Renal stone


RENAL STONES AND KIDNEY STONES are well treated by the Ayurveda and Ayush therapies combined and integrated treatment.

Renal stones are formed by the substances remains after filtration process of Kidney and excessive molecules or tiny particles of calcium and urea and uric acid and sulfur and sulfates, phosphates and bile salts and others, when remains inside deposits in the wall of kidney calyces, slowly and gradually molecules or tiny particles makes a layer of calcigenated shape. Its size increases slowly and gradually and when pathophysiology or pathology extends up to the marks, it causes inflammation and then pain arises as a signal to human body that something is wrong happening inside the body. The formation of calcium and others deposits make a round shape article which is called CALCULUS.

The condition can be diagnosed by the X-ray or Ultrasound / Sonography or MRI or CT Scan with a clear picture. Hydronephrosis occurs when there is obstruction inside the ureter, caused by the calculus. This is due to pressure of urine accumulation inside Kidney, which is a natural process because this natural pressure helps to goes down CALCULUS to reach in Urinary Bladder.

This is a curable condition by Ayurveda and Homoeopathy and Unani Combination treatment. By the use of Integrated treatment, Calculus size reduces in two ways, either calculus breaks into small pices or its size melted slowly and gradually and size becomes smaller and smaller, which passes in ureter smoothly and without pain. When flow of urine becomes normal, hydronephrosis is gone safely.

AYURVEDA and HOMOEOPATHY and UNANI integrated and combination therapies treatment is fruitful to over rid this disorder.

By virtue of latest Ayurveda diagnosis systems “” ETG AyurvedaScan “”, it is now possible to find out the genesis of the any disease problem inside the body. The Ayurveda Blood examination and AYURVEDA Urine examination provides opportunity to analyse and synthesis blood chemistry anomalies inside the body. Concluding the problem and diagnosis, appropriate and suitable Ayurveda and Homoeopathy and Unani remedies along with the suggestions of changing food habits and life style assures to meet the cure to the sick person’s condition.

In our research center and outdoor hospital , many cases of ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS have been treated well by AYURVEDA and AYUSH integrated and combined treatment and the cure results almost in some cases 100 percent.

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RENAL CALCULUS: almost 99.99% curable condition by AYURVEDIC and HOMOEOPATHIC way

The most general problem of Urinary Excretory system is renal calculus. I have observed that almost all ages are affected with this ailment. Even then I have seen some small children round about one year of age, who are having renal calculus. To my surprise, I was thinking that it is a disease condition of adults and over age persons, but when I saw some small kids, I surprised.

There is several reasons for the production of calculus inside the system and can not be said exactly that they are responsible for calculus formation, but physiologically it is disease manifestation of excessive generation of Calcium molecules over to required needs of body. The excessive secretion of Calcium molecules mixes with bile and associated with other catabolic minerals formed a hard substance inside the Kidney , Ureter and Bladder.

Some other conditions like calcium layer formation inside kidney and Urinary bladder are also observed but this is only deposition of a thin layer of calcium and other molecules, might creat suspection of Calculus.

Regarding treatment of this condition, AYURVEDA & HOMOEOPATHY have both a foolproof and effective treatment. But while you go for the treatment of Calculus, select an efficient and expert Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic practitioner, this is the prime requirement. Avoid novices practitioners for the treatment.

It takes time to clear calculus. If calculus is in Kidney, it may take 3 to four months and if it is in bladder, it can take three four weeks depending upon the size of the calculus. Small calculus can take short period to expel. So the patient should have patience with them and take regular treatment without any interruption..

Avoid all kinds of surgical interventions to remove calculus. I have seen many patients, who went for surgery, but again they have formed new calculus. Some patient has gone for surgery three four times, but again they suffered from the similar condition.

If Hydronephrosis is present with the Calculus, donot have any kind of panic with this condition, when you start the treatment, this condition will be cured with the main complaints.

Time to time monitor the condition and size of Calculus and Urinary organs by scanning Lower abdomen Ultra sonography. This will assure you the effectveness of the treatment taken.

Ayurveda and Homoeopathy have much medicine for treating this condition. A large number of medicines are used for the treatment.

The decoction of “KULTHI DAAL” is very effective for melting calculus. One Liter of decoction should be drink within 24 hours. This decoction will help to melt calculus in faster way. Preparation of this decoction is very easy. Take 50 gramm KULTHI DAAL and soaked in one liter water over night. Boil it in morning and keep the boiled material for cooling. Segregate the watery part in a bottle and consume with in 24 hours.

आयुर्वेद और होम्योपैथी दोनों चिकित्सा विग्यान विधियों में गुर्दे की पथरी के इलाज के लिये  बडी सन्ख्या में औषधियां है /

पथरी यदि यूरीनरी ब्लैडर के अन्दर है तो यह एक दिन से लेकर तीस दिन यानी एक माह के समय मे निकल जाती है /

यदि पथरी यूरेटर के अन्दर है तो यह निकलने मे समय लेती है / यूरेटर कोनिकल शेप में यानी ऊपर से  बड़ा और नीचे से  सकरा होने के कारण पथरी के नीचे सरकने की गति को बहुत धीमा कर देता है / इसलिये यदि पथरी यूरेटर मे है तो यह उपस्तिथि स्थान के हिसाब से एक माह से लेकर चार माह या अधिक का समय निकलने में ले लेती है /

यदि पथरी गुर्दे के अन्दर है तो यह साइज के हिसाब से बाहर निकलने या पिघलने या छोटे टुकड़े में टूटने के बाद, साइज छोटा होने के बाद ही यूरेटर में जा पाती है/ ईस प्रक्रिया में समय लगता है और छह महीने से लेकर एक साल का समय पथरी बाहर निकलने में लग जाता है /

जो शाकाहारी है, उनकी पथरी जल्दी पिघलती है या निकल जाती है , इसलिये जब पथरी का  इलाज करे तो पूर्ण शाकाहारी भोजन करें /

कुल्थी की दाल का  पानी पीने से पथरी बहुत जल्दी निकलती है /