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Knee Joints Arthritis

A very general complaitns among the all ages is being observed by me since several years [in 1980] . I remember a case of a Six years male child, who was suffering from Left Knee joint’s pain. He belongs to another city 140 Kilometers away from my clinic and he was treated by the several doctors of Allopathy, Ayurveda and Homoeopathy without any relief.


Some body reffered this case to me. After going through the history of the child, I could not conclude his problem. I advised his parents to go for an X-Ray and some blood examination.


To my surprise, when I saw in x-ray , that his patella is broken in two parts and then fused with the upper and lower bones. I asked the parents that the condition will not be improved by any medication and you should left all on the nature. I also advised them that donot try any surgical interventions.


Generally I have observed that almost 100 percent population is suffering from joints problems. This may be Musculo-skeletal,Neuro-musculoskeletal, Osteo genic problems etc. Spondilitis is also a kind of Musculo-skeletal problem. Spinal problems, like Ankylosing spondilitis is also a kind of the joints problem and should be seen in the similar manner, although diagnosis differs and categories the disease condition in another way.


My experience with the treatment of this condition is very positive. Everyday I receive Arthritis related cases in our clinic.


As I have already, expressed my views about the treatment of Ayurveda and Homoeopathy that I first examine the patient by the help of Electro Tridosha Graphy, ETG AyurvedaScan  system. ETG report provides a complete data of the patient and his health condition. Report  also provides the highly sensitive area of the body, normal level and below normal level of the body parts and visceras.


Report also provides the Ayurvedic fundamentals status quantification of the Tridosha  and other in view of selection of right, appropriate, correct selection of medicine without any deviation. Automatic and instant selection of the Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic selection of  drug/medicine is also possible.


What we have observed in these cases :


1-     Tachycardia

2-     Bradycardia

3-     Epigastritis

4-     Heapatobiliary problems

5-     Hepatorenal problems

6-     Bowel’s pathophysiology

7-     Colitis

8-     Hormonal anomalies

9-     Renal anomalies

10-  In females, menstrual anomalies

11-  Other factors specifically observed in the traces


When we treat, we treat the patient and his/her deviated mind/body/soul system and not the symptoms.


We believe in the  Ayurvedic concept, which tells that human body is one and should be treated as a whole unit and not as a part as is concieved today.  


This is the right way of the treatment of Arthritis evolved diseases and disease conditions.

Ayurveda Essentials of Temperaments and constitutions

Is slide show mein Ayurveda mein varnan kiye gaye sharir ki banavaton ke charitragat guno ko bataya gaya hai. Kaun se sharir mein vyapt charitragat lakshan, kaun se doshon ko batate hain , is slide show ko dekhane ke baad gyat kar sakate hain.