ETG AyurvedaScan and diabetes

JAPANESE Scientists, EUROPEAN Scientists and AUSTRALIAN Scientists stampes on the findings of the ETG AyurvedaScan in regards to Diabeties origination

Scientists community from Japan, Australia and Europe have stampes on the findings of the ETG AyuredaScan regarding the Diabetes cases.

We have said several times in our diabeties related posts that in Diabeties cases, we have found that Pancrease is not the only causative factor for originating Diabeties , but other factors influences for production of Diabetes and thus our findings of ETG AyurvedaScan shows that Liver and Intestines are also responsible for producing diabetes.

It became true , when we saw a report before one month , published in a daily news paper that Japanese scientist have found that Liver is also responsible for producing Diabeties because liver produces a factor, which elevates its level in Diabetic subjects. The scientists have concluded that Pancrease is not only responsible to produce Diabeties but Liver is simultaneously also responsible.

Another studies from Australians said that Intestines are also responsible to produce high blood sugar level and thus operation of intestines may reduce sugar upto normal level.

We are happy with these scientific findings that these studies stampes our ETG AyurvedaScan findings regarding Diebetes and what we have said already in our several post earlier and at present.

Thus we believe that Diabetes patient should be treated on overall findings of their complaints , existed in side to their body comprehensively and not in clusters.