hiv complications

A case of H.I.V. affected SPINAL PROBLEMS ; ETG AyurvedaScan diagnosed “Acute ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS”

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A patient from Bihar have maltreated since few years without any relief due to mal-diagnosis and multi-diagnosis of the disorders, patient have.

He consulted me and after doing his all examination , his disorder is truely set -up , that he is suffering from ACUTE ANKYLOSING SPONDYLYSIS disorders.

After going with the series of examination AYURVEDICALLY, over 160 page report of the patient’s findings ultimate diagnosed that he is suffering from Acute fase of ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS.

Ayurvedically diagnosed the problem is arising from pathophysiology of Liver-pancreas-spleen along with Bowels. The measurement of these parts are in high level, showing inflammatory stages.

The Blood examination of patient is showing the inflammatory satge, which could be due to having temperature over 100.6 F. There is other factors, which reveals that inflammatory condition is present.

The AYURVEDICALLY done Urine examination shows very high level of the parameters set -ups. The high level of the parameters shows the presence of “inflammation”.

ETG AyurvedaScan part scanning of the BACK and SPINE shows the deppressive elevation of the waves recorded, shows “inflammation of the Spines various sections.

Ayurvedic medications are being prescribed with instructions , what to do and what to not do ?

The patient is HIV positive. Therefore Urine examination done Ayurvedically shows very high level of Inflammatory condition, comparatively Urine Normal parameters. Ayurveda-Ayush Multi-purpose Meter is a very sensitive instrument. These given parameters are seen in very high level in patient of HIV and AIDS and Hepatitis B and many other illness, who is of the FATAL nature.

On asking, patient admitted that he is HIV positive from few years back. Due to secrecy of the patient , HIV is not mentioned in chief complaints and illnessess.