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What contains an Electro Tridosha Graphy ; ETG AyurvedaScan Report ?

Electo Tridosha Graph recorded by the ETG Machine

Electo Tridosha Graph recorded by the ETG Machine

An Electro Tridosha Graphy ETG AyurvedasScan Report contains the following pages ;


1-       The first page of the ETG report is having “relevant informations about the patient and institution”, where test is performed.

2-       The second page of the ETG report provides “information of the diseases and ailments.”

3-       The Third page of the ETG report is provides data of the “Selected and important Scanned Organs with their intensities.”

4-       The Fourth & Fifth & Sixth page of the ETG report provides data of the BODY SYSTEMS in segregated forms.

5-       The Seventh page of the ETG reports provides the data of the AYURVEDIC FUNDAMENTALS i.e. (a) Prakruti (b) Vikrati of Tridosha (c) Tridosha Bhed (d) Sapta Dhatu (e) Tridosha affected Sapta Dhatu (f) Three mala – purish,mutra,swed (g) Oaj & sampurn Oaj

6-       The eight page provides the data of the “Scanned Body Parts” i.e. evaluation of Head area, Hypochondrium, suptapubic etc etc.

7-       The Ninth page contains the Tridosha Vikrati in patient and  shows different characters, sign and symptoms evaluation of Vata, Pitta & Kappha in Alphabatical list wise.

8-       The contents of Ninth page is given in Tenth page, which is in Lowest to highest value of the characters of the Vata , Pitta and Kapphaa.

9-       The Eleventh page  contains the  Summery  of the main complaints in lowest to highest orders.

10-   The Twelth page provides the medicine selection points for accurate  prescribing. In this page AUTOMTIC SELECTION OF AYURVEDIC MEDICINE comes out for quick and easy and immediate prescribing to patient.

11-    The Thirtieth page  provides the data of the characters, sign and symptoms  of the Seven Sapta Dhatu from lowest level to highest level .

12-   The Fortienth page of the report  provides the data of the Seven Sapta Dhatu in Alphabetical order with their intensities.

13-   The Fiftienth page provides the recorded traces by ETG Machine for physicians evaluation

14-   The Sixtienth page provides the cardinal information about the ETG Technology to Ayurveda physicians.

15-   The Seventieth page provides the LOGO of the ETG and the Institute.


The ETG Technology is in progressive stage. New data are included time to time after hard clinical testing, clinical evaluation, clinical confirmation and patient examination.


Because of, this Ayurveda Scan is a Whole Body Scanner; therefore new datas are included accordingly. The pages of the report  thus increases , which helps the Ayurvedic physician, Ayurveda Doctor and Vaidya for better and confirmed management , diagnosis and remedial selection with confidence.


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