       The contents of Ninth page is given in Tenth page, which is in Lowest to highest value of the characters of the Vata , Pitta and Kapphaa.

9-       The Eleventh page  contains the  Summery  of the main complaints in lowest to highest orders.

10-   The Twelth page provides the medicine selection points for accurate  prescribing. In this page AUTOMTIC SELECTION OF AYURVEDIC MEDICINE comes out for quick and easy and immediate prescribing to patient.

11-    The Thirtieth page  provides the data of the characters, sign and symptoms  of the Seven Sapta Dhatu from lowest level to highest level .

12-   The Fortienth page of the report  provides the data of the Seven Sapta Dhatu in Alphabetical order with their intensities.

13-   The Fiftienth page provides the recorded traces by ETG Machine for physicians evaluation

14-   The Sixtienth page provides the cardinal information about the ETG Technology to Ayurveda physicians.

15-   The Seventieth page provides the LOGO of the ETG and the Institute.


The ETG Technology is in progressive stage. New data are included time to time after hard clinical testing, clinical evaluation, clinical confirmation and patient examination.


Because of, this Ayurveda Scan is a Whole Body Scanner; therefore new datas are included accordingly. The pages of the report  thus increases , which helps the Ayurvedic physician, Ayurveda Doctor and Vaidya for better and confirmed management , diagnosis and remedial selection with confidence.


एक्यूट मायेलायड ल्यूकीमिया: Acute Myeloid Leuceamia ; छह माह कप्रेग्नेन्ट महिला का ई०टी०जी० रिकार्ड और रिपोर्ट : E.T.G. Record of Six month’s Pregnent Lady with their complications

यह एक बीस साल की प्रेग्नेन्ट महिला का ई०टी०जी० ट्रेस रिकार्ड है । इसे देखिये और समझिये कि ई०टी०जी० किस प्रकार आयुर्वेद के शोध कार्यों में और समान्य चिकित्सा अभ्यास में फल दायी सिद्ध हो चुका है ।

इस  महिला के परिवार के जिम्मेदार व्यक्ति हमारे कैण्ट केन्द्र में पूर्व में किये गये इलाज और परीक्षण रिपोर्ट लेकर आये और हकीम शरीफ अन्सारी को कन्सल्ट किया । परीक्षण रिपोर्ट में खून की जान्च प्रमुख थी ।

खून की जान्च रिपोर्ट निम्न प्रकारहै :

Total Leucocyte counts : 43, 400  तेंतालिस हज़ार [Normal: 4000 -11000/cmm]

Heamoglobin 04.8 mg% [Normal 12- 16 mg/dl]

Sodium ,Pottassium  , Calcium Level  ये सब सामान्य से नीचे

अल्ट्रा साउन्ड परीक्षण से पता चला की रोगिनी के  छह माह की प्रेगनेन्सी है





रोगिणी ने कानपुर और लखनऊ शहर  के सभी बड़े चिकित्सा सन्सथानों मे जाकर दिखाया, सभी एलोपैथी के चिकित्सकों ने कहा किने कहा कि इस बीमारी की अवस्था का हमारे पास कोई इलाज नहीं है ।


रोगिणी की कोई रिश्तेदार हकीम शरीफ के पास इलाज करा चुकी थी , इसलिये रोगिणी कन्सल्टेशन के लिये हकीम सहब के पास आयी थी ।










हम इस रोगिणी की चिकित्सा कर रहे है  । इसे आयुर्वेदिक दवायें दे रहे हैं ।

समय समय पर इस रोगिणी की हालत के बारे में , इसी ब्लाग के माध्यम से , जानकारी देने का प्रयास किया जायेगा ।

Updated case report: [Dated 30 August 2009]

इस रोगिणी को सात दिन की आयुर्वेदिक दवा दी गयी थी । रोगिणी के पिता ने एक हफ्ता दवा खाने के बाद के परिणामों को बताते हुये कहा कि ” अब रोगिणी की हालत पहले से बेहतर है और उसके स्वास्थय में सुधार हुआ है” ।

रोगिणी के पिता एक हफ्ते की और दवा लेकर चले गये हैं ।

Updated report: 05.09.2009

Patient visited our center with cheerful smile. We examined her and asked several questions regarding her health condition.

