polluted water

WATER POLLUTION ? ; How to clean polluted water ? Solution of Ayurvedic way………..

Pollution of water is a big problem today in whole world. Every country is facing problem for clean water. The most pitiable condition is in the under developed world, where facilities for clean water are very rare.

With this pollution, so many illnesses cropped up during rainy weather like diarrhea, ailimentary canal anomalies, blood anomalies and so on in numbers.

It is the responsibility of the Government concerned of the respected country to provide the clean water for their citizens, but there are many hurdles to implement the idea for clean water.

WHAT TO DO, an Ayurvedic solution ?

I generally suggest to my patient , who can not afford the costly equipment for cleaning water, the Ayurvedic way of cleaning water. It is cheaper and very effective.

METHOD: Take a small crude piece of ALUM [Hindi;FITAKARI फिटकरी] round about one or two gramm and take a 20 or 25 Liter of Water in a bucket or a water collection drum or water collection pot. Shake the ALUM piece in the collected water pot, rounding 5 or 6 at a times and left the water for Six hours.

After Six hours, the polluted material will be collected at bottom and the upper entire water will be clean like crystal and very transparent. Collect this transparent water for drinking & cooking purposes.

This is safe and cheaper way of polluted water conversion in to drinking water for human use.