Epilepsy is curable ib Ayurveda Ayurveda and Epilepsy

EPILEPSY : FITS : totally CURABLE by AYURVEDA Remedies based on the findings of ETG AyurvedaScan Report

The only and existing commercially available facility for scanning and examining whole body according to the principals of AYURVEDA, a well known SCANNING system called ETG AyurvedaScan, have great priveledge to cure the hazarduous disease condition EPILEPSY or FITS, in accordance based on the findings and report of EPILEPSY or CONVULSIVE FITS patient , is able to provide total cure and root out the condition and patient problem in toto.

EPILEPSY and FITS conditions are seems that they are incurable and when once start medications , the medications should be taken whole life, as it is understood today by the Modern Western medicine takers. In fact , it is a mockery among the physicians that they are not well aware of the other systems of practicing medicine, which have a plentiful solutions of these ? incurable problems and that is to be understood the incurable conditions.

The basic problem with the EPILEPSY patient , is related with the Temporal region and parietal region of the Brain parts physiology, sometimes FRONTAL Lobe of Brain could be involved in the production of convulsions. Tremors and twitching of muscles. The excited stages of these Brain  regions  produces convulsions. The reason of excitation of nerve cells of Brain or the areas mentioned , are not well established, but it is presumed that certain factors are responsible for producing the brain anomalies.

Some facts  came in our observation that  over reading, over studying, over mental work, irregular life style, watching in night, irregular sleeps, menstrual anomalies, uterus excitation, hormonal problems , suppressive anomalies, use of  Anti-biotics, anti-allergic drugs , narcotic drugs habits etc etc causes the EPILEPSY or FITS problems.

In Allopathic system of medicine hypnotic and tranquilizers and  anti-convulsive drugs are used to control the EPILEPSY episodes for regular use till life time. Some times after use of these medicine convulsions appears and not controlled by the proper settled doses earlier, then much stronger medications are used to control. The series is going on till the spawn of life.

Ayurveda’s New revolutionary technology “ETG AyurvedaScan” have privilege to treat EPILEPSY by root. A 100 page reports provides the detailed examination data  of the patient, which clues the path of the triggering convulsive effects through systems of body either mental to physical or physical to mental, that causes the exciting of brain faculties earlier mentioned.