measuring sexual power

SEXUAL POWER ; Confirmation of Sexual Power intensity of a Human being by Electro Tridosha Graphy ; ETG AyurvedaScan system

Many persons are willing to know the intensity of their SEXUAL POWER by any source. Till today no machine and mechanical parameters are available to establish sexual power by any technology.

But it is possible today and sexual power can be measured by mechanical means. By virtue of Electro Tridosha Graphy ; ETG AyurvedaScan system, now it is possible to establish the SEXUAL POWER of any human being in measured intensity.

The ETG system measures many parameters systemwise, sectorwise, traces wise, ayurvedic fundamental-wise and so on . PROSTATE health condition is scanned by ETG system. So is of the SAPTA dhatu.

 The SAPTA DHATU of Ayurveda is considered , similar to PATHOLOGY of Modern western medicine. Intensity of Prostate value shows the Sexual Power intensity of a human being, how is the person’s sexual drive. One of the Sapta Dhatu SHUKRA is evaluated and this shows the Quality and quantity of Semen. The passion of sexual ability and erotic sensibility can be measured by correlating to Autonomic nervous system and Brain faculties evaluation. .

In our studies, we have found that persons, which have very low intensity of PROSTATE pathophysiology, say below 30 e.v. , they are almost IMPOTENT and have no sexual desire. Upper signification of the above said parameters, shows intensity of Sexual desire in increasing level upto 90 e.v., which we consider a normal level. Sexual potency increases according to touch level of Normal parameters.

Strong sexual passion and erotic sensibility is seen in those persons, who have 95 e.v. to 99 e.v.

Excessive sexual passion and erotism is seen in those , who have beyond the above said parameter. Those who have 120 e.v. to more upper limit causes more passion to sexual behaviour.

We have seen that some persons have temporary IMPOTENCY, Their above given parameters , when comes in normal limit and when we see that person says that he have no sexual desire, we consider it a temporary and circumstantial problem with the person. It may be happen due to long travels by Railway, by Car or by any means. We have observed that some persons are impotent due to their workings both physical and mental. The re is other reasons, which are varying from person to person.

In these persons we have given Ayurvedic medicine and their impotency is restablished and as usual as it was in earliest forms. Now it is possible to treat either less sexual desire or excessive desire for sexual intercourses by Ayurveda.