She expressed her views about her health . We were satisfied about her health condition after examination. We asked her father to go for Blood examination DLC and TLC etc.

Patient belongs to Country side area and a remote district away from Kanpur.

Her General condition is much better , when we saw her earlier.Now she is running in her Eight month pregnency duration.

Update on 15 September 2009 ;;;

A pathological ivestigation done on the 09 September 2009.


The report copy is presented here. Anybody can see in the report that patient’s heamoglobin increased 2 percent and TLC becomes normal range.


BIOCHEMIC DAWAYEIN ; Inako bhi aajamaiye

Biochemic chikitsa vigyaan , yadyapi Homoeopathy ke saath saath hi jodakar dekha jata hai aur isaki davayein bhi Homoeopathic dava bechane walon ke yahan hi milati hain, lekin yah chikitsa vidhi Homoeopathy se bilkul alag hai, Kuchch samantayein Homoeopathic aur Biochemic mein kahi ja sakati hai, pahala yah ki Homoeopathy ka avishkar Germany mein hua tha, biochemic ka bhi janam Germani mein hua hai, doosara Homoeopathy ko ek German Doctor ne ijad kiya tha, Biochemic ko bhi ek German doctor ne ijad kiya tha, tisara Homoeopthic davayein banana ka tarika biochemic dawayein banana ke tarike se milata julata hai chautha jis tarah Homoeopathic dawaon ka chunav karatey hain , usi prakar se Biochemic dawaon ka chunav karatey hain Isiliye Homoeopathy ke doctor, Biochemic dwaon ka sabase jayada upayog karatey hai


Biochemic dawayein, kabhi kabhi kisi kisi bimari mein bahut tezi se asar karati hain, jo unexpected hota hai aur unake action dekhakar bahut aashcharya hota hai, lekin aisa kabhi kabhi hota hai, lekin yah sabhi ko phayada karati hai, chahe vah kisi bhi umra ka kyon na ho Iski davayein anya dawaon ke saath de sakatey hai, jaise ki isaka sabase achcha combination Homoeopathy ke saath banata hai,yadi Homoeopathy ki dwayein kha rahe hain to Biochemic ki dwayein bhi kha sakatey hain


Mera anubhav Biochemic dawaon ke bare mein thik hai, lekin iska prayog kaise kiya jaye yah chikitsak ke gyan, anubhav, paristithion, marij ki halat, marij ki bimari , usaki jivani shakti ityadi par nirbhar karata hai Udaharan ke liye, emergent condition mein, is dava ka repetition 5- 5 minute ke antar se karate hai, jo dusari davaon ke saath alternate karake marijon ko dete hain, Granthi ya ganthon ya glandular inflammation mein High potency yani 12 X ya isase adhik potency ki dava din mein ek ya do baar dete hain


Yah chikitsak par nirbhar karata hai ki vah isaka upayog kaise karata hai Kuchcha yog ,jo foolproof hain aur jink maine prayog kiya hai, vah main niche likha raha hun


1- Bukhar mein; Koi bhi bukhar ho Ferrum Phos 6X aur Kali mur 6X ki teen teen goli milakar 2-2 ghante se khilane se kaisa bhu bukhar ho aur kitana hi tez ho, dhire dhire kam ho jata hai, is combination ko emergency ya anya sabhi bimarion ki dasha mein bhi istemal kar sakatey hai


2- Koi bhi gaanth ho, Calcarea Flourica 12 x ka upayog din mein do baar karane se gaanth thik ho jati hai Is tarah ke bahut se combination hain, jinaka upayog Biochemic chikitsa vigyan mein karatey hain

Ayurveda Essentials of Temperaments and constitutions

Is slide show mein Ayurveda mein varnan kiye gaye sharir ki banavaton ke charitragat guno ko bataya gaya hai. Kaun se sharir mein vyapt charitragat lakshan, kaun se doshon ko batate hain , is slide show ko dekhane ke baad gyat kar sakate hain.