womenn disorders ayurveda ayurveda and womens health


AYURVEDA adoption for women illnesses could be a best help for women ailments.

Almost every women’s illnesses is best treated in AYURVEDA since centuries. Ayurveda classics have much more for maintaining women’s health and their fitness. Ayurveda guide lines suggestions to keep women health in Toto , if adopted by women , it will be a great beneficial for women’s itself.

AYURVEDA guides women to follow the rules , by which they can maintain their normal health conditions. If they become ill, AYURVEDA suggests medications and do and dont to regain their health.

Ayurveda style of living for Women is directed what to do or what not to do during  menstruation till appearance to end of period duration. The other directions are given for GENERAL MAINTENANCE OF HEALTH , so that they could be able to keep themselves healthy.

In Ayurveda , Single Herbal medication, which have very important place in the treatment and maintenance of female health , is TURMERIC [Latin; CURCUMA LONGA] , which is directive to take in at least 4 Gram in raw powder form with milk or with plain water in summer and in winter with warm water to be taken one or two times a day.

TURMERIC is an specific herbal medications , covering almost all the complaints of females and female reproductive disorders.